New Headset Advise?


Jul 15, 2015
Hello Toms!

Thanks for being the first stop whenever I need advise on picking parts or peripherals.

Anyways, I'm looking to potentially upgrade my V-moda LP-2 headset into something else, especially after a friend of mine has been gushing over their new headset. It's about four-five years old (maybe more, dunno, but the plastic is wearing off it).

Since I'm very green when it comes to headsets/audio, if I could get a budget and an "ideal" suggestion for a headset I'd appreciate it. Just to get a range on what features you get with and without spending bucks (so in the future I'll know what I'm looking for and avoid spending on stuff I don't need or just markup, learned that with PC parts...).

First, I have both a rather large head and large ears. The LP2 fits, but barely, and after about an hour of gaming (or day of work) it begins to wear on both ears and crown. I use it mostly for gaming, but I'll occasionally use it to watch videos and stuff. Because I game, I have the V-moda mic attachment (works fine if it could be used on other sets), but I'm not opposed to having one built in if it is subtle. Why? Because I take these to a more professional environment for work daily as well (big computer room, very loud without them, thus the headset instead of speaker system). Something about the giant booms on the set bothers me for work environment. Related, I don't know if it exists or not, but anything to help preserve my aging eardrums would be nice too. To accent my greenness, that's really all I can think of as far as what I want.

Let me know if there are any suggestions, or just advise to get me started on making the decision on my own! Thanks!


If they are barely fitting on your head then all the other headsets out there will also fall short of the goal like your current headset. On another note, if you don't see it causing any issues in terms of audio quality or even the durability of the headset, then I'd suggest you not switch.

You didn't state a budget and your location(read your preferred site for purchase) in order to give you a suggestion.

It's old but you can look into the Thermaltake Level 10M headset or the Original HyperX Cloud(I) headset if you can find it below 70USD. The headsets I've mentioned are analog which is something you didn't mention as a requirement. Pretty much all the headsets people rave about are USB driven and are with virtual surround sound(which is a bad marketing gimmick, IMHO).
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