Bluetooth headset problem help please!

Nov 14, 2015
Hello community, I bought a bluetooth wireless headset and I wanna know what is going on with it. First, I had to buy a bluetooth adaptator because I use a desktop PC. I installed the driver and my PC found my headset (Fiddler FD-HP225) with no problem. I connected it and enabled the profiles (I think ?) of what I could activate: the headphone profile, and the handsfree microphone profile (which activated automatically the Audio Video Remote Control profile), the AVRCP Objective/Target profile was kinda hard to activate (because everytime I was activating it, explorer.exe stopped working and interrupted me) and it didn't changed anything (I guess)



The thing is that I got the audio working perfectly fine using normal programs, on chrome, playing, etc. But when I connect to communicate with someone else, the audio stops everywhere. Not just on the program I connected to talk with friends, it does on all the programs. Once I close the program, the audio resumes. At least when I was "communicating", the microphone worked (because I asked and they typed "yes") but I still couldn't hear anything. Not as low volume, I mean a total mute. And the weird thing is that the PC kept recording the volumes of the programs (as if the audio could be heard, I could see this on Window's volume mixer or in Skype's speakers volume).



As I searched on the Internet about problems related to this, I've found some people who say that "you can't use two profiles at same time" (as I can't use the headphone and microphone at same time, which is weird because this is a headset, it is it's purpose to do that, but then again I have no idea about bluetooth nor about connecting/configuring/enabling and disabling the correct devices, so if you see something out of order in the images tell me or if you need more to know more about this ask them). Also I read (just a few lines) about using 2 profiles or multiprofile or something... Well, I really don't know how to call the solution, but I need to know if there's a solution to this problem. Please help me! Thanks community!


Apr 13, 2016
I'm having the same issue and I've made a little progress, but I can't figure out how to fix this completey. The headset I'm using is an Ansin K6. Our settings look exactly the same based on your pictures, and here are a few things I've learned.

1. There appear to be two Audio outputs and one input. You can that if you go to Playback devices, there is "Bluetooth Audio Renderer" and "Bluetooth Hands-free Audio"

2. "Bluetooth Audio Renderer" is the better option of the two playback devices. It is much higher quality.

3. When using OBS to test the microphone input, it works perfectly in conjunction with "Bluetooth Audio Renderer." I had spotify playing in the background the audio was crystal clear.

4. When using Skype and Google Hangouts, you can only use the microphone and "Bluetooth Hands-free audio" together. Basically you have to sacrifice decent audio if you want to use the mic with voip programs.

5. I tried using Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows 10 x64 and it displayed the headset as two different devices. One with only audio. The other with bad audio and the mic.

If anyone has any idea how to get the high quality audio and the microphone working with voip, it'd be much appreciated :)