Confusing problem with headphones turning off


Jun 8, 2015
This might be a mess because I'm not sure how to describe it. Essentially, my headphones will occasionally turn off after a brief "static" sound, and I need to unplug and plug them back in. Additionally, anything I'm watching, such as YouTube videos or Twitch streams, will freeze at the same time and I'll need to refresh them to continue watching. Non-videos/streams are fine when it happens.

I tried finding a kink or bad wiring somewhere on the headset, but I can't pinpoint any issues. I'm starting to think maybe it's a problem with my USB ports or an electrical issue? Maybe it's collecting static and shorting out? Not sure what that has to do with YouTube/Twitch, though.

I guess I could just use help finding out if it's actually my headset, or if it's a computer problem, software problem, etc.

Another thing to note, I was playing a game recently when it happened, and noticed the sound was fine after a brief stutter. Twitch on my other monitor was silent and froze as usual though.

Edit: They are a Plantronics Gamescon 780.