Info ONN tws earbuds without a button pairing problems. Only 1 pairing.

May 3, 2024
I just wanted to post this somewhere bc it took me all day to figure this out.

I have ONN true wireless headphones. Only one was pairing. It doesn’t have a button on the case only three lights. They were charged etc. I could hear commands coming out of the right one like “power on” etc but no actual sound.

I fixed this by turning off the Bluetooth on my phone. holding down the buttons on each of them until they were both powered off. Then holding down the buttons on them at the same time- it should say “power on” in both sides, keep holding the power button til they both say “pairing.” Let the button go, push the button at the same time on both again and both should say “power off” put them back in the case. Close the case. Turn Bluetooth back on the phone. Open the case. Make sure the lights on the buds are flashing the same , and you only see the name of the earbuds once on the phone, pair. And hopefully it’s fixed.