Solved! Strange disposable emails appeared on my Facebook log-in box, then my account got disabled, and my PC functions abnormally

Jan 25, 2019
I have some Facebook accounts.

Yesterday, after using one of my Facebook accounts with Brave Browser, I closed the browser and turned my PC into sleep mode for 6 hours. It's worth mentioning that Brave Browser keeps all tabs and log-in status intact even when the browser is closed. After 6 hours, I opened my PC again and I saw my Facebook account had been disabled. There were 2 strange disposable emails appeared in the log-in tab of my Facebook.

A different event happened as follows: I was using a different Facebook account of mine normally and suddenly a Facebook page that I managed as an admin and creator got hacked. The age of the Facebook page was shown to be 45 years old. After clicking on the page, I saw the URL of the page changed constantly and I couldn't access the page as an admin and creator anymore (I made link removed by Moderator. a Youtube video about it and the hacking suspects here However, I have still received Facebook notifications about this page, such as the number of page views I received, requests to update its information. Furthermore, I can still view this page normally when using other Facebook accounts. Only the admin account of the page cannot view. After the moment it got hacked, I logged out of my Facebook account, and saw a strange disposable email appeared on the login tab. Then I search google for the domain name of the email to check what website this domain name belongs to. It was from When I was visiting to view the email domain list of website, a new email suddenly arrived in the email address that temp-mail assigned to me as a random visitor. I got curious and clicked on the newly arriving email, It said that my Facebook account needed to be verified and asked me to click on a link that's linked to Facebook. Getting very suspicious, I did not click on the link. All in all, It was as if everything had already been arranged and I had been watched and stalked for a long time because the hacker of my Facebook page seemed to know the habit of using of mine, and seemed to know that I would search Google for and visit the website.

Another event took place as follows: I was using a different Facebook account of mine normally. The Facebook account suddenly got logged out and was asked for uploading a profile image of mine to verify my identity. After uploading it and waiting for a couple of days, Facebook notified me that my account had been disabled.

I have no idea what kind of hacker could perform such a sophisticated activities. I searched Google about Facebook hacking techniques, but I haven't found out such an technique of getting an account disabled as described above. I suspect that some staff working for Facebook as an IT technician did that, because in a different account of mine that has not been disabled, I have observed strange things happened, such as:

There are strange links accompanied with my text posts posted on Facebook groups while I do not include any link to these text posts (screenshot).

The list of viewers of my posts in Facebook groups that I joined keeps disappeared and reappeared again and again. Moreover, my PC has exhibited these following symptoms:

1. Touchpad driver of my PC is often disabled automatically despite I re-enabled them repeatedly.
2. My mouse pointer moves on its own to the screen corner automatically.
3. My PC get lagged whenever I logged in my Facebook account and it is as if the lag of my PC comes from logging in my Facebook.
4. Hard disk and CPU usages of my PC often jumped up to 80%-100% when all I do is surfing websites.
5. When I read sensitive information related to a group of people that I believe might be associated with the hack of my Facebook account, the disk usage of my PC jumped to 100% and then my PC got frozen temporarily.

On my PC, I install Malwarebytes and Avria anti-virus (free version), and often scan my PC. But I do not find any malware or virus. I often check the publisher of all of softwares run on my PC in the Task Manager, and I do not find any new and suspicious software installed. Within this month (Janury 2019), I have format the HDD of my PC and re-install its OS for 5 times.

There are a coupe of points that cannot be explained logically to me as follows:

1. There are no hackers on this earth can intervene in Facebook displaying interface (such as: strange links accompanied with text posts posted on Facebook groups while no link included in the texts, list of viewers of posts disappeared)

2. There is no Facebook technician allowed to do such a thing.

3. Assuming that the hacker was a Facebook IT technician. When a Facebook IT technician decided to change displaying features, they are supposed to have effect on all other accounts globally. Why does it only affect my account?

4. There is no hacker on this earth can make a computer lagged just because the computer user is logging in Facebook and surfing Youtube. In other words, there is no hacker on this earth can make a computer lagged from a web browser.


Saga Lout

Olde English
Too many statements but no questions. What is your point?

Whatever it is, take it up with Facebook because it's highly probable no-one can help you here.

I've removed your link to a YouTube video at least until it's been inspected.
Jan 25, 2019

My point is: what kind of hacking method was used? If I know their methods, I can find out how to secure my PC.
Jan 25, 2019

Why my Youtube link has to be removed? Can't you inspect it just by one click? Is there a regulation stating Youtube link is not allows?

After posting this thread my PC got hacked again. URL linked to this site changed constantly and connection is not secure (image)

PS: Oh Removed. Image attached does not show up
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