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  1. Z

    Solved! Facebook is not sending me the code for security check

    please help when i tried to log in to my facebook it says that you need a code for security check. Facebook says that it has sent a code to my mobile number but i didn't get the code , Facebook says resend the code & after 1 min i do but still no code , so i cant log in as i have not got a...
  2. M

    Solved! Question about google services!

    Hello, maybe its a dumb question but I hope someone can answer. How is it so that you can use your outlook account to login into google services like youtube and gmail? As I understand it Microsoft and google are separate companies, so how does youtube check your outlook details when you login?
  3. J

    Solved! No internet connection, bypass login screen

    I am trying to make it so I don't need to enter a password to sign in on Windows 10. I have done the process by typing netplwiz and changed the settings but when I restart my pc it says. Cant sign in due to no internet connection. How can I fix this?
  4. V

    Unable to log in into Facebook due to security check.

    Hi friends. I have binded my free fire account with Facebook. Now Facebook is showing a security check page. It asks for some confirmation code. Even though I have entered the correct number I don't get any code message. Now, the real problem is I can't get into my account. I can't even change...
  5. M

    Solved! Find your phone number

    I want to login to my Apple ID and it says that I have to login to my Authenticator code and I forgot my phone number
  6. H

    Solved! Strange disposable emails appeared on my Facebook log-in box, then my account got disabled, and my PC functions abnormally

    I have some Facebook accounts. Yesterday, after using one of my Facebook accounts with Brave Browser, I closed the browser and turned my PC into sleep mode for 6 hours. It's worth mentioning that Brave Browser keeps all tabs and log-in status intact even when the browser is closed. After 6...
  7. N

    Solved! Cant log in

    I have an HP laptop and when it gets to the log in screen it's like a key is stuck and it fills in the password box. No matter what I do it will not delete it and if I tab to the box it clears it but fulls it back in! I tried the middle icon which brings up a list, narrator, on screen keyboard...
  8. M

    How do I login without Google account googy photi

    I have lost my phone so borrowed a friends. I can't get into my Google account! It is very frustrating!
  9. D

    How do I get my laptop back to the main screen

    Some of my students have their computers where it is a different menu and it makes it more difficult for them to log in. How do I put the laptop back on the main screen?
  10. Z

    Solved! Recovering MySpace account

    IMPORTANT I have an old MySpace profile, I can't log in because I didn't use it for years, and I used an email address for registering which is expired now, because I didn't use it for years, too. I tried to contact MySpace technical support, but I didn't find any contact. I tried to send an...
  11. J

    Solved! Cannot type letters on keyboard of new Acer. Number keys work but alphabet does not?

    I try to type my login but the alphabet keys doe not do anything. The number keys do work. This is a new Acer. The first time I used it it worked. Now I cannot log in since alphabet keys do not register anything.
  12. N

    My nook will not accept the password. I know it's the right one .

    Is there another way to reset my nook ? I have used the same password for a while . I have reset the nook and it will not let me go past the login page .
  13. R

    How to Login to your Netflix Account When you Forgot your Password

    In this age of technology, we are forever creating new accounts for an ever-increasing set of platforms and apps that we use. And with each new account comes a newly forged password which you must remember. But after a while, human memory is bound to fail. Let’s say you got a new iPhone or a...
  14. R

    How to Choose Which Apps to Auto-Run on Login on the MacBook Pro

    Every MacBook user has a pattern, and one of prominent nodes of their user patterns are the apps which they open as soon as logging into their system. Most people open their mails, others open their professional applications, some even launch a game. But what is common between all these people...
  15. G

    How can I log in my face book from a new but still logged in the lost old one

    How do I log into face book from a new phone but still logged in the lost phone
  16. M

    Reset my laptop now it’s asking for my login

    I’m not sure what went wrong just trying to reset my laptop
  17. H

    My hp computer is not let me login in

    Stop work and will not let me losing in
  18. C

    My Lenovo Flex 14 won’t let me log in, I put in the right password but it says it’s incrrect and when I try to reset passw

    I updated and then restarted my laptop and now it won’t let me sign in, I’ve tried to press shift and the restart button but it won’t let me fix the problem any way I try.
  19. E

    Solved! Sling tv login

    Hey everyone, I have heard alot about Slingtv and i want to switch to Slingtv subscription but i am a bit hesitant about its services. Can anyone help me with its services and content or if possible can i get a Free Slingtv Login details so that i am aware of its services before making the...
  20. K

    Solved! My Laptop keeps on shutting down

    so recently my laptop kept on going in the "shutting down" screen of windows 7 whenever I log-in an user, the last time I used my laptop was almost a week ago playing online mmo-rpg, I don't know what's wrong and I need help btw my laptop is an M15x from dell
  21. M

    Solved! Laptop holding down keys when I'm not touching keyboard

    Hello. A few hours ago, my laptop started doing a strange thing. I was using Chrome and opened a new tab. When I went to type, it acted like I was holding down certain keys (e, i, and f, a, etc.). I restarted the computer and the problem kept up. I was able to login using the on-screen keyboard...
  22. L

    Solved! Acer Aspire Laptop black screen with cursor after log in

    Been working on this for a while, cant seem to find a fix that works, seems like a common issue with no common fix Happened one morning on start up, logo appears, and logs in with the do-do log in noise as regular but once logged in screen is black. The cursor is visible (along with the...
  23. R

    Solved! Laptop and water damage

    I poured water on my laptop when it was running. It turned off. I let it dry for several days. Now the power goes on but I can't see much happening. Once the screen was on and it went up to the login screen. But then the screen turned off. Another time the screen turned on but quickly static...
  24. J

    I just got my computer and it’s asking me to login as an administrator account what do I do?

    I just got my computer & it’s telling “ to access the command prompt as well, Log on using an administrator account” what do I do?
  25. N

    Solved! I lost my sim card with which I had made fb ac n now unable to login as I had also fottgoten password

    I lost my sim card n password of fb with which I had made fb ac
  26. S

    Lost my admin password.

    Hp Laptop crashed and I have a blank screen. When I restart I get the password log in screen and no other functions will work or open only the window to put in my password which I do not know. I went on my desktop and changed my password but that does not seem to affect my laptop.
  27. J

    Can't log in - usb keyboard won't work

    After turning on my Toshiba Satellite laptop and trying to type my password in I found that my usb keyboard won't type or interact with my laptop in any way and because of this I'm stuck on the log in screen without any way to access anything due to a non-working keyboard. Any fixes? EDIT...
  28. B

    Im unable to login facebook because im not getting authentication code to my mobile

    Im unable to login my facebook account bcz im nt getting the code for my mobile
  29. B

    laptop flickers thru many screens when I log in

    When I proceed to my homepage from start, my screen flickers many times.
  30. T

    can i use facebook to login to my lost coc account?

    hello i have a th7 coc account connected to Facebook but my phone broke and i dont remember the login can i use Facebook to login??? is it possible please help
  31. S

    How can I get in 2 my Facebook wen I have not been sent a code

    How can I log in Facebook wen I have not been sent a code
  32. M

    Solved! Laptop keyboard alpha keys

    Attempting to login to the computer but only numbers will type in. No alphabet.. On 2 laptops! What is going on??
  33. C

    Solved! Asus Vivibook screen

    Black desktop after login. Pc did an update this morning, worked perfectly fine yesterday. After Update, Pc went through setting up the updates. Black desktop, with recycle bin in corner. Already tried task manager, and sticky keys did not show up. I just got this laptop
  34. B

    Solved! How do I recover my password?

    It says password, new password then confirm password on the log in screen and I forgot my password, I tried to sign out but now it's asking me for a new password but I forgot my last password and I don't know any solutions for it.
  35. R

    Solved! How can I update my phone number

    Cannot login due to security code been sent to old phone number
  36. S

    Needs help for keyboard

    I try to log in my accounts and alphabets is disabled. Number key is working and same computer my son log in is fine. Help me..
  37. J

    Solved! Login error after factory reset

    I did a hard flash on my android phone and I don't know email now I am looked out of my phone
  38. P

    Trouble Logging Into My Sprint Account

    I cannot login to my sprint account, I tried everything like forgot my password and forgot username I had them send my username and password to my Email account. The username they had for me was the same as I had. When I try to login I get this message in red,Access for this username is no...
  39. J

    Facebook account login

    When I go to log in my Facebook account it asks me one of two things, one identify 5 friends or two send a SMS to the mobile number on the account. I can't do neither of the two. Is there some other way I can log in?
  40. C

    I tried to log in McDonald's free WiFi but it say that I'm blocked why is that

    Trying to log into McDonalds free Wi-Fi but it's saying that I'm blocked how do I fix this
  41. C

    External Screen Issue

    Hi All, I've been having issues with my HP elitebook after connecting to 2 external screens (so 3 screens in total including the laptop screen) It usually sits in a doc with 2 cords running into the screens. After removing it from the doc the other day, which I do regularly with no issue, my...
  42. L

    I have username but password can't login

    Mom gave me a Toshiba satellite laptop model L455 show I created password I made hint but. Can't login at all. Please help..
  43. C

    I lost my phone number to login to my fackbook account

    I lost my old phone number i use to open my facebook account,and want to change the number ad login normal to my account
  44. S

    I'm not able to log in to my facebook account. I didn't get security codes to log in as sms to my facebook linked mobile numbe

    Facebook log in issue. Not receiving codes as sms at linked mobile number.
  45. B

    Solved! My acer aspire black screen HELP!

    My acer aspire its letting me log in but then it just goes black no icons apps no nothing
  46. A

    Facebook login help

    I can't get into my Facebook don't have access to old email or phone number an I just want into my account please I don't want to start a new account agien HELP..
  47. D

    Solved! Cannot log in because keypad freezes

    Asus switches on but keyboard does not operate so I can login with password
  48. M

    Can't login facebook

    I have a new phone and number and I can't access my old page
  49. M

    Get past the login with old account

    Bought a galaxy s7 and factory reset the phone it's making me put in the old owners Google account info I need to bypass this
  50. C

    Acer laptop black screen

    My ascer laptop switches on and everthing u can c to login in everthing then after that screen is black u can only c at the bottem where they say windows not geniune but cant c the meneu or anything on the screen to open something plse help
  51. 1

    Solved! my laptop keyboard keeps typing automatic letters P at login window

    while starting Dell laptop login window - password get automatically typing with p alphabet also screen casting window appears automatically at right side of screen
  52. M

    my laptop acer 7 keep asking for password and when enter the right one it doesn't want to login

    I switch it off but when turn it on it want another password. because the right one doesn't work
  53. H

    Issues with MacBook Air Login Password

    Submitted by Godwin adoyi on 2 September, 2018 and last modified on 2 September, 2018 Hi, I recently updated my Macbook Air 2015 to the latest version of High Sierra. But now my Macbook Air will not accept my logging password. Whenever I try to sign in with my password, I always get an error...
  54. K

    I can't login on fb

    I have my gmail account but some one try to hack myfb I'd now I can't login my fb account they are asking for any unlock code which they didn't send me on my gmail account how I can't open my fb I don't want to lose my fb account
  55. W

    I lost access my phone and i forgot my email pasword how can i log in on my facebook account

    I cant log in my facebook account with 2fo i have no acces to my num. I got email but i forgot my pasword.
  56. R

    ASUS VivoBook Max randomly shuts down

    Hi My laptop (ASUS VivoBookMax X541N) sometimes randomly shuts down when i log in (or before logging in...or when i alredy logged in..)(It's not overheated when it does that). But when i put it on charger, everything is fine. It's not does that every time, but still annoying. Can i do...
  57. A

    Am a graphic design student

    I have lost my sim card and my phone number how can I login to facebook
  58. snowctrl

    Windows 10 hiding users at login

    Hi all, value your help as I think this must be a setting, but I really can't find it...? One of our PCs (running Windows 10 Enterprise) has taken to only showing a subset of the its user accounts at login. Making a new user account doesn't help - the new account is also hidden. How can I...
  59. S

    I was used to login with my number but now the number changed i dont know which number is that and verification otp is sent to

    I was used to login fb with my number but now the number changed i dont which number is that.... but verification code is sent to that number plzzz help to recover my accnt
  60. B

    trial premium version hijacks netplwiz and creates login and shutdown problems win10

    Had an old version and was prompted to update. Trial premium version installed and subsequent logins demanded password and disabled settings in netplwiz. Also created hang on shutdown . Is malwarebytes malware??!!