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  1. B

    trial premium version hijacks netplwiz and creates login and shutdown problems win10

    Had an old version and was prompted to update. Trial premium version installed and subsequent logins demanded password and disabled settings in netplwiz. Also created hang on shutdown . Is malwarebytes malware??!!
  2. P

    How do our change the language?

    Need to change language to get ampersand to log in
  3. A

    My new hp laptop is stuck and it is not showing user login screen

    I am unable to open my laptop because it is stuck and not showing user login screen
  4. T

    My acre es1-533 won’t log in to windows I get to the user log in page but when I click to type password it jumps back to the

    My acre es1 -533 will get to the user log in but when I click to enter password it keeps jumping back to the screen saver page Any help would be much appreciated
  5. N

    Why i can't login my facebook

    Hello i want ask why i can't login to my facebook account.. Untill 1 month i waiting..
  6. J

    I can only get to the sign on late as soon I hit log in it asks for the code. I never very the

    I can only get to the log in page. As soon as I hit log in it asks for the code. I never very the news feed or any page that has the 3 or 4 little lined
  7. T

    Problem with laptop turning off.

    Hi! My laptop is turning off every time i log in. When i type my pin in, and it says logging in (or whatever it is) it turns off. The battery is full, and it doesn't do this when plugged in. However after logging in, and unplugging the cord, it works perfectly. I have a asus G53SW. Just...
  8. J

    Laptop screen display symbols instead of text

    symbols appear on my laptop screen when i turn it on, pls respond quickly, i can log in and i have no idea whats going on Pavilion 25xi Windows 8
  9. C

    fb account code

    i cant login my fb account with code generation.i want to found my code generation.how to found it.not send the code on my phone.please help me
  10. R

    Accessing Netflix billing history/monthly invoice

    We all need to keep an eye on our bills and your Netflix bill should be no exception. Here are a few steps to follow if you want to access your billing history or your monthly Netflix invoice: Log in at www.neflix.com or sign into your Netflix account Enter www.netflix.com in your browser...
  11. W

    Laptop will not login

    Laptop turns on but will not go to log in screen
  12. J

    Unable to sign in

    I'm unable to sign into my Dell Inspiron 15. When I switch it on it seems as if it's about to sign in but it takes me back to the sign in screen.I highly suspect it's because of an app named winaerotweaker, because my problem started after its installation
  13. B

    I lost my phone card. How can I Login Facebook without login Approval Codes?

    How can I solve login Approval Codes? My phone card is lost.
  14. G

    how to unlcok my facebook account?If I login th message is comming like this-You can't use Facebook at the moment We're review

    You can't use Facebook at the moment We're reviewing the photo that you sent us on 20 August. We're always looking out for your security, so until then you won't be able to use Facebook. like this message came sir whn I login so plz help me sir to unlock my account...
  15. A

    How to login into the fb if i lost my phn no

    My acoount was locked and that no which i have given to fb account that i have lost so how to open my fb account
  16. A

    I can’t login my Facebook I put in code they sent to my phone but it still does not allow me to log in

    I’m trying to log in to my Facebook and messenger, I got a message with six digit code but when I enter it,still does not let me log in
  17. R

    Can't log into Facebook App

    I've tried restarting my phone, uninstalling all updates, disabling but what ever I do it just goes back to the log in screen or just sits there spinning saying logging in!
  18. C

    How do I access old email addresses and passwords if I forgot them?

    Okay I have straighttalk for my phone carrier. Got it years ago. Since then I’ve made a new email address and password. I want to login to my straight talk account but won’t let me because I registered with my old email address and password it won’t let me in.
  19. S

    how to unlock account

    my face book account is locked 4 days ago please kindly unlock my accout. i had to try more times to login its asking every change password.i had to change but its repeating like that only not working to login please unlock my account i want my account
  20. S

    Not able to login into Facebook

    I was using facebook on my smartphone. suddenly it log out from that device. now when I try to login it from same phone but it asking me authentication code to login. Now I do not get any code from facebook . I have already contacted to facebook but not got any help . I am frustrated now that...
  21. S

    Facebook login problem

    Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account while we're reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
  22. L

    My Dell Inspiron 17 won’t connect to WiFi

    Can’t remember windows password. Can’t login to change it and it keeps telling me I’m not connected to WiFi. Pressing the windows start button produces nothing.
  23. P

    Login screen will not let me login, only starts putting letters in after a few letters, then it just starts putting in astrixs

    Can't log in....as I am typing in password.. Suddenly I get random astrix that appear on their own
  24. S

    how can i get a facebook code if I cant log in

    I locked myself out of facebook now Its asking for a code from FB code generator but I cant log in to get it
  25. B

    How long after inactivation of google/gmail account will they delete it?

    I mean, how long after not logging in the google/gmail account, then google will delete the account permanently? Any experience?
  26. P

    Keys on Windows 10 laptop not working

    Hi. I can't log in my computer, which is a windows 10, due to some letters on the keyboard not working. I tried ways to reset my password so that I can log in but it doesn't work.I can't afford a new computer. Is there any other possible way to reset my password so that I can log in?
  27. C

    My Acer keyboards key 1&3 won't work so can't type password

    Can't log in to my computer because my odd numbers aren't working how can I get passed it
  28. H

    How can i get a login code with out logging in my account

    Want to know what is wrong with my Facebook account it doesn't let me log in
  29. R

    I cant log in in facebook

    When i want to log in on my facebook they ask me to put the code genarator i dont put the code because i cant log in on my facebook
  30. G

    How can I unblocked McDonald's wifi

    Want log in on the table
  31. D

    Help hacked facebook trouble

    I've been hacked and it logged me out both my browser and app on facebook I have not received a login code from facebook due to not having the phone number I hade My email is still up for use but it won't send the code to my email? Plz help i need to get into my Facebook I sent my own face...
  32. madmaxnxc

    user email login account win 8.1

    on win 8.1 i setup user login with gmail account when i try login to the new user gmail account password doesn't work. when i add the new user gmail account it does not ask for a password. so is there a default password?. can anyone help with this problem. ty chris
  33. J

    Can't login to my account

    Was checking on email, then went back to facebook, account I started in 2014, and never finished come up. The account I have now dissapeared
  34. M

    How to login with google 8 ball pool account on iphone ?

    I am playing 8 ball pool on google account in samsung phone but now i have bought iphone and i want that account to login in iphone i need help please give me correct answer if anyone knows
  35. T

    my laptop turns on in color but once I log in it goes to blavk & White

    once I turn it on, its in color but when I login in with password it goes to black & White
  36. S

    LastPass Password Manager

    I just starting using LastPass as a browser extension on Firefox. One of its features is that when I login to a website, LastPass prompts me if I want to save the site and the login credentials. If I click OK, boom its done. I don't have to re-type the login credentials which tell me LastPass...
  37. G

    Stuck on setup utility

    I 'm stuck on Toshiiba setup utility and.can't.login into my computer.
  38. D

    Got new phone and used old number but can't login because I forgot password

    Can't login to Facebook on new phone. I have the same number but forgot password but fb won't recognize number
  39. E

    Twitter login problem

    I can't login to my twitter anymore because of my dead sim card. I also have no way of contacting my cell provider for help. What do I do with this?
  40. B

    Forgot login password to Toshiba L55-3885

    Need help ASAP
  41. L

    Lenovo Yoga stuck on login screen

    Lenovo Yoga 310 powers up but stuck on choosing WiFi network screen, control/alt/delete won’t work.
  42. M

    I logged in on my facebook account from this device before but was logged out now i have to put a code in but i cant log in my

    I was logged out my Facebook account due to someone trying to hack me and i changed my password.Now when i log in i have to put a code in to log me back in but i didn't receive it how can i access my account without a code
  43. B

    what was the possible reason

    I have a gmail account in which the user ID is nothing fancy or special or worth any money, however, some years ago, I forget what happened exactly, it was used to register some facebook and instagram account, I didn't know until I got the facebook notification with an another weird language...
  44. G

    Can't login to windows labtop, keyboard wont work

    I can't login to my windows 8.1. It lets me press the space bar, enter and sometimes it'll let me press random numbers and letters. The space bar works. I have tried taking it on and off the filter keys and shift lock through the easy access thingy. As well as attaching a usb keyboards.. Still...
  45. M

    Solved! Administrator account logged on

    Hi, Whenever i tried to login in my laptop,Administrator logged in instead of other local account. I don't want Administrator sign in. Suggest me how to login with my account not with Administrator.
  46. D

    Black screen + cursor

    When I turn on my pc the screen is black, and after a few minutes the log in screen appears, but once I press any button it goes back to a black screen. I’ve tried ctrl-alt-delete and ctr-shift-esc, but nothing appears. Please help!!
  47. W

    Netflix Error AIP-701: Fix On PS3

    The old but capable hardware of the PS3 will sometimes get Error AIP-701 when the app has trouble communicating with Netflix servers. Either fix below will do the trick whether it is an internet or app related issue. Refresh The Login Information For Netflix Corrupted login information is...
  48. P

    Cant log in origin

    i tried logging in on origin,but it shows "your credentials have exppired or incorect".i cant change my password because i cant remeber the password for my email account.What do i do now?
  49. R

    There was a problem communicating with google servers, Try Again Later

    Hello there! I have bought 2 new 4k Smart T.V. from an unknown brand, which has Android 4.4.2 on it. On one of the T.V.s, I could access the Play Store - simply logging in with an existing account with no problem. On the other, second t.v. - I keep getting this error message when trying to...
  50. M

    Display problem sony vaio

    I'm using vpcw12s1e sony vaio. it's screen is broken now. i attached an external monitor. but it only works when i reach login screen. i want to access the bios. but broken screen can't make me see anything until i reach login screen. please help in details. Thanks
  51. J

    My semi old Toshiba laptop wont log in after I put in password

    So i put my pass word in and I know its the right one. After I put it in it just says loving in and it never stops what do I do?
  52. T

    unable to access my facebook account

    as i login it opens a dialogue box showing we appreciate your paitence , we are reviewing your additional doucuments..... please help me to geg acess again
  53. A

    I lost my SIM card how can I login into my facebook account please help me

    I lost my SIM card how can I login into my facebook account please help me
  54. P

    keyboard messed up

    I turned in my laptop and the keys weren't responding on my login screen so I restarted. And now they are all functioning as my screen change button. Every key is acting the th+f4
  55. D

    Laptop stuck on Win 10 log in screen

    Just did a graphics driver update. Laptop restarted, won't log in now. Just stuck on the loading screen. Tried to get into startup repair, still just spinning with it saying please wait infinitely instead. Edit: Was able to get into BIOS after restarting via power button, not that I know what...
  56. P

    James Donkey Software Problem

    I'm using this James Donkey 007 mouse for a year. But for 1week, there is a problem about software which wont allow me to Log in with my account https://hizliresim.com/modVo4] And if i use 'Standalone' section software wont let me go into mouse settings and show me a buy link and reset link...
  57. J

    Solved! TV Stuck into LOGIN Screen!!!

    Hello guys, i have an issue! i own a LG tv super UHD4k model number <<SJ850V>> I recently format my pc (Windows 10 Pro) and when i connect tv to pc through HDMI i can't get into windows! It Asks my mail's password and when i put it and the circle dots starting to roll on to get into windows then...