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    Solved! How to unlock keyboard

    My cat sat on my laptop keyboard before I hibernated it. Now that I turned the laptop on, I cannot type the password to log in to Windows 7, but I can move the cursor and click. The keyboard must be locked. How do I unlock it without logging in?
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    lenovo black screen problem

    my lenovo ideapad 110 can login but in the desktop the screen is black with a responsive cursor . what should i do? help anyone help? i already tried the ctrl+alt+del and the task manager is working but no app is running. i also tried connecting it to a tv using hdmi but still the screen is black.
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    laptop does not recognize my login name

    I was backing it up when the battery died and when I plugged in the battery and started the ASUS it did loaded and have me my normal login screen but when I put in the login, it said there is no profile and would not let me get any farther than that. The connection from the charger and the...
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    My screen is turning grey after log in

    so before log in the screen has colour then I put My PIN to enter and as soon as I log in the screen turns grey, this is new, I was using my two fingers on my PAD on laptop to zoom in to a PDF file and something must have happened and my screen turned grey Please help
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    Sign in problem

    My new asus vivobook s wont let me login says password no good i havent even set one up
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    My computer just says wrong password cant log in

    Asus vivobook s
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    Why wont it let me log into a account

    Everytime I go to log in it kicks me off the app
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    Solved! Asus Zenbook Crashing

    My Asus zenbook (about 5 months old) keeps crashing after its on for less than 5 mins, no matter what I'm doing on it. A notice pops up saying there's been some sort of system failure, then it reboots itself and repeats itself. Sometimes, at the log in screen, it freezes, so I have to do a hard...
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    Not sending thy code to thy rgjt numbet

    Need to log in to my facebook
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    Letter keys on keyboard don't work. Numbers do. Can't log in to fix driver.

    The keyboard diagnostic that I did while rebooting (avoiding Windows) shows that the keyboard keys all work fine. It's probably the driver and Windows that aren't getting along. The laptop has touchscreen. I tried to log in with that. It's the same problem with that as the real keyboard - the...
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    maximum amount of free accounts have been activated on this iphone

    For the first time I buy a iphone 5 ... It.s second hand ... After buying this when i try to login with my apple id which was never been used with any apple device ... It show me that I can not login ... And also show that maximum amount of free accounts have been activated on this iphone...
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    Help log in

    RCA voyager 3
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    Laptop Black Screen after logging in

    I was installing Java 9 then changing a few paths that would allow me to do some minecraft modding. I decided to restart my laptop in an effort to refresh everything. Once I did, I turned it on, everything was working, logged into my account only to be met with a black screen with a cursor. To...
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    Password fill automatically with asterix

    Password box is automatically fill with unlimited asterix at login screen when i start my laptop.Please help me resolve this problem
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    Lenovo laptop stuck

    Lenovo that is stuck at log in,won't do anything else. Have re-booted several x.
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    need help with laptop

    my laptop dont let me login all that happens is it says diagnosing pc then prepairing automatic repair then after it comes up saying this will take about an hour to complete and nothing happens its a lenovo ideapad windows 8