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    I'm stuck please help

    I have an Levono IdeaPad 320. I can't get past the screen before the login. I've tried shutting it off n back on. I'm at a loss.
  2. B

    Help With Twitter Account

    Hey guys! So, I basically had a problem with twitter recently, I tried to reach their support but it's all made of [removed] bots that redirect you to help.twitter.com... I'll explain what happened so you can (hopefully) solve this. I sent this DM to @TwitterSupport: "Hey! My main account...
  3. R

    I found the whole thing photos and contact on my Galaxy Express 3 its asking for a login

    I was looking for photos and I found every thing photos.....contact.......on my old Galaxy 3 express it has a cracked up screen....all its asking for is a login it to has [don't post your email address on the forum]
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    Help! Bricked Laptop

    I have this acer timeline x notebook 4830TG (2012), It wasnt updated for a long time and i noticed my laptop can't detect my nVidia GPU, I searched the net and saw Recommendations to update my BIOS. And I did, here is where my problem starts after restarting, All was fine until the log in page...
  5. E

    Login issues with ig

    my login id does not have the gif and slider features for ig story. But when my friend login his id on my phone, it appears on
  6. J

    Find my previous phone number

    Can't log in to Google account
  7. B

    any reliable and secure apps to keep a full record of logins and passwords?

    Is there any reliable and secure apps to keep a full record of logins and passwords. In our daily life there are just too many logins and passwords to remember. I have got several bank accounts and today I forgot the login password of an account and have to go to nearest branch for reset...
  8. D

    HP laptop froze

    My hp updated a couple nights ago. Now when I login it doesn't do anything. I can't get any screens to come up. Help!!!
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    Black Screen After Login With Cursor

    I have tried all the methods that are provided on Google Search. Uninstalled graphics drivers, launched in safe mode, disabled extra services during startup, sfc scannow, chkdsk, but no luck. After logging in, the desktop is visible for around 10-15 seconds after which it goes black with a...
  10. M

    samsung smat tv series5 rejecting user name and password login to HIKVISION- DS-7108HI-Sseries net dvr

    The web browser opens up and allows me to enter my log in information. Each time I enter my user name and password I get a message regarding "user name or password is incorect I have confirmed by login in my laptop its working and see the footage remotely
  11. S

    Help us to confirm you own this account INSTAGRAM

    Hello, so.. Someone was able to get into this instagram account, and added this phone number. I was able to change the password and [CENSORED] before they could secure it. But now, upon logging in, I am greeted with this message. I have linked my INSTAGRAM with facebook and email when I reset...
  12. P

    uninstall graphics card

    I just uninstalled my graphics card. now when my vomputer turns all and makes the login noise al i see is the starting windows logo.
  13. Y

    Solved! System Administrator, can't log in and mouse doesn't work or clicking it had no affect

    So i rebooted my Asus laptop. But as i come onto the login screen. My mouse pad doesnt work nor can i log in. It just says con
  14. S

    Social account failure to login any idea's?

    Got old account but its resourceful can i get my facebook back?
  15. S

    Screen of Lenovo B50-80 laptop with Win10 goes blank AFTER I login to Windows

    Hi. My partner's Lenovo B50-80 laptop was working fine until yesterday - when it boots up and comes to the windows 10 login screen - when you login, the screen goes blank/black. I read somewhere online to go into safe mode (Shift + Restart from login screen) and once into safe mode - go into...
  16. T

    My ZTE z982 won't allow me log in my gmail

    My ZTE z982 won't allow me log in my Gmail on the phone and remove the previous one
  17. F

    Password typing itself

    My laptop types itself on the password login window every time I start windows, i try to delete whata typed but it still types itself again nad again, so everytime i have to swtich it off and on, what would be wrong?
  18. G

    my acer aprire v5-122p turns on and lets me put passcode in but then freezes ?

    it just gets stuck on log in page even after ive logged in
  19. B

    Asus laptop log in

    I'm at where I click to bring up option to sign in and screen goes black few minutes later comes back and click and black screen again.
  20. S

    trend micro issues

    Trend Micro....cant log in for help half the time...the other half their online service is down.....dont be fooled pple. ive got sites they marked safe, that if opened throw out porn pop ups.....
  21. P

    Facebook email log-in

    Hi there, I am having a problem logging in to my Facebook account on my laptop
  22. B

    Solved! Cant type password on laptop login screen even if the keyboard work fine

    I have a asus laptop. I forgot to shutdown my laptop for 7 days, and still in hybernate mode. I have a windows 7 and i cant type anything in password login screen or click the ease of access center. I tried to press f2 and go to system restore, debugging mode, boot mode, but that need password...
  23. O

    Are you able to disable the password if I am connected a WiFi that I set as trusted?

    I'm wanting to keep my password on at all times unless im connected to my desired WiFi, is this possible? Thanks :) (Windows 10) Dell XPS 13 9360
  24. 5

    Can't get past profile pic log in wanting a 4 digit passcode, which I do not have

    When I start my Dell Laptop Inspiron 3520 it brings me to the login picture for my account. It wants a 4 digit passcode, which I do not have. I have Windows 8. How do I get it to let me start Windows? I cannot get past the screen wanting the code for my account. Is there a way to turn this...
  25. J

    Can't log on to laptop

    Hi, I get a message 'The User Profile Service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded'. What do I do? This has never happened before. Thank you kindly Jackie
  26. S

    How to Add or Remove Startup Items On MacBook Pro

    Startup items are the programs in your Mac operating system (macOS High Sierra for this example) that are scheduled to initialize every time your MacBook Pro starts. Since you are required to log in with a user account to use your MacBook Pro, different programs can be configured to initialize...
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    How To Customize The Login Screen On MacBook Pro

    In this tutorial, we are going to look into another very commonly searched procedure; changing the background of the login screen of your MacBook Pro. While some users might not take the trouble or just that they are not very design conscious, there are many who would want to customize it to...
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    Stop Malicious Login Items On MacBook Pro

    Malicious login items can cause your computer some problems during startup, including frequent crashes. They automatically open at startup or when you are about to log in to your MacBook Pro. You may find your Mac screen comes up with a blank blue color when starting up your computer. Getting...
  29. M

    Cant log in

    I cant log into my Facebook account. I have ent received the code and I need help please
  30. D

    My Site got Hacked by Raiz0WorM

    My Website got hacked by this guy i dont know sending messages about israel and poor people calling himself Raiz0WorM.I tried to login to panel but i couldn't it says also hacked by Raiz0WoRM what to do to restore my website fully and upgrade it please.. Thank you
  31. C

    Facebook security check not sending me the code to my mobile HELP PLEASE

    Please help! \when i go to log in to my Facebook, it comes up with a security check. It says it's sent a code to my mobile number but i don't get the code. It says resend after 1 min. I do, but still no code. So, i can't log in as i never get a confirmation code. PLEASE HELP!
  32. J

    Laptop not working

    I can't use my laptop, the screen turns on but the login never pops up and turning it on and off doesn't help! I need to use my laptop but it doesn't work
  33. N

    All I'm getting is password login,need code login

    Need code login all I'm getting is password login
  34. A

    Problem in login instagram

    I can't login into my instagram account i dont know why When ever i am trying to do so a error message come saying "" SORRY THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST "" I searched on web they said your divice ip address is banned and said to login with other divices i tried doing so from my mom...
  35. L

    I did a factory hard reset on my tablet and it did work but now when I'm trying to login to the Google account to even get it

    I did a factory hard reset on my RCA Voyager 3 tablet and it works just fine but now when I'm trying to get past this at login to my Google account it's not being accepted it keeps saying that is unable to accept the password wait 24 hours but it's been past 24 hours and it still isn't working...
  36. C

    Got new phone and it won't let me log into fb

    Can't log in fb, it's a new phone
  37. N

    Screen stuck on "hibernating" when trying to login after shutdown as usual

    When I try to log in on my HP Windows 10 laptop after a shutdown as usual, my laptop stuck on a screen saying "hibernating" just after I turn it on (I don't set a password anyway). If you try to suggest me to take the battery, it's impossible because it's an internal battery.
  38. H

    Asus ux501j freezes during login after water spill

    About 2 weeks ago I spilled water on my laptop keyboard (it's an asus ux501), I unplugged everything, shut it off and waited a couple of days for it to dry out and for some reason my charger stopped working too. At first the screen wouldn't turn on but I eventually got it working by cleaning the...
  39. Y

    hibernating screen issue

    how can i login my laptop it is facing a hibernating issue ??
  40. N

    It asking for the previous owners information.

    I got a tablet as a gift (secret Santa). It was factory reset but now it says I need the previous owners log in info, except I have no idea how to do it. I ran the serial number and it's clean, there's no owner attached to the number. How do I reset this so it can be used. I need it [the tablet]...
  41. A

    We have sharp tv and given a password which was 7931 but now dosent login on what should we do

    We have sharp tv and given a password which was 7931 but now dosent login on what should we do and please send me password brocker cod Thanks
  42. H

    How do I reset an HP stream 11 I need to reset it

    I Purchased HP stream 11 and I need to reset it before the login screen I guess my son got a hold of the computer and entered the information and therefore put on a password so therefore I can enter it help please He’s now in Iraq
  43. F

    Solved! Why does firefox make me log in to my online accounts every time?

    Why does firefox make me log in to my online accounts every single time?
  44. B

    Code to get login facebook

    I need a code to get login to facebook
  45. D

    how can I turn off password protected login for dell inspiron 17 5000 series? Thanks; it's a pain

    When turn computer off, won't let me access it again until I enter password. Says it's "password protected" Don't want or need this. How can I get it to turn on and just let me in?
  46. D

    Windows User IDs

    I have a client that said she removed the one & only Windows User ID from her PC. I was under the impression that was not possible; that a Windows User ID is required in order to login in to Windows at all. Can anyone confirm Windows can be run with NO Windows User ID? Thanks!
  47. O

    Solved! why I can't get fb code generator

    I can't login my fb account. I can't find fb code generator
  48. M

    I need help with lookin for old phone number

    I am trying to fine out whats my old number to my phone to get log in to yahoo
  49. A

    Macbook administrator and wi-fi problem

    Hello there, my sister seem to be having some problems with her Macbook Air. She is unable to connect to wifi and login as administrator. When any program needs administration rights she needs to input a username and a password. Whenever she inputs her username and password it doesn't login even...
  50. Y

    forgot startup password to my Gateway laptop what can I do???

    I have forgot the password for my gateway laptop I can not log in.
  51. R

    Looking to fix my RCA tablet

    I bought a rca tablet and I try to get it start and it tells me I have to log in with the previous owner how do i get around that
  52. C

    Solved! I can log in in my account but after that theres a security, it says upload a clear photo but when i upload always failed. Why

    I can log in in my account but after that theres a security, it says upload a clear photo but when i upload always failed. Why
  53. N

    Extremely dimmed laptop that does turn on but I can barely see a thing

    No damage would have caused it except for it being placed down to hard. I can see the login page to enter details but it’s extremely difficult to see. It’s really dimmed. Please help
  54. P

    Where to find username ?

    I want to find my username It is difficult to log in
  55. A

    Blank login screen

    My Asus laptop has a blank login screen but I have one login and that's me I can't figure out y I've tried Ctrl alt delete and pressing f8 pls help
  56. T

    My new HP computer won't let me log in after updates

    My new HP laptop won't let me log in after updates completed keeps buffering at the log in screen after password ?
  57. B

    How unlock Facebook with no login info

    Login to Facebook account
  58. U

    My fb account is locked due to wrong verification

    I am not able to log in into my fb account due to wrong verification