Screen of Lenovo B50-80 laptop with Win10 goes blank AFTER I login to Windows

Apr 29, 2018
Hi. My partner's Lenovo B50-80 laptop was working fine until yesterday - when it boots up and comes to the windows 10 login screen - when you login, the screen goes blank/black.

I read somewhere online to go into safe mode (Shift + Restart from login screen) and once into safe mode - go into device manager and remove the display drivers and then reboot. I have done all that - but the problem remains the same. i.e. It comes up looking fine and you see the normal Windows 10 login screen but when you enter the login password - the screen goes blank.

As the display works fine when in safe mode - so it is clear that the Display is working fine - but it seems that windows is doing "something" when it boots in normal mode (not safe mode) that messes up with the display post login.

Any suggestions ??

I am normally ok with doing bit of trouble shooting - but a bit stumped here...

Apr 29, 2018
try the following:

Power on your laptop, while you see the windows loading icon,turn it off immediately.repeat once again.
The 3rd time you will see "Preparing Automatic Repair" ,instead of loading icon.Computer will enter the recovery menu.Go Advanced>Command prompt

Type "C:"
then "dir"
do the same for D,E until you find your drive letter to the disk that contains windows directory.

Type chkdsk /r then "Y" and let it complete

The type "sfc /scannow" and let me know the results.

type "Exit" and shut down the PC.

Turn it on again and check...

Give it some time in black screen...