Question Evoo Gaming laptop won't output hdmi if it's plugged into the charger. Also won't output unless I connect in while booting.

Aug 26, 2022
Bassically what the title says, but It goes a bit deeper. I can only get it to output to hdmi if i plug in the hdmi cord at a certain time while the laptop is still booting up. If I dont do it before the login screen, I have to restart and try again.

Even worse, though, once i DO get it to output, I can't plug it into the charger. If I do, it stops outputting and my monitor says no signal. Then the screen on my laptop starts freaking out. And then once it settles down this weird square visual bug thing is in the middle of the screen, and it changes every few seconds as if its doing some kind of color test. When this happens, device manager also says that there is something wrong with my intel UHD driver.
Any help? I need to be able to use this plugged into both my monitor