Can't get past profile pic log in wanting a 4 digit passcode, which I do not have

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Apr 8, 2018
When I start my Dell Laptop Inspiron 3520 it brings me to the login picture for my account. It wants a 4 digit passcode, which I do not have. I have Windows 8. How do I get it to let me start Windows? I cannot get past the screen wanting the code for my account. Is there a way to turn this requirement for a code off. I can't even log into Safe Mode, absolutely nothing.
so your Bios has a boot password. enter it. or does it boot windows and asking a PIN number

if BIOS Password, some questions that quickly come to mind;
-Did you let someone borrow your laptop (like a son/.daughter) that might of put a Bios password on your laptop
-Perhaps you bought it from a pawn shop ? and they forgot to clear the password?
-Your borrowing a laptop from someone else that Bios password locked it to prevent unhallowed use of their property?

if windows PIN screen, if you don't recall your pin number but recall your password, you can always click "other method below it and enter your password in to log into your system.

which of the following scenarios do you fall in ?
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