Trouble Logging Into My Sprint Account


Mar 15, 2013
I cannot login to my sprint account, I tried everything like forgot my password and forgot username I had them send my username and password to my Email account. The username they had for me was the same as I had. When I try to login I get this message in red,Access for this username is no longer supported— To view usage or upgrade eligibility, use the My Sprint Mobile app. — To manage your account or pay your bill, use the Forgot username link to retrieve the Account Owner username — or Sign-up for an Account Owner username with the button below. I don,t know what to do. PLEASE PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME
I have seen something similar happen when IT does a back-end change and some character or name or field length is changed, but they don't do a good enough job of testing. You may need to contact their support and have them escalate to a level 2 or 3 support rep.

When my bank merged, they decided my PIN number was not good enough, of course they did not tell me that till after I tried to take money out and they locked out my card. When I finally got someone that knew what was going on, it turned out they decided to just add a 0 to my PIN at the end to make it match their new length requirement. I am guessing a similar thing happened to you. I've seen this happen with other examples also, it tends to cause a lot of issues when you do a system change without good testing. IBM had a customer support page that had a limit on the address field and some other stupid things, no matter how many times me or other customers pointed out that you may need more than 15 characters for a street address, they never changed it. Stupid design, and lazy managers.