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  1. K

    i need a unlock code for a aqt80 from sprint

    help i need to unlock this tablet cus i lost my phone hfvchg fvutyftv hfv ytf ygy fvg
  2. J

    Solved! iPhone 8 Plus Verison to Sprint

    I'm looking to get a refurbished iPhone from GameStop and they don't sell a single sprint phone. I'm wondering if i could buy a Verison iPhone and put a Sprint sim card in it. Sorry if I put this thing in the wrong category.
  3. O

    Solved! Can I use my unlocked Sprint Note 5 with straight talk?

    Can I use my unlocked Sprint Note 5 with straight talk?
  4. K

    Solved! Boost j7 refine

    So I have been fighting with sprint to put this phone on my account but they say they cant link it to my account. Why is that and Is there a way to make it so I can put it on my sprint account?
  5. D

    Unlock sprint unactivated

    How to unlock imei new unactivated Sprint Android
  6. A

    Sprint Drive Review: GPS Tracking and Hotspot Make It a Good Bet for Parents

    Sprint's OBD-II dongle adds vehicle condition monitoring, GPS tracking and more to your ride for a reasonable price. Sprint Drive Review: GPS Tracking and Hotspot Make It a Good Bet for Parents : Read more
  7. M

    sprint to metro

    i have an originally metro pcs iphone 6s plus but was switched to sprint and i now need it to go back to metro. but sprint wont unlock it. what do I do?
  8. L

    Sprint Sims card in metro PC's phone

    Will my Sprint Sims card work in my metro pcs phone
  9. P

    Trouble Logging Into My Sprint Account

    I cannot login to my sprint account, I tried everything like forgot my password and forgot username I had them send my username and password to my Email account. The username they had for me was the same as I had. When I try to login I get this message in red,Access for this username is no...
  10. M

    Recent and Sporadic Roaming in My Home (just in last month)

    I have a Pixel 2 XL BYOD device on Sprint's network and live in Northern NJ in a townhouse. In the last few weeks, my phone has started to roam in my townhouse sporadically...making it much more difficult to use since MMS messages don't download automatically (and when I click to download them...
  11. B

    How can i unlock my network on cricket lg m153

    My Network is locked i want to change from cricket to sprint
  12. A

    Sprint: It's Not As Bad As You Think

    Sprint may lag behind the other Big Four carriers in network speed, but its performance is still solid — especially considering how compelling its plans are. Sprint: It's Not As Bad As You Think : Read more
  13. E

    How do I switch my straight talk number to a sprint Samsung galaxy s 8

    I want to swich a s 8 to straight talk from sprint but I can't think of a way to do it I know it has been done but I need help doing it.
  14. 7

    iPhone Password Authentication

    I switch to Sprint recently, I cannot Authenticate a password change on my iPhone. It reads Authentication Failure. A server error occurred! And I’m thinking it has something to do with the MSID which is not my phone number. And I’m lead to believe it is getting rerouted and that is why I...
  15. C

    How do I unlock the tablet device itself without the sim

    I have a Sprint AQT100 Tablet and the device itself has me ocked out. How can I get it unlocked
  16. M

    free unlock free unlock code for an iPhone 5

    Sprint iPhone Sprint iPhone 5 unlock code
  17. E

    How to unlock the locked network on my Kyocera Hydro Reach C6743 locked to Sprint network?

    Please Help me get the unlock code.... I was a student in USA and I was using sprint Network..as Time passes I graduated from The University and came back to my country Zambia..Now My phone network is locked... what am I suppose to do? Please help (Kyocera 6743
  18. J

    how to use my sprint galaxy s4 with straight talk

    how to use my sprint galaxy s4 with straight talk
  19. R

    jailbreak sprint samsung galaxy J7 Refine

    how can I a hammer fisted hack jailbreak a samsung galaxyj7 refine?
  20. P

    can i use the sim from a zte n817 on a sprint note 5

    i want to move the sim from a zte n817 to a sprint samsung note 5
  21. J

    I have a HTC One cell phone with Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service

    I have a HTC One phone Sprint service how do I change the AT&T service
  22. Q

    Alcatel sprint unlock

    Sim unlock code
  23. W

    How do I transfer my iPhone 8plus from sprint to straight talk

    Looking for cheaper and better no contract carriers
  24. C

    LG Will Launch First 5G Smartphone on Sprint’s Network

    The 5G race is heating up as Sprint prepares to turn on 5G in the first half of 2019. LG Will Launch First 5G Smartphone on Sprint’s Network : Read more
  25. D

    does sprint or AT&T have lap tops

    thinking about changing carriers. does sprint or at&t off unlimited plans for tablets/
  26. M

    I got ripped off

    So I got ripped off I bought this iPhone 6s Plus off Facebook. So anyway the girl owes 700 to sprint so the phone is locked so boost mobile won’t accept my phone anyone has any suggestions because sprint won’t give me the unlock code
  27. G

    iPhone X unlock

    I got the phone from my friend it’s locked with sprint how can I unlock? I’m in Canada and phone is US.I call sprint they said tell us sprint num?
  28. G

    iPhone 8 Just Dropped to Lowest Price Ever

    Sprint's flash sale drops the iPhone 8 to its lowest price ever. iPhone 8 Just Dropped to Lowest Price Ever : Read more
  29. B

    Uicc for Sprint j3emerge

    Need code to make Sprint unlock for Trac phone
  30. B

    Unlock my slate 10 from Sprint

    I have a slate 10 and I need to factory reset but will not come on it's by Sprint
  31. E

    Sprint Phone on boost mobile network

    Can I use my lg v20 (sprint edition) on the boost mobile network?
  32. D

    i have an lg3 vigor and i use sprint.

    i have an lg3 vigor and i use sprint. the sim card has stopped working where can i get a new sim card as sprint said they have none and wish me to purchase a new phone. i can't afford to do that.
  33. K

    How to save space or reduce data usage on iphones

    Sprint cellular phone
  34. B

    Model number galaxy s8 sprint

    Need model number galaxy s8 from sprint
  35. G

    What Is Sprint Unlimited 55+ and Is It Worth It?

    Sprint’s Unlimited 55+ can help older customers save serious money on phone service. Here's what you need to know. What Is Sprint Unlimited 55+ and Is It Worth It? : Read more
  36. L

    I'm trying to activate my sprint phone on my Verizon. It already say they were compatitable

    I'm switching my cracked Note 5 for Sprint Galaxy s6
  37. J

    How do i unlock my iphone 5c from sprint for use on another carrier?

    I cant get the phone cut on unless i go to Bessemer to get it unlocked.
  38. PhilipMichaels

    T-Mobile, Sprint Make It Official: They're Merging

    Here's what we know about the $26 billion deal combining the third- and fourth-largest carriers. T-Mobile, Sprint MaKe It Official: They're Merging : Read more
  39. 1

    Solved! Metro phone 2 sprint

    I need to convert my ZTE phablet on metro network to sprint network and since they offer a ZTE phablet that works on their network. Why wouldn't a similar ZTE phablet convert ? I'm told unlocking doesn't mean it will convert. So I need to know what to do in order to get it on their network...
  40. S

    Unlock sprint lg stylo2 so I can use my MetroPCS sim

    Help!! I bought a lg stylo2 from someone but learned later that it's a sprint phone. How do I get my metropcs Sim to work on it?
  41. P

    How to unlock galaxy S7

    How to unlock a sprint galaxy s7
  42. M

    Sprint Spot and app stack stopping

    How do I fix my Sprint Spot and app stack from constantly stopping?
  43. F

    Unlock device for other carriers

    I'm a new sprint customer I have an LG stylo 3 that they sent me didn't make first month payment because its not the plan I wanted my bill came out to almost $200 can't afford that long story short I wntd to make payments to buy phone from sprint an have my current number transfer to this phone...
  44. T

    i need to unlock my sprint AQT100 tablet

    I bought a tablet about a year now and haven't been able to unlock the sim
  45. PhilipMichaels

    Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You?

    While the line between prepaid and postpaid phone service is blurring, some differences remain. Here's what you need to know. Prepaid vs. Postpaid Phone Service: What's Better for You? : Read more
  46. G

    Whoops! Samsung Made This Major Galaxy S9 Mistake

    If you ordered a Sprint Galaxy S9 from Samsung, there's a chance you got the wrong SIM card. Whoops! Samsung Made This Major Galaxy S9 Mistake : Read more
  47. D

    Problems with Boost/Sprint

    I've been with Boost for the last 6 years after trying at&t, us cellular, straight talk/verizon, and virgin mobile. I'm in a rural area and due to my specific location I'm in a dead zone when it comes to at&t and straight talk/verizon, when it comes to internet. After 6 years of great service...
  48. K

    Trying to sell my s6. Clean esn# but sprint said can only be used with them. Is that true?

    Trying to sell galaxy s6 from sprint. Has clean esn# but was told by Sprint it can only be used on sprint. Is this true? Can it be used on any network?possible buyers ask if it is unlocked. Is that the same thing?
  49. L

    Don't have original SIM card

    I bought a sprint phone from a guy, it dont have the original sim card and I need to get it unlocked. I have an uicc unlock code but it's telling me I need the original service provider sim. This is an emergency I need a phone just in case I go into labor! My phone is a galaxy s7! Is there...
  50. S

    Friend gave me a sprint iPhone 6s Plus

    How can I get this iPhone 6s Plus unlocked to us with another carrier
  51. T

    How to unlock a sprint hp tablet

    How to unlock a sprint hp slate tablet
  52. M

    I want to unlock my iphone x Sprint Clean please guide

    Already paid to site for unlocking but it was fake
  53. C

    unlock sprint iphone

    how do i get a sim card code if sprint wont answer the phone??
  54. G

    Carrier unlock sprint galaxy s5

    Can anyone help me carrier unlock sprint galaxy s5
  55. PhilipMichaels

    Testing Firm: T-Mobile Is the 'Operator to Beat'

    T-Mobile put in another strong showing in OpenSignal's latest testing of network performance, winning five of six categories including fastest 4G speeds. Testing Firm: T-Mobile Is the 'Operator to Beat' : Read more
  56. D

    unlock samsung s5

    I have run into the same problem others have...I just discontinued my Sprint service and moved to AT&T...NOW, I find out that I can't use my Galaxy S5 with AT&T because it can't be unlocked (by Sprint). I see there are ways to unlock the S5 when moving to other carriers, but not to AT&T. Can...
  57. B

    How do I unlock carrier Network after getting Msl from sprint on ls 777

    I called Sprint got my unlock code but now I don't know how to put it into the phone to unlock the carrier and or other restrictions will somebody please explain to me the instructions of doing so? Please and thank you!
  58. M

    how do i unlock an iphone 7 plus from sprint?

    i got this phone from a friend she gave it to me and said im going to need a sprint sims card to unlock it and i dont have one