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  1. T

    Use Sprint Galaxy S6 on Metro PCS network?

    I can't seem to find up to date info on this. I have a USA Sprint Galaxy S6, unlocked from the Sprint network. (definitely is). I want to give it to somebody to use with their MetroPCS USA account. I'm getting mixed messages about whether this is possible. Can somebody please settle this and if...
  2. J

    Sprint says usage on non-Sprint carriers permanently bans phone from use on Sprint.

    Sprint says all prepaid phone providers like Tello permanently change the status of something in the phone itself from postpaid (normal with Sprint) to prepaid. Tello says that data is in a Sprint database, not in the phone. Tello is apparently unable to change the flag. Sprint tech support...
  3. E

    Verizon phone with sprint sim how to get internet connection on my s8+

    Trying to get internet on my Verizon s8+ phone with a sprint sim and sprint service.the sprint phone I had burned up on charger. Sprint tried ##72768# but my phone can make calls and text on sprint service but only internet when Wi-Fi is available
  4. M

    Solved! Are sprint lg g5 compatible with straight talk

    Available for upgrade and gonna gift my old phone with straight talk if compatible
  5. C

    Sprint Samsung S7 Edge is locked and can't get it unlocked to work on AT&T network

    I have spent a week trying to unlock a sprint Samsung S7 Edge that I purchased from a sprint customer. I would never recommend a provider such as sprint who places such a lock on a phone that has the ability to be used on any network. I would expect this to hurt their future business. Why would...
  6. I

    Solved! How to switch Sprint to Straight Talk BYOP?

    How did you switch your sprint phone to straight talk no problem? I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge through Sprint and can't figure out how to switch over. I already have service through Straight Talk and my phone was shattered last week. I have the sim cards for straight talk through BYOP and...
  7. I

    Can A Sprint I Phone be Unlocked to move to Metro

    Can A Sprint I Phone be Unlocked to move to Metro. This phone has never been used
  8. S

    Am from Ghana and my iPhone 8 Plus has sprint as its carrier. How do I get it unlocked?

    I bought an iPhone 8 Plus but the carrier is sprint and am in Ghana so how do I unlock it?
  9. lance071873

    how can i unlock the cell carrier on a galaxy tab 3 7.0?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to this. Im trying to go from sprint to straight talk. Thanks in advance.
  10. S

    I was given a brand new Verizon Samsung S5, never used and unlocked. Sprint told me to go to Sprint store and someone there w

    Need Help. Verizon Samsung S5 and Sprint told me over the phone to bring it in, needs Spring Sim Card. G into store and told since it is Verizon Samsung S5, not compatible, but 6's on up are. That true?
  11. S

    Can i use a SPRINT SAMSUNG S6 in Zambia, africa

    I am considering buying a network locked SPRINT samsung s6 off e-bay to use in my home country Zambia, Africa. Will i be able to use the network locked phone with my carrier simcard AIRTEL?
  12. T

    Why does my prepaid sprint phone card not work for long distant from any landline phone?

    I have tried to use my prepaid sprint phone cards at our cabin on our land line phone. We don't have cell service there. It only gives me a busy signal when I dial the 1-800-814-3718 number on back of the card. I also brought the cards home and tried from my landline phone at home and same I get...
  13. F

    Sprint puk code

    I need a sprint puk code
  14. M

    I need my msl code for a HTC desire from Sprint

    My pHONE hasn't been activated in it won't let me activate it unless I can get the phone 4G LTE NOT WORK AS SIM/UICC*]
  15. K

    How to unlock an inactive phone

    My mom is giving me her old s5 sprint phone. How do I unlock it for my at&t?
  16. N

    Us cellular don't cover Louisiana what should i do

    Us cellular is not covered in Louisiana what should I do can i use Verizon or sprint
  17. J

    Help with Iphones

    I bought 2 I phones 6S and 6plus from a pawn shop. They are brand new but found out that they need to be unlocked? They are with Sprint. I took them to my provider and that was verified. I am now out several hundreds of dollars. Can you please help?
  18. W

    Have a sprint one max that's sim lock how can I unlock it. It is not blacklisted

    Looking for help Have a sprint one max that's sim lock how can I unlock it. It is not blacklisted
  19. J

    Code to unlock iPhone 5s sprint

    Trying to unlock my iPhone 5s to use for any carrier it is a virgin mobile/ sprint phone.
  20. E

    Will a Boost phone ZTE Max XL work with Sprint

    I would like to know if I purchased a Boost ZTE Max XL will it work with Sprint?
  21. PhilipMichaels

    Sprint's Free Data for a Year Is Actually a Good Deal

    Sign up by June 30, and you'll get unlimited data for free for the next year, if you've got an eligible phone. Sprint's Free Data for a Year Is Actually a Good Deal : Read more
  22. R

    sprint unlocked my samsung galaxy note 3 and att gave a sim but phone is not recongizing sim card

    I used and bought my -phone with sprint and my daughter has at&t she needs a phone At&t said it is compatible because it does use a sim card, sprint has already unlocked it however phone says invalid sim, is there another reason why its not working.
  23. P

    Solved! No Place to put in UNLOCK Code on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    Where do I put in the UNLOCK CODE on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4? ALL conditions for unlocking have been met and the directions for unlocking have been followed. The phone was purchased at Sprint and paid in full April 2015. The service contract expired Apr 2017 and all payments were made...
  24. S

    Unlock s7 edge sprint

    I'm trying to unlock my sprint samsung galaxy s7 edge
  25. L

    how to unlock my sprint iphone 6

    how to unlock my sprint iphone 6 with a msl number. is this possible for another carrier to unlock it for me with the msl number or is ther another way.
  26. T

    How do i change my social security number on my account?

    For some reason sprint has change my social security number in there records in the past year which means i can not sign up for sprint.com or anything. Please help
  27. W

    unlockin my samsung

    i have a samsung and sprint gave me my code to unlock it, but it keeps saying my sim card is invalid, and nothing pops up to tell me where to put my code
  28. K

    Why is it saying my sprint. Galaxy j36 cant be switched to straight talk

    Need to know why i cant change my sprint galaxy. J3 6 to straight talk. It is saying its not compatiable. How do i make it compatiable. What is it that i can do?
  29. B

    Do I really have to wait 3 to 5 days after unlocking my sprint iPhone 6s ?

    I called up there but they told the iphone status is still locked ??? But the account holder Told me that they unlocked it and that I have to wait 3 to 5 days ?? Is this true ??
  30. C

    Sprint 2 Year Contract Question

    I have sprint with 3 lines. One line i just upped in November and bought a iPhone 7. The other two contracted lines are up in a few months. I am wanting to switch to T-Mobile however they require you to turn in a phone in order for them to pay the ETF. I was wondering if I could switch my iPhone...
  31. K

    Will a iPhone 5s straight talk phone work on my Sprint account?

    May Samsung phone broke and I bought a new straight talk iPhone 5s, will it work on my existing Sprint account?
  32. J

    Solved! Could I buy a second hand sprint phone and have it unlocked from the carrier?

    Sorry for a very broad question, but I recently moved from tmobile to sprint, never used a cdma network. Could I buy a second hand Samsung s7 or any other android phone, locked on sprint, with a clean imei; then call up sprint and ask them to unlock it, if I ever want to travel or switch to...
  33. A

    I have my sprint Samsung Galaxy s5 phone with a clean IMEI. Can I use t

    I bought a samsung Galaxy S5 with a clean IMEI. Can I use it with Verizon? Can I use uf with Straight Talk?
  34. S

    Someone keeps calling me on a restricted number on my cell phone every night around 1 o'clock in the morning yesterday they ca

    Someone keeps calling myself a cell phone every night like a one o'clock in the morning and they don't stop but it's restricted number How can I block them I have Sprint I don't know they would be able to help me but I was just thinking maybe you guys can help me I appreciate it
  35. B

    I have a Galaxy S5 from Sprint (Paid for) and I want unlocked but Sprint is telling me that the phone is unlockable

    My Galaxy S5 from Sprint is paid in full from Sprint and I upgraded to another phone and I want to get the unlock code to unlock the S5 and sell it, but Sprint (Support) is telling me that the phone can't be unlocked. Is there any other way to unlock this phone so I can sell it or can someone...
  36. G

    Sprint's Tidal Deal Gives Music Fanatics Reason to Switch

    New and existing Sprint wireless customers will soon be getting access to an exclusive catalogue of streaming music. Sprint's Tidal Deal Gives Music Fanatics Reason to Switch : Read more
  37. N

    Bought a Sprint LG STYLO 2 from a letgo person. It's locked

    So I bought a LG STYLO 2 Sprint phone from a stranger for 100$. Call me naive but I trusted him to call Sprint and close his account. Anyhoo I called Sprint and was lucky enough to get a good tech who told me that all I had to do was take the phone to a sprint or boost store and tell them my...
  38. A

    Trying to "unlock" Iphone SE purchased online

    I purchased an SE from someone selling online. She did provide the IMEI # prior to my purchasing and it showed it was not blacklisted. She set to factory settings. But when I went to Sprint to have the phone set-up. I was told that it was still listed with another owner under contract and a...
  39. D

    I have a metro pcs phone and a sprint tablet can i connect services together

    I have a metro phone and a sprint tablet .can i connect services together
  40. V

    How do I switch my number from one phone to another if I bought from someone an I don't have anyway to contact them so Sprint

    My phone ragdy need to switch phones but have no way to get in contact with the person for account info
  41. T

    How can I get my Galaxy S5 from Sprint to work with My ATT SIM card

    Sprint s5 with att sim
  42. Y

    how to convert cdma sprint us to gsm international sim

    htc desier 510 sprint us how to unlock gsm sim anternational use ouer woruld
  43. T

    Would I be able to switch sprint to a straight talk with a phone that I got of walmart

    I bought a phone of Walmart and it is all clean but the service was sprint and I want to switch it to straight talk service
  44. D

    How to transfer my boost phone to a galaxy s5 sprint phone

    How to transfer my boost phone to my galaxy s5 sprint phone
  45. R

    Sprint contracts note 7

    I have paid outright for my note 7. With a 2 year contract.I've been told that when I switch to a 7s I will be stuck in this contract and lease, with a phone I don't want. I feel like Sprint is just giving me the run around. Is there any way I can get out of this lease n contract so I can get a...
  46. M

    Alcatel sprint sim code

    Help me please sim unlocked Alcatel one touch sprint
  47. S

    sprint spark charging light flashes

    spark tablet wont turn on and charge light flashes
  48. B

    Need to switch old sprint Gal 3 to straight talk. Not sure which activation card to buy. BYOP or the( NANCA ) not sure if usin

    Change phone service from sprint phone to straight talk. Which activation card BYOP Or NANO
  49. A

    Would like to switch my LG G4 to Straight Talk how do I do that

    I would like to switch my LG G4 to straight talk it's on Sprint now how do I do that
  50. webworkings

    How To Talk To A Real Person At Sprint Customer Service

    Tired of trying to get through never ending prompts to get to a live person when calling customer service? Want to just talk directly to a person? Follow this tutorial and git to an actual human customer service representative at Sprint quickly and directly. 1. Dial... 1-866-866-7509 2. When...
  51. J

    how to reset my sprint phone

    Trying to make my phone a version phone it was my cousin phone she gave it to me but its a sprint phone so iam trying to reset it so i can use it as a version per pead and i dont have no money
  52. L

    Wat if ur phone is turn off will sprint still unlock it

    Unlocking sprint iphone
  53. K

    Can I use my Unlocked Sprint Iphone 6 plus for straight talk?

    I was wondering if I could use my Sprint Iphone 6 plus for Straight talk? or
  54. E

    How to transfor pics from a sprint iphone6 to samsung

    How to retreave pics from Icloud from a iphone6
  55. L

    Need to talk to customer support

    I have a sprint phone that was given to me by a friend and I had found it I had moved and I can't uses it needed to be activated and I have a Trac phone but don't have minutes on it but do have internet
  56. N

    change a sprint phone to straight talk

    I then went on EBay and bought a HTC Desire 816, and it was a sprint phone. I thenwent and bought a straight talk bring your own phone kit, and after trying to activate, it says that I can not use the phone. Is there any way of fixing this problem
  57. K

    can my sprint phone be unlock to another network?

    Can it be unlock to use a different sim card? I am over 15 and will abide by the rules
  58. D

    kyocera torque e6710 won't play youtube

    HELP! Purchased a used kyocera torque e6710.....got it all set up with my sprint account, can text, place calls, etc. but it won't play youtube. Can anyone help?
  59. M

    does any one know how to contact sprint by email ?

    I bought Samsung J7 (2016) from America and I didn't know that is locked for Sprint or Virgin Mobile, I don't know but the SIM card is for Sprint and the Package is for Virgin Mobile, So anyone know which corporate I should contact to unlock this mobile Is it Virgin Mobile or Sprint ? and The...
  60. H

    Same network sim card different phone

    I have a galaxy s5 thru sprint, and i was wondering if i can use my sim card in another sprint phone?