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  1. J

    How do I activate a Sprint iPhone that I bought from a friend?

    I bought a Sprint iPhone from a friend of mine that switched to T-Mobile. I currently am with Virgin Mobile, but I plan to switch. How would I activate the phone and select a plan? Would I need to get a new SIM card?
  2. R

    Sprint micro sim

    hi I have a used sprint micro sim card from another phone was in my previous. Can I use it on my new current phone?
  3. dmcfc

    Smartphone Recommendation $400,00

    I'm looking to buy a new smartphone for around 400. I was considering the Iphone SE, however, I live in Brazil and frequency used here is the same used by Sprint in the US. And I can't buy Sprint's version of the iphone unlocked. I started researching and I narrowed it down to basically to...
  4. M

    Can i unlock a sprint samsung note 4 that not paid for

    Can a sprint samsung note 4 be unlock if the phone not paid for
  5. W

    How do i unlock my iphone 5c from sprint for use on another carrier?

    How do i unlock my iphone 5c from sprint for use on straight talk or AT&T in the U.S.?
  6. A

    I have s sprint iphone 5s need to unlock it

    I have a sprint iphone 5s and was wanting to know how to unlock it without going to sprint. We called sprint and they will not unlock the phone. We got the phone off a guy on craigslist and he told us it was through att we went to att and they said it was not their phone to contact apple apple...
  7. N

    how do im end my sprint services

    I need to end my sprint services I can no longer afford.
  8. J

    I just need to transfer my phone number to another phone that is working from Sprint and it is unlocked but no SIM card holder

    Hi I'm on the byop program with my Note 3 and recently broke it how do I transfer my number to the Note 2 that I have from Sprint it does not contain a SIM card however and my able to do so if so how when how much and what do I do about the SIM card somebody please help me this is ridiculous...
  9. J

    Sprint Samsung Galaxy s5 Unlock??

    Hi! I bought a Sprint Samsung Galaxy s5 from someone. i was hoping to use it on T-Mobile. They contacted Sprint and got an MSL code. When i put in my T-Mobile sim card, it didn't ask for a code. There's a notification saying that the sim card is invalid. Please help!! :'((
  10. W

    Looking for the msl code from sprint ro unlock my Galaxy s6

    Wanting to know if all galaxy. S6. Phines require the same msl code to get cdma unlocked
  11. W

    How to unlock moto e 2 and gen from sprint prepaid

    Need to unlock moto e 2nd gen sprint prepaid for tracfone
  12. B

    i bought a sprint 1phone 5s, need to unlock to add at&t sim?

    i just bought a sprint iphone 5s from somebody... i need to unlock so i can add at&t sim card and service... can anyone help me ? please
  13. R

    I bought a sprint iPhone from Ebay that is black listed .

    What are my options. I have been using it as a iPod for 2 years. I did not know it was black listed till recently when I checked the IEMI # before I tryed to sell it. Can I have it unlocked? Jail broken ? Are will sprint give me PUK #
  14. T

    hello i have a iphone 5s sprint i got from somebody online and she told me it would work with my AT& T carrier to my surprise

    hello i have a Iphone 5s sprint i got from somebody online and she told me it would work with my AT& T carrier to my surprise
  15. B

    S6 Water Damage

    So I dropped my Galaxy S6 in the sink, and I thought i dodged a bullet when nothing went wrong. Then I tried to listen to music with headphones and the audio jack didn't work. I tried using multiple pairs, so I'm fairly confident that its the audio jack that isn't working. So naturally I...
  16. C

    how to flash straight talk service to sprint phone

    I'm trying to figure out if there's any way I can flash/transfer my straight talk service plan that I have active now with my current phone ZTE Quartz model z797 to my new phone a Galaxy Core Prime which is from sprint but it isn't connected. I want to keep my service plan active from straight...
  17. T

    I have Windows sprint phone with sim how do I get it on Verizon prepay

    Windows phone to Verizon from sprint
  18. F

    Used Note 4 (Sprint) can't be identified at all by Sprint? Really weird..

    I just bought a used Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on eBay. Model SM-N910P. The previous carrier was Sprint and it was advertised as "clean ESN" meaning no outstanding balance, etc. When I received the phone, I tried activating service with a Sprint-based MVNO (TPO). The MEID comes up as "outstanding...
  19. I

    Locked iPhone 5 on Sprint carrier

    Hi, I have problem with my iPhone 5, I bought it from some guy on internet and I can't contact him anymore. This iPhone is locked on Sprint carrier but I want to use it with T-Mobile. I called to Sprint and chat with Sprint service but they always need my Sprint phone number or contract number...
  20. A

    Bloatware for Galaxy s6

    Is there a list of bloatware that is safe to disable for a Galaxy s6, but with a sprint carrier? Or is sprint bloatware the same as verizon, as far as being safe to disable?
  21. D

    Sprint account money transfer

    How do I get money off off my sprint account if I have a credited balance of more than 1,000 dollars
  22. B

    Unlocked Sprint Phone on Telus

    Hey guys, my dad recently brought back an iPhone 6+ from the states (I live in Canada) that's locked to Sprint. He's no longer with Sprint so he can't use their unlock services. I was wondering if I go through a third-party unlocking service, will the iPhone work with Telus? If so, does anyone...
  23. D

    switch sim card

    how do i switch my sprint sim card with another carrier in a samsung galaxy s5
  24. B

    samsung galaxy s3 sprint version in usa

    I have a samsung s3 sprint version usa located need a download for os onto micro sd card I dont have a computer and am stuck using my 7 year old sons phone factory reset did not work
  25. E

    Sprint iPhone 6 Sim Card used in a Router

    I have a unlimited data plan with Sprint. Is it possible to take my sim card out of my iphone 6 that is capable of 4G LTE and place it in a sim card capable router such as a craddlepoint router and get 4G LTE internet through that router?
  26. B

    iphone 4s unlock

    Have told but there is nothing they can do.any one with a sprint account they don't use,only need it for unlocking a phone please help i'd ready apretiate?
  27. N

    How do I speak to an English speaking representative at Sprint.

    I really need to know how to get an English speaking ,not semi English speaking person, at Sprint. I have so much trouble understanding them I cant do business with them anymore. Every time i ask for someone else they put me on hold for awhile then drop my call. Please can anyone tell a phone...
  28. B

    how do i unlock my htc one max from sprint

    i paid for a htc one max from a friend that had it through sprint but could keep up the bills and just sold to when they locked it and cut his phone off. So what can I do to us this phone on MetroPCS
  29. 6

    obtaining code to unlock

    I have a damaged Samsung S3 through sprint. A friend gave me a Samsung mini S3/ Verizon will this work if I go by a sprint store or radio stack and have them transfer data and or SIM card. Using Verizon on Sprint network yes or no ?
  30. T

    iPhone 4S carrier disconnected from AT&T to Sprint; want to transfer favorites and contacts to new iPhone 6

    I switched carriers from AT&T to Sprint for my new iPhone 6. A backup to iCloud was not performed prior to Sprint transferring my number and service from AT&T (you would think they would have ensured this was done before making the transfer!) I do not have wifi on my iPhone 4S - can I...
  31. K

    I have a sprint phone and won't t go straight talk

    I have a sprint lg g4 and it has a sim can i switch it to stright talk???
  32. W

    Sprint unlock code

    I requested for my iPhone 6 to be unlocked.I am told it takes five working days to have the task completely done. It's ten working days and still haven't received any information. Any help?
  33. W

    Looking for settings to change on a sprint phone to allow it to work on Verizon, have the code from Sprint to change settings

    Looking for settings to change on a sprint phone to allow it to work on Verizon, have the code from Sprint to change settings and the phone is unlocked on there end. When I put in my Verizon Sim it says invalid Sim.
  34. M

    Can I swich a sprint galaxy to straight talk

    It says that it is not compatible but what does that mean
  35. S

    Contacted sprint to unlock phone, is it really unlocked?

    I am going abroad soon and need my phone sim unlocked. I called sprint and they put me on an unlock list and told me all I need to do was backup and restore my phone. Is that really it? Will i be able to use a sim card from another country?
  36. J

    Galaxy S5 locked on Sprint, want to unlock and use on Verizon

    I bought an almost new Galaxy S5 yesterday. My old phone is an HTC Thunderbolt which uses a large SIM card, S5 uses micro SIM. I called Verizon explained what I wanted to do asking if I could buy a Verizon SIM card for the Sprint S5. They said they don't sell SIM cards but bring both phones...
  37. A

    Samsung s3 sprint wont charge

    I had my phone for a while and then one day i go and charge it and it wouldnt charge i replaced the battery and still nothing
  38. M

    Is samsung galaxy s2 from sprint compatible with straight talk? How do I switch it over?

    Is samsung galaxy s2 from sprint compatible with straight talk? How do I switch it over? I want to cancel my contract w/ sprint & switch to Straight Talk w/ my current phone & keep my phone number also. How do I do that?
  39. F

    sprint galaxy mega 6.3 compatibility

    I have a sprint galaxy mega 6.3 i am trying to find another carrier what other companies is my phone compatible with ?
  40. B

    Sprint iPhone 6

    I purchased a Sprint iPhone 6 about a month and a half ago on Craigslist thinking it would be super easy to get it unlocked because I have Verizon. I need to know PLEASE that it is possible to have the sprint iPhone unlocked and use my verizon SIM card. They are the same size SIM card that fits...
  41. F

    about a phone how can i switch to stright talk

    I have a sprint galaxy s5 and its unlocked and straight talk is saying I can use it on there network what do I need to do
  42. R

    can I use my Sprint samsung mega 6.3 with metro pcs

    Hey. I'm definitely switching from Sprint after horrible customer service, a coverage map that is inaccurate and cost me quite a bit of money due to where I moved, their refusal to even attempt to help me despite repeated calls and just awful service altogether (despite my 6 plus years as a...
  43. D

    Sprint Unlock Process

    So I have an iPhone 5 Sprint locked, I consulted with customer service and they gave me an unlock code to give to my new service provider. Can anyone assist with what process or procedure I need to undertake. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  44. T

    How to unlock a Sprint galaxy s4 to use with straight talk

    How can I unlock a Sprint phone to work for straight talk?
  45. B

    can a cell phone from verizon be swtched to sprint?

    Changing cell phone carriers
  46. J

    Unlock iphone 5 sprint

    can anyone help me to unlock my iphone 5 sprint? I buy a second hand iphone, and i'm not a customer of sprint. So i can not unlock it. Sory for my bad english
  47. S

    Samsung galaxy S 5

    I'm about to buy a sprint galaxy S5 can I convert it to straight talk I don't see anybody's had any success as a been done yet please tell me The phone is going to cost $110 from young.kid anybody figure this out yet help out there please let me know.
  48. J

    can a sprint Motorola g be used on straight talk plans

    I have a sprint Motorola g and want to change it to straight talk can I do that or no
  49. M

    Need Help Please

    Will my Verizon lg g3 work with sprint
  50. B

    can a sprint s5 be used on straight talk?

    I bought a sprint galaxy s5 and i want to use it on straight talk can i do that? I contacted sprint they said the phone was on a post paid account And they couldnt change it from post paid to prepaid.... what can i do now?? All help is greatly appreciated!!
  51. I

    R2 Button PS Vita (Remote play PS4)

    Hi, I want to remote play fifa 15 from my ps4. It looks amazing and very nice. As i understooth the back of the psvita is a touch for R2 its very annoying to have this worked well. I pressed on the back but still the players does not sprint. How to fix this? Anyone can explain me in steps how...
  52. J

    can a s4 sprint phone be used with verizon if I have the verizon sim card?

    I have verizon service and my phone screen shattered, can I use my old sprint s4 phone with thr verizon sim card in it?
  53. Mark Spoonauer

    Sprint Direct 2 You Brings New Phone Right to Your Home

    Sprint Direct 2 You promises to change the way you shop for phones by having an expert deliver the handset directly to your door and help you set it up. Sprint Direct 2 You Brings New Phone Right to Your Home : Read more
  54. A

    Sprint iPhone 5

    I've tried the unlock website they said they cannot unlock the sprint phone. I have an unlock code but have no idea how to use the code being that the original sims card is no longer in it. So what and how now???
  55. R

    sprint galaxiy photo transfer

    Need to transfer pictures from deactivated sprint note 3 to a metro galaxi avant
  56. A

    Can you mirror activity from one phone to another?

    Ok, pretty (I'm assuming) common problem here...I moved to a new area, and my cell carrier has awful data coverage here (Sprint). Apparently, Verizon is the only carrier to go with in this area for reliable LTE coverage. Of course, I'm locked in with Sprint for two devices, the payoff of which...
  57. M

    My iPhone 4 is saying it's sprint but when I checked the Meid it says verizon??? Please help....can I put back on my sprint ac

    Having trouble with my iPhone 4... It says it's sprint but when I checked the Meid it says verizon? Can I use on my sprint contract ?
  58. G

    Sprint Unlock iPhone 5

    I have the code from Spring finally but how can I unlock it know I took to Att and they say no look up over the net find not answer yet Please help Please don't post personal info online - SS