Sprint Direct 2 You Brings New Phone Right to Your Home

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Jun 16, 2007
Sprint lost many customers because they do not invest in their network. I have used their service, and there are locations where the throughput is just horrible. e.g., there are many areas where i would only get around 200kbit/s on a 4G connection.

These situations cause them to ruin their reputation, and customers to leave. While they are gaining some prepaid users, but that is likely through their partnerships with companies like netgear and the non expiring prepaid data that they have been selling for portable hotspots.


Dec 20, 2011
It is an incorrect statement to say that Sprint doesn't invest in their network, as in fact they both have been and continue to do so aggressively. It is a correct statement to say that they aren't done yet and further work is needed in some areas certainly, just as it is also a correct statement to say that depending on where and when you are, any of the 4 major wireless carries have areas with data throughput issues. Sprint or T-Mobile admittedly have more troublesome areas to work on than either of the big 2, but to blanketly or universally state based on one's individual local experience that this is evidence that a carrier doesn't invest in their network is false.


Dec 17, 2008
The reason Sprint keeps losing customers is that they lie to customers and provide a sub-par service experience.

Sprint started advertising 4G LTE service in my area 3 years before it was even available. Now Sprint advertises this "Cut Your Rate in Half" deal, that based on figures provided by Sprint themselves, actually results in a HIGHER monthly bill (contrary to the marketing claims. Math doesn't lie.....unlike Sprint). Sprint tries to charge customers for warranty administration. Sprint doesn't care about their customers. After I left Sprint, I got a call from a "customer service" rep that flat out didn't care. He seemed to think that not getting service was perfectly acceptable as was being charged for "warranty administration"....

Mark Spoonauer

Jan 21, 2014
Sprint lost many customers because they do not invest in their network. I have used their service, and there are locations where the throughput is just horrible. e.g., there are many areas where i would only get around 200kbit/s on a 4G connection.

We've seen in our own testing that Sprint still has a ways to go with its 4G LTE rollout. I see moves like this as helping customer service as they continue to improve the network. They have to happen in tandem.



Feb 22, 2009
They are trying so hard to get customers to leave the more expensive AT&T and Verizon networks with things like "Cut your bill in half!" and "New phones delivered to your door!"

This is a foolish waste of money when they are not addressing WHY the customers are leaving in the first place. Customers are leaving by the thousands because of poor service AFTER they join. Yeah, your bill is cheaper, but when you have problems down the road, billing issues, tech support issues, etc. you will see Sprint's true colors come out.

I switched to Sprint to save money, and I definitely am saving money over Verizon, and I'm able to keep unlimited data and still upgrade phones. That is great!! But there is forum after forum online with Sprint customers' unanswered questions. For example, I am trying to help a friend enable WiFi calling on her LG G2 since in her house the Sprint signal is weak enough that she misses calls. We navigated to Sprint's own forum, and actually saw Sprint's customer care representatives answer that all tri-band LTE phones support WiFi calling. She proceeded to type instructions on how to enable it. Customers on the forum tried, but were unable to find any of the options listed in the instructions posted by the Sprint rep. FINALLY another rep responded that only the older Samsung phones were getting that support.

This is one small issue among a literal multitude of unanswered issues. Your phone is NOT going to be supported like it will be on the other larger carriers. You as a customer and a PERSON do not seem to matter to Sprint. I initially joined Sprint months ago, but because they jacked my rate up $35 higher a month than what was agreed upon and signed on a contract at the store, I cancelled my Sprint service, returned my wife's phone, and processed the return for my Note 4 - which was on pre-order and I hadn't even received yet.

Almost FOUR MONTHS LATER and after being sent to collections by SPRINT for a phone I never even received ... I finally got refunded the money I paid for the Note 4. After restocking fees other fees, and countless hours on the phone with countless Sprint reps my issues were finally mostly resolved.

If I wasn't FLAT BROKE I would not have switched to Sprint, ultimately. But I cannot afford to lose unlimited data, and I cannot afford to spend $600+ to pay for phones full price in order to keep Verizon's unlimited data, not to mention Verizon's higher monthly fees since it's an older plan.

Sprint HAS upgraded their network. My coverage in places where I spend 95% of my time is actually quite fantastic, but I don't expect Sprint to make their customer service fantastic. And that is a shame, and makes all this money and effort they're spending on their current marketing initiatives a cruel and stupid irony.

They're trying so hard to lure in new customers without doing anything to ensure that they keep the new customers long-term, not to mention caring for the customers they already have!
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