Recent and Sporadic Roaming in My Home (just in last month)


May 28, 2011
I have a Pixel 2 XL BYOD device on Sprint's network and live in Northern NJ in a townhouse. In the last few weeks, my phone has started to roam in my townhouse sporadically...making it much more difficult to use since MMS messages don't download automatically (and when I click to download them manually, they come through all out of order, with the wrong time stamps, and several times have completely failed to download and I've lost the message).

Two separate Sprint chat support reps told me it was a network issue / tower outage, although after a month I doubted this and called Sprint's Executive office and was told there was no network issue / tower outage and that basically it is what it is and they couldn't really help me. They opened a network ticket for me, but the executive offices rep basically said nothing would come of this.

I'm wondering if perhaps something happened to my phone that could be causing this, since otherwise the only other explanations it seems are there really is something that happened with a tower, or something else is causing interference outside of my home (since I haven't changed anything in my home) - but if it's either of those it doesn't seem as if the problem will get resolved since I doubt Sprint will do anything.

Anyone know of any way I can troubleshoot this or test to try and find out if it's a problem with my phone vs. the tower/network? Maybe a signal strength app, or something else? Or any advice at all? I'm on a grandfathered plan with Sprint that is a really good deal and would prefer not to have to switch to another provider and lose it, but on the other hand also want to be able to actually utilize my service. Any help/suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. I haven't yet updated from Android 8.1 to Android 9 - just haven't had the time to do it - not sure if that will really make a difference, but just wanted to throw that info in here. I have done a profile and PRL update on my phone under carrier settings though.