Only accessed account with TOR, yet Chrome knew my login info

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Aug 30, 2018
I downloaded TOR specifically to access a site where my IP address is banned after an argument with a moderator. I dont participate or cause any mischief, I just quietly access the site for information. I use TOR exclusively for that purpose as it is slow in comparison to other browsers and I don't have any other need for it. I'm not asking for help accessing a site I am banned from, there are all sorts of ways to do that. This is a technical question.

I dont remember whether I had the client running, or whether I was logged in. I believe the site keeps you logged in unless you log out which i never do. If it makes a difference whether it was running I can test it again.

In a moment of forgetfulness I typed the URL into Chrome and it immediately logged me in although I had never used that account on my Chrome browser.
My (limited) understanding of TOR is that it does not leave a footprint. I would think that given it's nature, there would be no need to manually ratchet up the security settings on TOR. How was the information shared between TOR and Chrome, and is there anything I can do to prevent this?
Thanks very much.
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