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  1. M

    hacker using Google Translate IP address , canary token triggered

    I use Canary Tokens on my work computer which sends me alerts by email if anyone hacks my system and attempts to open or upload files. My work is engineering design so i have alot of Intellectual Property on the comp. 6 hours ago i got an email stating there was a hacker inside my system who...
  2. V

    I want how internet ip address

    some one is sending msgs to me with internet calls .please help me .I want that address for finding that person.it is very serious.
  3. T

    Solved! How do you monitor computers with Veyon?

    I typed in the correct MAC address and IP address of my MacBook Pro onto the master computer, and I put a public key into the client computer as well. On the client computer (MB Pro), it said the file was locked and it could not do anything with it.
  4. H

    IP address of deactivated account

    http://m.facebook.com/pyasi.larki.7564 Find me an IP address of this fake deactivated f.b account .. Its urgent please
  5. R

    How to Create a US Roku Account When Outside the Country

    Roku is one of the best streaming devices available. Unfortunately, you can only add channels like HBO GO, Hulu, and Netflix if you are using a US Roku account. If you live outside the US but still want to enjoy these channels, here’s how to create a US Roku account. 1. Setup VPN or Smart DNS...
  6. S

    Only accessed account with TOR, yet Chrome knew my login info

    Hello, I downloaded TOR specifically to access a site where my IP address is banned after an argument with a moderator. I dont participate or cause any mischief, I just quietly access the site for information. I use TOR exclusively for that purpose as it is slow in comparison to other browsers...
  7. E

    Cannot Access DVR from outside network

    ok so I'm retyping all this cuz I some exit the browser LOL SO I bought this new DVR which doesn't have a brand name nor a product name the cameras r connected to it and it sees em and records and things are cool But I'm having problems with the Dvr network Setting As I said I cannot access...
  8. S

    number i want to find mobile number by using ip address

    i want to find mobile number by using ip address
  9. J

    on my samsung smart tv i have got to reinstall the internet settings, also the ip address manually but do not have a ip addres

    iam trying to reinstall my samsung tv to the internet but have no ip address
  10. A

    Solved! Looking for mob no

    I have a IP address can I find mobile no of that IP address???
  11. A

    sugesst a way to find my laptop as my gmail was signout neither was having any tracking software nor do i know my IP address

    sugesst a way to find my laptop as my gmail was signout neither was having any tracking software nor do i know my IP address
  12. F

    Is my mom safe from hackers?

    Hello, computer geniuses. My mom made a forum post a day ago and it displayed a IP address under her post. As seen in the picture below. Removed Is that our IP address and how dangerous is it to give away your IP address to strangers?
  13. H

    Phone no. Identification

    How to get phone no.and its details using IP address
  14. A

    i want to find mobile number by using ip address

    someone logged in i have ip address but i want to know his mobile number give me the method to how to find it.
  15. M

    Connecting Samsung tv to the internet

    My Samsung tv will not connect to the internet...I have tried setting the DNS manually to 8 8 8 8..no success it tells me the IP address is wrong...the IP address is set at 0 0 0 0, I know how to change it but don’t know what the address should be...would be very grateful if you could help me.
  16. T

    How can police get IP address of deactivated Facebook account?

    So, I created a fake Facebook account and sent a message to a friend that was questionable. The friend didn't know it was me. I regretted what I did and soon after blocked my friend from the fake account, deleted the messages, deactivated the account and it is now marked to be deleted in 14...
  17. W

    How can I find the IP address of a magic jack caller?

    Have received typical IRS scam which has morphed into death threats for $$ from a phone number I have traced back to Magic Jack (#removed). How can I find the IP address of the computer connected to this device?
  18. J

    Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict IP Config Issue?

    Hello To All- I apologize if the answer has been posted somewhere else, as I haven't been able to find it. I, seemingly out of no where, received a popup message that said "Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict", and my internet connection(via wifi hotspot-no router) wont stay...
  19. Z

    ip address of UA32H4140ARMXL

    what is the ip address of my samsung LED with model number UA32H4140ARMXL
  20. P

    Command promp ? comming through ip address

    My computer was hacked my ip address and now I'm seeing command prompts flashing on a brand new computer. I closed my old email account a Trojan horse and a malicious fake tech support company calling themselves Code Red.hacked my computer and installed malware. I put the old computer in...
  21. C

    How to find phone number using by ip address

    I want a phone number that person whos use my fb
  22. C

    I want to find out mobile number from ip address

    I want to find out mobile number from ip address
  23. K

    How to find out a cell no using ip address

    My friend is been disturbed by a fake Id Facebook user some one creating various fake accounts we want to find out if it’s comeing from Mobil if so how can we find out that person no ? Or by computer
  24. S

    How to Find Your Roku IP Address?

    Streaming is the latest mode of entertainment in the 21st century. An example for streaming is watching online videos on YouTube by using your smartphone. Roku is a company that provides router-like devices that connects the internet to TVs. Roku requires an app on TV, that helps one to stream...
  25. S

    Solved! How can I track my laptop without ip address

    How can I track my laptop without ip address
  26. J

    Not connecting to my IP address on my Kodi box

    My Kodi box is Not connecting to my IP address.
  27. G

    How to find IP address using phone number

    I am trying to figure out the IP address for an iPhone using the phone number only is it possible to identify this with only a phone number? Cellular phone I phone six is the device I’m looking for IP address on
  28. M

    I want to know mobile number from this IP address

    I want to know the mobile number for this IP address
  29. L

    my samsung 2 tablet has no ip address and I cannot connect to the internet - the wifi button won't even stay on to locate a ne

    how do i fix this problem -- on the home page the time and date are correct and then when trying to refresh the weather in the same box, it states "network not available"
  30. K

    Hi I am new the computer universe and need to know if the ip address I get from my ISP is the same as the one I get when I typ

    According to what I have found on Google,the ip address is an address that is assigned to you when you go online.But does my laptop has an IP address even if I don't go online ? And does it have to do with the laptop serial number?
  31. P

    How do I check my IP address on my laptop

    My internet conection tells me does not recognize IP address how do I check it.
  32. C

    Find phone number by IP address

    Need phone number by IP address
  33. K

    Find mobile Number

    How Can i find Mobile number if i have someone mobile IP address
  34. R

    I need help

    Okay, so i few days ago i tried to download a free to play game. everything was running smoothly until the game i was downloading asked me to change something with my IP address. I cant remember exactly what it asked because i was just clicking through the screens so that finish downloading it...
  35. A

    Help me please

    How to change my iP address on a galaxy s4 cause I don't have a computer
  36. L

    Can't get IP Vanish app to work on my firestick

    Hi. I hooked up an Amazon firestick to my LG OLED55B6P TV, which supports Android applications, then installed IP Vanish on the fire stick and subscribed to IP Vanishe's VPN service. When I go to websites to check my IP address it hasn't changed to match the VPN IP address provided by IP...
  37. R

    No ip address

    Hi so I have an Asus laptop and it has been working great but last week when I tried to connect to the internet it says that I don't have an ip address... can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  38. L

    remove an ip address

    I have an IP address that i need to remove from my computer. I called tech support. It will cost me close to 300.00. Help Please. Someone does not have my permission to use my computer. I live in Alabama. They live in Virginia. I have their IP address. Just don't know how to remove it from my...
  39. X

    If someone connects to your wifi router from their phone can you find out their phone number?

    Is it actually possible to find out someone´s number if they are connected to your wifi router from their android phone? else how much info can be found from their connection? Thanks
  40. E

    Windows 10 PC will not connect to Internet

    Overnight, my computer stopped connecting to my router. I reset router. Disabled and re-enabled my wifi adapter. Plugged by wifi adapter into different ports. The computer does connect to the router but no wifi. It says "identifying" and never stops. Never pulls an IP address. I then connected...
  41. S

    Can websites see your MAC address?

    Hello all. Do websites track my device's mac address? I know they track my ip address and location. Is there anything else that they track?
  42. CaptainCrape

    Weird Downloading issues

    So, recently I was having problems with YouTube videos buffering. Some videos would play at 1080p the whole time with no problems, others couldn't even load in 144p. So, I found a guide on how to remedy this, it said to block this specific IP address in cmd that google outsources data to, and it...
  43. D

    tracking a IP address

    Hi there I just don't know what to do so here it goes. My smart TV was stolen in July and I had my faceebook account signed in to the smart TV well yesterday I got a notification that someone logged into my account it gave me the IP address the state and town from where it was logged in now I...
  44. kol12

    Update IP address geolocation.

    How do I update the geolocation of my IP address? I looked up my IP address online and my geolocation information is set to a previous address I used to live at.
  45. T

    Possible Ransomware/Virus Attack- can't find IP address (plus a non-functional router!)

    My relative's PC has been acting weird for about 5 days, with a mysterious installation of "SlimCleaner" installed. As far as we know nobody ever installed this. The program would randomly offer a "virus scan," which we never clicked on in fear of a virus activating. BUT, either somebody...
  46. N

    Ip from Mac address without being connected to internet

    can you obtain an ip address from the mac address of the wifi signal? Without being connected to it.
  47. D

    Cannot connect Mac to Windows through Ethernet?

    Im trying to transfer files from windows laptop to my macbook through a ethernet but When I enter smb://xxxxxxx my ip It gives me this error There was a problem connecting to the server “169 Check the server name or IP address, and then try again. f you continue to have problems, contact your...
  48. D

    DDOS attack and ip address

    Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right section. Say someone managed to get my ip address: would this be enough for them to DDOS attack me? Also, say I am under a DDOS attack: would this be enough to stop the attack?
  49. H

    obtaining IP address through facebook

    someone is pretending to be a friend of mine brother on facebook and adding people that she (my friend) is only just become friends with at uni, i was wondering if there is a way of finding the persons IP address through facebook. i have heard that you can use netstate on the cmd but not sure if...
  50. M

    Does installing a new windows disk assign a new IP address?

    Friend gave me a computer to use for school, I just want to know if I wipe it and download a new windows disk, will it automatically assign me a new IP address? And can you track a laptop by its MAC address?
  51. digitaldefector

    Man in the Middle

    How would I go about encrypting my traffic from my pc to the wifi router so that my search terms and traffic can't be read in case of man in the middle attack? Basically I see that my pc's name, and IP are monitored on the router, which I don't mind, I however don't want my traffic left for...
  52. A

    how to track where we can enter the ip address and serial number address of it using by someone
  53. C

    please help me

    How come there is a second IP address in my phone under my IP address that has an fb at the beginning like for Facebook or some shit
  54. E

    trying to get on facebook at school

    I have the ip address for my school computer but I dont know what to go on because so much is blocked I need help finding a good proxy that will help me get on facebook at school HELP ME what do I do?
  55. H

    2 different pc - one single internet provider

    Hello, I wonder if you could help me with this question. Say I have to different pc and one single internet provider. I intend to use one for regular/everyday activities and the other pc to surf the net freely, with no limitation, even at the risk of getting viruses. The two pc will never be on...
  56. W

    Tracking user's geo location from Wordpress blog

    On a Wordpress blog, Is there a way to check where comments are originating from (geographic location)? I am not the blog owner so I can't get the IP address. I have a suspicion that there's a spammer using multiple handles who is trolling. I believe I can confirm this by seeing where these...
  57. D

    how do i get ip address to play on winamp

    Hi, I am trying to play music through Winamp via an IP address, does anyone know how to do this please? Regards Michael
  58. viveknayyar007

    Google Play Store Shows My Account Already Registered After Factory Reset

    If you have rooted your device, you may have some issues with the Google Play Store. You may also experience this issue if you have frequently installed and uninstalled the apps that require root privileges on a rooted Android device. When you keep installing and uninstalling the root oriented...
  59. L

    Can i find stolen laptop with IP address or serial number?

    Can i find the laptop with IP adress or serial number? I created an account on the company page. There i saw different IP addresses. I'm not sure if these addresses are from my laptop. Any suggestions?
  60. N

    a technician (east Indian) told me he needed to change my IP address and that it would cost me 100.00 and like an idiot, I did

    Could he really change the IP address? How could I tell? I do know that I am blocked from using Firefox now. I can still use Internet Explorer.