hacker using Google Translate IP address , canary token triggered


Jun 8, 2003
I use Canary Tokens on my work computer which sends me alerts by email if anyone hacks my system and attempts to open or upload files.

My work is engineering design so i have alot of Intellectual Property on the comp.

6 hours ago i got an email stating there was a hacker inside my system who opened folders and that the IP address they were using or ghosting was


Trace tools suggest the IP address is a user at Rockville , Maryland , does the IP trace mean that is their actual location or could they be ghosting through the google translate servers to hack me ?

I use BitDefender Total Security which showed no breaches.

Is there any way i can get a screenshot of what was uploaded from my comp including clearer details of where it went and who they are ?

I use folder encryption but unusually i forgot to turn it to locked position when i left work yesterday... :(


I'd consider the e-mail itself to have a high probability of being the scam attempt....

Who would legitimately alert you via e-mail that a 'hacker' was in your system?

Mike Johnson with the infamous 'Microsoft Account Security Team'?