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  1. Kassy96

    Question Help, my email and Facebook account got hacked

    My email address got hacked, or rather there's been a leak. Besides some other sites, they also got access to my Facebook account. Facebook banned me because of violating the guidelines. I tried getting support but there's been some problems with the 'I got hacked' button, so I chose that I...
  2. P

    The Biggest Change to Gmail in a Decade Is Coming July 2

    Google will make its dynamic email feature available to Gmail users that will let them take action directly from a message. The Biggest Change to Gmail in a Decade Is Coming July 2 : Read more
  3. L

    Question is it still possible to send mails from old phones

    I found my old motorola krzr k1 and i was wondering if i can still sent mail from this divice, but i cant figure it out. btw yes i have internet settings and can connect to browser.
  4. B

    Hacked my email

    My Google account got hacked by people over in another country in need my account back any help to where I can get my account back
  5. J

    I have an hp pavilion g series laptop, running windows 10. There is a red x on the lower right icon for WiFi. That’s my only

    My email address: <Removed by Moderator>
  6. R

    Please help me

    "hi there i do not get email authorisation code to access my acount i use this to advertise my site and is important to me.Please help me thank you best regards." but be personal when you write <personal information removed by moderation> after 24 hours Instagram sent me a mail and activate my...
  7. M

    hacker using Google Translate IP address , canary token triggered

    I use Canary Tokens on my work computer which sends me alerts by email if anyone hacks my system and attempts to open or upload files. My work is engineering design so i have alot of Intellectual Property on the comp. 6 hours ago i got an email stating there was a hacker inside my system who...
  8. O

    can i renew password and email address on android phone?

    forgot old password and username on android phone
  9. S

    Solved! contact tv manufacturer

    hello, Would anyone know contact details / email etc for the TV company DigiHome, I beleive they can be purchased via Amason, Argos, Currys eyc, but I cant track down any technical help Thanks All
  10. S

    Solved! Is There A Free Tool To Automatically Backup Email Accounts And Messages And Restore Them?

    I bet it's been asked many times, not sure where to ask this unless it's just ask the community any subject help request here? I'm seeing a tool called kls mail backup it's supposedly free but not sure if there is anything else to do all email account backup and restore as simplistic? I just...
  11. 1

    Solved! Cannot access old you tube account

    I cannot remember what email my you tube account is under do I remember I registered the google email under? What can I do If I know my channel, can prove who I am and just want it and all it's content deleted?
  12. A

    How to change the my FB password without email and mobile no

    Hi how to change my password without email and mobile no
  13. N

    Solved! HELP! email account was hacked last night. I get this error message

    This morning I came and logged in. I saw that some emails werent sent. Problems is I never sent theM! I checked my sent box and yeah I sent it. but it wasnt me. I have avast antivirus always on. 1 a week I do a malwarebites and a ccleaner run too. First thing first I changed my password but...
  14. O

    how can I get my old email password reset

    locked out of my Microsoft account I'm really lost and need help on this
  15. C

    Lanchiya MK30 Hybrid Vacuum Tube Speaker System

    Hello! Um....i'm a newbie and want to know what is Hybrid Vacuum Tube Speaker System. Is it better than Bluetooth speaker? And did anyone knows the Lanchiya? (I found it in CES but no product reviews, is it a good audio brand?). Actually, my email got a promotion about Lanchiya Vacuum Tube...
  16. B

    Solved! Trace IP of email

    Is email sent by webmail like gmail and outlook can be traced the IP of the sender?
  17. R

    I have lost my mobile number but m a le to reset my password via can I get generator code via email

    I have lost my mobile number but m a le to reset my password via can I get generator code via email address.. I have tried so many times...l lost my phone as well my account was logged in that device please answer me solve that issues as soon as possible..trying frm last 3 days bt...
  18. A

    Solved! How to unlock the google account on the phone without an email or phone number?

    Can anyone help me please?? Got this phone from a friend that needed help & can't get into this phone without this info that I'm in the need of help with...
  19. Z

    Solved! Recovering MySpace account

    IMPORTANT I have an old MySpace profile, I can't log in because I didn't use it for years, and I used an email address for registering which is expired now, because I didn't use it for years, too. I tried to contact MySpace technical support, but I didn't find any contact. I tried to send an...
  20. D

    AOL account was hacked steam info was then changed

    my email was hacked and all my stuff was changed. once i got everything back to normal on my email i looked in my trash bin to see that my steam password had been changed. I locked my account but dont know what to do now? I sent a ticket to steam support.
  21. J

    My ZTE Android phone is displaying no service. What can I do.

    My ZTE Android phone is displaying system ui.wrong sim
  22. D

    AOL account was hacked

    I woke up this morning to check my email on my phone. It said my password had been changed but I didnt think much of it. Later I went and saw that my recovery email, phone number and password had been changed. I deleted everything that was added and changed my password. for some reason I only...
  23. P

    my name is preet

    hello i have motorolla c plusce i formate my mobile and i forget email id or p-assword
  24. V

    Email recovery photoes

    Recovery all photoes by using my gmail or emaili
  25. S

    I lost my email number and password forget

    I forget my phone number and email password So now how to open it
  26. K

    Esign where in my email link?

    I get an email that say e signature needed to finalize loan and release funds and there is a link in the email but I click it and there is nothing to sign. I know this may be a scam but how do I e signature?
  27. J

    I factory reset my old galaxy tab e and I forgot the email so I can’t get in my tablet

    I found my old galaxy tab e tablet and I factory reset it because I forgot the password and now I can’t even get into my tablet because I also forgot my email
  28. J

    after i factory reset my phone

    after i factory reset my phone it asks for a alternative email address so i put in email address sends a verification code ./..I use that verification code as my password then it says google is having a hard time accessing that it is truly my account... what do I do know
  29. D

    How do i get back my facs book tab back on also i need to get to my e mail ,cant get it .

    I have no idea what your asking . Im 87yrs old this is all new to me. Please help. Please do it for me cant see to good and hands are are full of says i have over 100 emails cant get .
  30. M

    I lost my email

    I lost my email
  31. T

    How can I find an activation code for Galaxy Tab E from Walmart? I haven't received it.

    I can't find any code for Galaxy tab E purchased Wal and picked up at a Walmart store. said "A confirmation of purchase email is sent first, within 48 hours expect a second email from the distributor containing the activation or redemption code;" however, I haven't...
  32. F

    i lost my phone and i forget to back up my data there is a chance or not to get my data back?

    i lost my cell phone and i did not back up my data if there is chance of get my data back please tell me my email is Removed
  33. L

    Solved! I have a roku1, when i open the app, i get NO option to switch accounts. I mean multiple accounts on one single netflix email.

    I have a roku1. I want to watch netflix on my roku1. When i enter netflix, it opens on the wrong account.(As i share a netflix email.) On the ONE netflix email, i habe two accounts. It opens the wrong account. It doea not display any way to switch between them. I have tried instructional videos...
  34. S

    Solved! I have one of the first plug and play games and I have smart night def tv and don’t know how to plug it in to play everythin

    Plug and play game my email is [don't post your email address on the forum]
  35. J

    i need to know why googl play refuse my registerd email

    i cant sigh n my googl play
  36. C

    Donot accessto eamail and Phone number how can i recoger my email

    I canotaccess to my email ang Phone number how can i recover my email
  37. H

    How find my email id by imei no

    I find my e-mail ID by imei no
  38. T

    Help Help my friends RCA Viking Pro that I reset from recovery menu

    I have pressed power button with volume up button got to the welcome screen but it requires previous email we tried "forgot email?" but it keeps bringing us back to the beginning and it says email not found on this account. Please help
  39. M

    Solved! How can i recover my google email address and my password that i reset my stylo 3 phone

    My Daughter reset her stylo 3 phone and forgot her google account and password on her phone how can get in it , but she can receive call. Its keep asking the same thing send in alt email but still doesn't work
  40. M

    You Can Now Check Your Email with Alexa: Here’s How

    Here's how to make Alexa your personal email assistant. You Can Now Check Your Email with Alexa: Here’s How : Read more
  41. L

    Solved! Outlook 2016 EMail

    Hi all, Hope this is okay to post this here but there is an annoying issue in Outlook which I am sure can be rectified by altering a registry setting, I just don't know which one! Pressing Control and Shift at the same times and then pressing f, brings up the advanced search window. You then...
  42. B

    Old email account

    Want to go back to my old email address and get my photos back
  43. T

    How do i get my mail on iphone 8

    New phone will not open up my email
  44. L

    Solved! My rca Galileo tablet is flashing

    Help please my rca Galileo tablet is flashing how do I fix it I was checking my email and all sudden it just start flashing I restart the tablet and it’s still flashing Suggestions please
  45. H

    How can help this Cant get into my facebook account because I don't have accesd to the email address that I use need help to

    Cant get into my facebook account because I don't have accesd to the email address that I use need help to get my account back
  46. G

    my tablet stopped connecting to my computer

    I was checking emails and suddenly it would not show this weeks emails. I preformed a test email and it downloaded the test . I am showing emails on my tablet which I cannot print because they are not showing on my computer. This just happened todaywhen I was checking emails on my computer
  47. C

    Solved! I forget my email

    Please help me to get back my account email
  48. G

    Trying to get into old email to change for Xbox saying it looks like someone is using your account

    My son Xbox is saying it looks like someone is using your account and we no longer have that email so trying to change it and get his account back
  49. J

    Solved! Login error after factory reset

    I did a hard flash on my android phone and I don't know email now I am looked out of my phone
  50. R

    How Do I Change My Email ID or Password for My Roku Account

    In the newly erupted era of digital media and entertainment, Roku is one of the most trusted brands. The digital streaming media manufacturer has been satisfying its customers with a wide variety of streaming features, providing access to a range of leading streaming platforms like Netflix and...
  51. 1

    Restorr Google password (ex made a pass to my Gmail)

    My now ex husband when we were still together he set up a new password for my Gmail and he used his # and his email address as the recovery info to my account. I somehow accidentally did a factory reset to my phone yesterday and now I'm unable to get back into my phone due to not knowing my...
  52. F

    How to find messages in deleted fiolder?

    On left panel it gives a number next to junk e-mail. How can I see what’s in that folder. Same question with Deleted Messages.”
  53. L

    Solved! Re: Phishing e-mail

    I clicked on a phishing e-mail link on my MAC. However, I am not certain if I have a problem, as when I clicked on the link instead of taking me to their site it just opened a new search tab on my browser entitled - In light of this does anyone know if I have malware etc?
  54. L

    Cost of DirectTV Now

    Are the package prices listed for Direct TV Now for just one TV/device? If so, how much is it for each extra device/TV? Right now I have 1 Genie box and 3 of the smaller boxes for 4 TVs. What would the "Gotta Have It" package with all the premium movie channels (Showtime, Starz, HBO, etc.) cost me?
  55. A

    Solved! Doesnt recognize my phone number or email

    Messenger login won't allow me to recover by my phone number or email and when I put in my name it doesn't show my account but I know I still have one. How do I recover it?
  56. M

    How can I get my Gmail password back if I can't remember my password and I can't remember the security questions I only rememb

    How can I get my Gmail password back if I can't remember my password and I can't remember the security questions I only remember my email address
  57. Z

    Solved! Facebook account under review

    I have 23 listings on marketplace... After about 2 weeks they are all under review now... I've never received an email for any of these... How do I fix this?
  58. D

    i reset the phone i had from a long time ago and can't remember my email.

    i reset the phone i had from a long time ago it asks me for an email account but it's been so long i don't know my email anymore i tried hardware factory data reset but it doesn't work.
  59. T

    Question how do I delete my daughter's account we can't remember the password and it's been hacked

    How do I delete an account that's been hacked and I don't know the password and it says the user email does not exist because they've been posting stuff that they shouldn't be and I would like to get us stopped and I don't know that Facebook info that I would need