Solved! Is There A Free Tool To Automatically Backup Email Accounts And Messages And Restore Them?

Jan 29, 2019
I bet it's been asked many times, not sure where to ask this unless it's just ask the community any subject help request here?

I'm seeing a tool called kls mail backup it's supposedly free but not sure if there is anything else to do all email account backup and restore as simplistic?

I just hate when a family member asks to do something with outlook express mail for example and it's silly I know but I forget the locales of folders and whether or not it's I will have to copy the folders and also export mail and settings in the program or one and or the other or whether that is not necissary it's just pick one of the two ways because it's sort of the users choice, I looked up a simpler automated tool and up came kls mail backup advertised as free.

It claims to be free but I suppose I am wondering is there anything that does this sort of job that is 100% free and has no charges as kls says free but has a pricing page so i am now confused? And is kls mail backup safe and really able to do what it seems to state that it can? If so is it free only if used as a home user or can one say use it one my one machine and then sayuse it on another machine I then have bought after or say eg on my moms or sisters machine if they said can I wipe it but I need all my emails on different programs on the machine or is it probably a limited use or free but works for a period of time and then it needs to be bought for every machine it's used on after it expires, it's that that confuses me struggling with learning and the jargon won't really explain this layman enough for me to grasp it.

That part on the kls website does seem very very vague and understated on that side of what it might be limited to,, but a true freeware equivalent to take away the elbow grease and memory needed to retain where all emails and so forth are backed up from and where to click what to do next does appeal to me, as I actually have a condition affecting my memory that causes me problems in scenarios like that it seems to be the best option to alleviate a vicious circle of forgetting and relearning it then repeating it again f I ever have to wipe my pc from the disc say.

Any ideas guys thanks in advance.
It depends of what you call "backup". These days, a lot of email clients use IMAP protocol, which does not keep permanent local copies of email - everything is in the cloud.

So, you better dig out and find where these emails are stored on your particular setup, and make copies. There are mail clients (Mozila' thunderbird comes into mind) which have pretty good "import" facilites for many offline mail clients (OE included).
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