Solved! Outlook 2016 EMail

Feb 11, 2018
Hi all,

Hope this is okay to post this here but there is an annoying issue in Outlook which I am sure can be rectified by altering a registry setting, I just don't know which one!

Pressing Control and Shift at the same times and then pressing f, brings up the advanced search window. You then have the option to enter characters into the field besides "search for the word(s):" from here and beneath that is a drop down box which gives you further option to search in either 1. subject field only, 2. subject field and message body or 3. frequently used text fields.

My question is the system defaults to option one but i would like option three to be displayed when i first open the advanced search up.

How can this be done, please?
I don't think that's possible without modifying some Outlook application file (.EXE or .DLL). You can make your hands finish search queries with <tab><tab><down><down><enter> to achieve same result.