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  1. M

    Solved! Question about google services!

    Hello, maybe its a dumb question but I hope someone can answer. How is it so that you can use your outlook account to login into google services like youtube and gmail? As I understand it Microsoft and google are separate companies, so how does youtube check your outlook details when you login?
  2. A

    I lost my laptop , outlook account is there ib it ,how can i trace it ? Any solution ?

    Lost my dell laptop , outlook account is there in it , how can i trace my laptop by using outlook account ?. Kindly resove the issue ASAP As ididnt have much time
  3. R

    received mail deleted... on outlook 365

    hello everyone, so, i've been sending message after message on the same topic to someone, but haven't deleted that persons message, but i can no longer find that persons reply on that topic. Is there a way to fix it? all the messages that im able to see are the ones that i sent to that person...
  4. B

    Solved! Trace IP of email

    Is email sent by webmail like gmail and outlook can be traced the IP of the sender?
  5. L

    Solved! Outlook 2016 EMail

    Hi all, Hope this is okay to post this here but there is an annoying issue in Outlook which I am sure can be rectified by altering a registry setting, I just don't know which one! Pressing Control and Shift at the same times and then pressing f, brings up the advanced search window. You then...
  6. J

    Solved! Looking for contacts

    Have old phone numbers but not account info like Outlook or hotmail
  7. H

    what i do recover password form pst file

    How to crack password for PST file. My important data saved in PST file. But I forgotten password for MS Outlook PST file. Currently i am not understand. What may i. Sometime ago I export all data save in PST file format to MS Outlook email then I create a password for future data. So that no...
  8. TechyInAZ

    Solved! Best Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion Tool

    I'm looking for the best (don't care about price) Thunderbird to Outlook email conversion tool on the market. I'd love your feedback, especially if you've used one before.
  9. derridada

    Best email client for Win10? (other than Outlook and Postbox?)

    Hi, I'm currently using Postbox 6 as my email client. Though it's adequate, it's getting a bit too slow for my liking, so I'm looking for a suitable replacement. What I'm looking for: - Unified inbox; which rules out Outlook from the start, unless MS recently implemented it. - Easy moving of...
  10. B

    Solved! If i format the PC what happen to emails of the Outlook 2016?

    If i format the PC what happen to emails of the Outlook 2016? I know i could save the folder where the emails are but if i dont save and install a fresh outlook on other computer and sign in the emails dont appear? I get a outlook empty? Thanks
  11. C

    iphone 8 wont update outlook 2016 contacts

    outlook always synced contacts when the iPhone was connected to the PC. it worked perfectly with different versions of outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and I believe 2016. I have noticed recently that it no longer updates contacts from PC when it syncs. I have made changes to contacts on the PC...
  12. H

    Outlook 2013 not receiving emails from website's contact form

    I'm using Outlook 2013 for my business email. It is sending & receiving emails from other email services like gmail and yahoo also. But when someone sends an email via my website's Contact form Outlook 2013 is not receiving any email. I tried using my another email account which is not on...
  13. H

    Outlook 2010 Restore

    Hello, I'm not a super technical person, but I am at the point where I need to reinstall MS office fresh and I wanted to ask, if my company is using a pop3 server for mail (Thats what I was told). My question is, does the outlook .pst file contain all my settings, IE Contacts, emails...
  14. J

    How to recover Outlook data stored offline from OST file?

    How can I get back my emails from OST file in Outlook? Is there any solution in Outlook own software or any other software or tool for OST file recovery? Suggest me with the best option.
  15. N

    copy pst file to outlook.com

    how do it copy a pst file into outlook.com
  16. S

    Outlook data files problem.

    Hello, excuse my english, it's not my first language. So the problem is this: I have an old computer (lets call him ONE) and a new laptop (lets call him TWO) - both are work related. So on ONE I had two accounts on Outlook 2010- the office and the personal (I think they are squirrelmail) ...
  17. C

    I can't receive mail on Outlook MS Small Business Exchange

    I can send emails but can not receive emails on MSBusiness Exchange-2011
  18. 7

    Outlook 365 mobile settings

    Hello Everyone! Our company is using outlook 365 as official email. While I am able to use office 365 in android apps like outlook, gmail which auto-configure the settings and I am able to login. At the same time I am unable to auto-configure outlook 365 in email client like mozilla...
  19. J

    MS Office 2007 message

    I downgraded from Office 2010 to 2007 and now, I keep getting an alert that pops up continuously and it's annoying. "The mail profile "Outlook" was created with a newer version of Outlook... blah, blah, blah." Outlook works just fine but I'd like to be able to kill this alert that keeps popping...
  20. P

    right click to send article does not work......."Forward" is in shadow grey & not functioning

    to quick send an article (as on old Outlook) can't be done ......when I right click on the article - Forward is in shadow grey.....Outlook is now pathetic
  21. T

    Deleted Files recovery

    Hi, I had my outlook account hook up and connected to office. I've had three folders ransacked and shortly afterwards the three folders just weren't there. I believe that one option to recover these folders and files is to purchase MS Office and take it from there. I'm desperate to retrieve...
  22. A

    Outlook Windows 10 - Missing Attachments

    Hello, I'm hoping you can help me. I was sent an email with some attachments that I didn't think to save to my computer. I sent a reply using the same email conversation and now my attachments are gone. Any ideas? Thank you.
  23. P

    What can I do to deal with the phishing, scam, etc e-mails I am receiving?

    Hi, lately I've been receiving a lot of phishing, scam, etc e-mails, things like "buy viagra", "Magda just sent you $3,543.00 USD with Paypal", "Local girls" and things like that. I receive about 5 e-mails like these everyday, sometimes more, I've been getting rid of them by selecting them as...
  24. A

    No search result in outlook

    Outlook account is properly configured but when searches for anything in it. no results come up as it says no result found.
  25. D

    outlook syncing yahoo

    can outlook sync all 100 folders withnyahoo as well as the default folders
  26. C

    Solved! How to synchronize Outlook 2013 on two different computers without a third-party plugin?

    I think this has probably already been answered, but if so, either I cannot find it, or I don't really understand any replies. I have Outlook 2013 installed on two different computers, but they do not remain in sync with one another. So far, anything I have found on the subject says that you...
  27. S

    Outlook sharing calendar on mutiple PCs

    Hi, My friend has an office with 3 PC's and a laptop that is used as the file server/storage so that can be taken home at night for security. So the laptop has all the shared documents and also Outlook installed which they use for a shared calendar, the 3 PC's do not have Outlook installed...
  28. K

    How to setup Outlook contacts to sync with iPhone 7

    Hi! I'm struggling to find a replacement for iTunes in terms of syncing with Outlook. The problem is that my iTunes stucks each time I try to sync Outlook data. Same thing with Calendar events, so I don't think the problem is in my iPhone. I've also tried to reinstall/update iTunes but no luck...
  29. E

    Avast blocs software for syncing Outlook calendar with iPhone 7s

    Hi guys! I'm using Windows 10 on my home PC and Avast as my primary antivirus software. It's been almost two years since I switched to Avast and it worked flawlessly until now when I installed software for syncing Outlook calendar with iPhone calendar. The software is called Akruto and here you...
  30. K

    we have one outlook email account configured on 2 computers but one account does not receive all mails as the other does

    outlook mail account not receiving all mails yet the same account on another pc receives all mailss
  31. E

    Not receiving all emails in Outlook

    Hello and thanks for coming in! My father has a problem with some email been sent to him. He's not receiving all of the emails that he used to receive in Outlook Express. Some of these are pretty important job related stuff. My father used to have an Outlook Express on his old PC, but the...
  32. stevietrixx

    Ms Office 2016...cannot change Picture.

    Hi, Im currently in "outlook 2016 professional plus" when i click on "file" it shows "account information" underneath their is a option to change picture when i click "change" it bring s me to my outlook profile which already has a profile picture...i tried EVeRYTHING..
  33. C

    How to Sync Mail on Outlook 2016

    Hi People; I'm using office 2016 in office :P So i'm using outlook with pop3 mail for company Mails. My problem is sometimes I'm on road or at home need to answer client. And have to monitor a new worker mail to help him out. But the emails that is send from outside my office PC doesnt end up...
  34. M

    outlook asking what is my google account user name

    Can someone please tell me what is meant by "user name" for google mail. Outlook mail set up requesting, but don´t seem to be getting correct username!
  35. watrhous

    Outlook 2016 Deleted email dont go to trash-the disappear forever

    I am deleting emails but instead of going to trash they just disappear forever. The previous laptop had outlook 2016 and it moved the to trash but now they are gone forever. Any ideas where in the config this might be happening?
  36. S

    Outlook Export EVERYTHING?

    I am familiar with saving and moving my .PST profile, but where are my accounts stored? If I install Outlook to new computer, copy and point to my saved .PST file, I get all my emails and folders but I need to manually add my email accounts (I have 7). Any workaround for this?
  37. O

    Can't sync iPhone to Outlook

    I can't sync my iPhone to Outlook on my PC. What am I doing wrong?
  38. H

    Backup Software Data and Outlook

    I have many client OS running Windows 10/8/7 over wired and wireless connections. I want to backup (Incremental. MODIFIED +NEW FILES) to a windows server attached storage's. Which all are the best software to perform this back up either from WINDOWS SERVER SIDE/ from Client side. Please let me...
  39. P

    Suddenly receiving lots of strange SPAM

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone could help me as I'm tearing my hair out. Basically over the last few weeks I've started receiving spam email in my outlook/hotmail email. I access outlook via google chrome browser. I've hardly ever got spam and any that I did, I'd set a rule for outlook to put it...
  40. E

    my outlook email outbox won't send, reason offline server

    ASUS laptop is log into wifi, crome works but outlook email outbox will not send, error message server offline
  41. W

    outlook 2010 calendar/contacts missing when pst file recovered

    Could someone please advise how/where to find calendar/outlook files in reinstalled outlook /on a re-imaged drive? the mail folders appear restored correctly off a recovered pst that however doesn't seem to contain the calendar /contacts. It does not look like scanpst found corruptions.the...
  42. mrmike16

    Is it just me, or does Outlook.com take longer to receive emails than Gmail?

    I have had a Gmail account since around the time Gmail was new, but also an MSN account. When Outlook.com came out, I was eager to make an outlook.com account (Both my Gmail and MSN addresses are silly names). However, I recently realized that receiving an expected email, say, from my brother...
  43. T

    How to empty Junk Mail folder when exiting Outlook 2013

    I have always been able to get rid of my deleted emails as soon as I exit my outlook program. I have some emails that automatically go to my junk mail and others (on a daily basis it seems) that I mark as junk mail. When I close out of Outlook the deleted mail goes away, but I have manually...
  44. B

    Outlook w/Win 10

    I just purchased a new laptop, HP Spectre x2 12" convertible with Win 10. I'm having a lot of problems with the apps mode so I use the desktop mode with my own local browser (IE) for internet access. For some unknown reason, I'm unable to install/use Outlook email. I've been searching for a link...
  45. R

    Outlook 2013 - opened emails lost after exiting Outlook, restarting.

    Outlook 2013, local (not Exchange). I had opened many (40+) emails in the Sent folder and was perusing them 1 at a time when i accidentally closed Outlook (click on X top right corner). Without delay or query, everything disappeared. I restarted Outlook, but I can't find any of the opened...
  46. E

    Outlook Sent Box Missing in Office 365

    I do not have a sent box with Windows 8.1 or my 2016 edition of Office 365. I have tried to search for a solution but have not found an answer.
  47. T

    Sharing Calendar In Outlook 2013

    This, to me, is something that should be simple. I use Outlook 2013 and manage a calendar for my church. I want everyone to be able to see it. Fortunately I'm an IT guy, so I've tried a few things: 1) Attempted to share the calendar with a single person. When I right click the calendar in the...
  48. T

    Outlook Emails not received promptly

    Running MS Office Pro 2010 at home. Use outlook email client and configure as IMAP so I can synchronize email with a couple of android devices. It works, but my PC is always slow to receive the emails. The android devices will receive the email minutes, sometimes an hour earlier than the outlook...
  49. R

    Missing a tab in Mail at the control panel

    Hello, I'm trying to follow this guide: http:// Cause I have an outlook account keeps asking for a username and password, but the thing is I'm having an issue at the step #4 as I can't find (Account Settings) when I click (Email Accounts).. But although I'm able to go to (Change) then click...
  50. G

    Problem Archiving Inbox in Outlook 2013

    My Exchange mailbox is almost full, I'm trying to archive some older items from last year to the very beginning to move those messages from my mailbox to an archive file. I'm familiar with the steps for doing this, but no matter what I try the PST file never gets above 1MB and opening the...
  51. S

    Mail comes to Outlook Live but not to Outlook 2010 since last month

    I only use Outlook as a storage device in my computer. Now mail is not coming in, but it only comes to the online version.
  52. B

    Outlook have imposed the new mobile app as my inbos.....how do I get my old format back. I hate this new app.

    Outlook have imposed their new mobile app as my mail box, I hate it. How can I revert to what it was yesterday. I did not ask for the app in the first place !!
  53. S

    Outlook doesn't start up properly

    Just recently in the last two days my outlook has been having an issue when starting. Now when I start it, when the window comes up all I see is the currently selected email and a messed up blank bar blocking the rest of the program except for the bar at the top. To fix it I have to start...
  54. J

    How to sync Android with Outlook

    It used to be quite the challenge to get Outlook working with Android but ever since the Office refresh in 2015, the apps have begun playing nicely. Newer versions of the Outlook app sync with Android as soon as you open the app and connect. Syncing Android with Outlook is just as...
  55. K

    Outlook 2013 Scheduling

    I am trying to schedule a meeting with different individuals and I am NOT part of the meeting. How do I schedule the meeting so that it does not show up on my calendar?
  56. J

    How can I eliminate the need to horizontally scroll in order to view the outlook email

    Originall outlook mail (hotmail) displayed the current email without any need to scroll horizontally. the latest Outlook now displays the current email with the need to horizontally scroll. this is quite a bother so I would like to know how to remove the scrolling necessity.
  57. E

    i got a outlook account which my business account runs from and whenever i open my outlook app it says cannot comnect to serve

    I can't send business emails from my new business email address which is: [don't post your email to a public forum] all out going messages says sending then immediately it says queed Can you please help i got quotations that is piling up. Please help
  58. P

    Outlook email with Verizon

    Someone I know has an outlook account with Verizon email. They said they're having some sort of trouble. I did not get very many details. I am just looking for some advice to see if anyone might know if there is a common problem with this
  59. L

    Convert to Linux from XP

    If I convert to Linus from XP can I save convert my Outlook e-mails?
  60. N

    Outlook Adds People to the BCC Field that I Didn't Put there

    Sending out lots of "we've moved" emails. Instead of sending one mail and bcc'ing everyone, I'm sending hundreds of individual emails. Some of the emails (which were only sent to one person) now show the names of other people in the bcc field when I look at the message in folder view, but I...