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  1. BackInBlack47

    Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi everyone! I need help urgently. When I try to open a hyperlink in Microsoft Office Outlook, a messagebox appears, which says: "Unexpected problem while opening URL [...] Class is not registered" I am not sure if it says this exactly, because I use the software in Hungarian, but thats the...
  2. o2Fresh4u

    Outlook continuously disconnects and asks for log in.

    A friend of mine has been having issues with outlook ever since he took it with him on a road trip. Outlook will disconnect and ask for him to log in. This repeatedly happens throughout the day. If he clicks "ok" enough times he will be able to log in. However this can take upwards of 20...
  3. R

    E-mail file extensions

    I'm migrating one of my machines from XP to W7 and the e-mail client I've chosen for W7 is a version of Outlook. My XP client is Outlook Express. There doesn't seem to be a way to import information from Outlook Express to Outlook and the file extensions are different so I can't just move the...
  4. exfileme

    Microsoft Finally Merges Skype With Outlook.com

    Skype for Outlook.com has come out of beta, and is now available in six countries. Microsoft Finally Merges Skype With Outlook.com : Read more
  5. B

    Outlook mail recipients are not receiving emails

    We are using Outlook Express 6, linked to Telus webmail service (POP3) on Windows XP professional. Since Monday, none of the emails I've sent have been received by the recipients. I have not gotten any error messages, bounce back notifications, or failed attempt messages. When I send the email...
  6. J

    Batch File Execution problem

    Hi, First post. I have written a very simple batch file to copy outlook files and the contents of a single folder on a desktop to a shared drive folder on our server. Works great on W7 machines. I've adapted it for XP machines (mainly 7zip executable path as well as outlook files path and...
  7. A

    Outlook 2010 crashes when reminder pops up

    Hi all, I am currently having a major problem with Outlook 2010. Each time I start Outlook, as soon as a reminder pops up, Outlook crashes and there is a dialogue box with the message: "MS Outlook has stopped working". Furthermore, in the details part, there is the following information...
  8. J

    Outlook 2013 Export to CSV File Drops Letters

    Dear Tom, I have been receiving e-mail from gmail.com without any problem detected so far. I have received thousands of e-mail this way. I found problems when exporting Outlook 2013 letters to .csv files. Letters are being dropped during Outlook 2013 export to .csv file. How is this happening...