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    Outlook password forgotten + verifying security info won't work

    I've forgotten my password to my outlook account. I've tried to verify my security info on outlook.com but they always say I have too little information to actually prove that the account is mine.... What evidence do I have? : Visa credit card numbers, paypal password linked to it, aswell as...
  2. A

    How to Set a Vacation Responder in Outlook

    If you are planning on being away from the office, it is customary to set a “Vacation Responder” that will inform whoever emails you that you will be unable to respond. Since you are a polite businessperson and wish to set a Vacation Responder, you can do so by following the steps below: Step...
  3. R

    How to Change Your Signature in Outlook

    Many email users want to personalize their emails and make email go quicker by using a signature. A signature is text that is automatically attached to all of a user’s emails, rather than typing it in every time an email is sent. Some users will want to change their signature from time to time...
  4. R

    How to Block an Email Address with Outlook

    Is someone filling up your inbox with spam or irrelevant messages? If you're running a professional client like Outlook, you don't have time for those kind of problems in your email. The good news is that you can block email senders in Outlook by following these steps: 1. Log on and sign in-...
  5. R

    How to Archive Emails in Outlook

    Sometimes users may want to back up important emails, keeping them for reference. Archiving in the new Outlook is easy. Read and follow these simple instructions listed below. 1. Logging on and signing in- Open your web browser and go to www.outlook.com or www.msn.com and click on Outlook. Sign...
  6. E

    recover or reset pst password is it possible?

    Hello everybody, One of my friends doesn't remember the outlook password on his pst file on outlook 2010. Because I have installed a new version of office (2013) on his computer, outlook 2013 is asking for the password again. Is there any way to reset or recover the password? Thanks!
  7. H

    Lost my Inbox and contacts after deleting an Exchange account from Outlook

    I originally had a company exchange account in Outlook. I left the company and started using a new Gmail account in my Outlook program. All my .pst folders and Inbox, Contacts, etc. seemed to transition over just fine. Then...I got tired of the error messages when the exchange account would try...
  8. A

    outlook account config

    SO today my friend asked me if i could post this question on the forum: He wants to configure a outlook account with 1 email, with that outlook account he wants to run the same account in 2 diferent computers he wants the both computer to be connected in network, for example: he receives a...
  9. Sidney1947

    What do I need to see all graphic on the internet and in Outlook?

    What do I need in order to se all on the internet, and in mails from Outlook?I freqently se a red cros in the corner of a white squere. I have installede Adobe, and Java, - what more do I need?
  10. tomsguideUS

    Import My Contacts from Outlook to LinkedIn

    Apart from importing your contacts from your LinkedIn associated email and other email addresses, LinkedIn also allows you to import your contacts from Outlook. Since Outlook is one of the most popular and widely used email clients, a large number of corporate and home users configure Outlook...
  11. B

    download large attachments

    My Microsoft Office Outlook wont download 2MB attachments from my server into Outlook and comes up with an error message.
  12. B

    Microsoft Outlook file attachment box won't appear

    I'm trying to send an attachment in an outlook email and as of today the attach file box will not open no matter how many times I click that little paper clip. The pictures link won't open either. Any suggestions?
  13. Y

    Porting Outlook 2000 Account Data From Win98SE to WinXP

    I have an old Win98 machine that was dedicated to two tasks, one of which was Email. I used Outlook from Office 2000 for email. The hard drive began making noise, and is on the brink of dying. I copied everything from the hard drive (a whopping 20 gb HD, lol) over the network to an external...
  14. J

    Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Web app Email delivery problems

    Hi all, My work place is having a problem with the outlook web app in office 365. There is a group which includes all users in the office and when an email is sent to all users there is one email address that bounces back with the message "Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's...
  15. R

    Using the Same email address on 2 pc's using Outlook and Hosted Exchange

    Is it possible to setup the same email address on 2 pc's, one using Outlook 2010 and the other using Outlook 2013 and Hosted Exchange? Or is it necessary to setup one using IMAP and the other accessing Hosted Exchange? Thank you. Robert
  16. F

    Outlook 2013 Converstation preview does not show my last reply

    Hello, When I reply to a message from my Inbox, I don't get to see my message unless I go to sent items and check what I just sent there. Is there a way to make it appear at the Conversation preview in my Inbox? I know that it is possible since I've seen it on other outlooks. Using...
  17. T

    Hi, I am looking for an Microsoft Exchange alternative. Is there any solution that works natively? Without plugins I mean. Tha

    Hi. I have 20 outlook users in a network and I want to change the server from Windows to Linux. Is there any good alternative for Microsoft Exchange? I don´t want to bother the outlook users with plugins, so a nitive solution would be best. What is the best solution? Thanks!
  18. T

    Outlook vs Thunderbird vs Postbox

    Hi, we have Thunderbird mostly at work, but lately caused some issues and I'm planning to take it off the company. Do you know how Postbox and Outlook 2013 are ? Thank you.
  19. D

    can't see outlook 2013 in second user account

    I had a single user account in Windows 7 and set-up Outlook 2013 from Office 2013. I dragged Outlook 2013 from the start programs to create a shortcut on the screen. I then created a second account in Windows 7. In the second account, Office 2103 is in start programs except for Outlook 2013...
  20. G

    backup outlook and load

    i backed up all my outlook emails to upload on to a new hardrive but it's saying outlook was not closed properly and wont load. When I try and again backup from original hard drive it say the same even though I am shutting outlook down properly ?? I have 3 years of work email that I must...
  21. U

    Outlook "leave message on server"

    HI, If I setup outlook 2013 POP3 at my work PC "leave messages on server" for 100days, at home PC setup POP3 the same account and keep on server for 50days, and for my tablet POP3 keep on server for 10days, for how many days the server will keep my inbox??? How it decides it? And why these...
  22. K

    Contacts lost in Outlook 2013

    I had an IMAP synchronizing problem with one of my email accounts in Outlook 2013, so deleted the account to try and solve the problem. But it also deleted my address book with all my contacts, and I can't see how to restore the contacts. The relevant .ost file had been backed up first, but...
  23. J

    Delayed email with wrong 'sent' date

    I sent an email via Outlook look but it only arrived 4 days later with the later received date on it as if I had just sent it - not the sent date and it caused an issue with my partner - any idea why there was an error?
  24. taha2001

    Gmail vs Outlook or Hotmail!!

    Hi guys!! So i got this question , that can i connect outlook account to youtube and can windows 8 be operated by a gmail account , currently i have a hotmail account, now i watch youtube alot about tech , people like AUSTIn and LINUS and more u know.. So i have no problem switching to gmail ...
  25. P

    delete messages moved from e-mail in outlook to desktop

    How can I delete messages that were sent from my emails in outlook to my desktop
  26. quad777

    Synchronise Calender on Outlook 2010

    Hi Guys My boss requested that her Outlook Calender be synchronized to that of her P.A's outlook calender, so that when my boss inputs an appointment onto her outlook calender it should automatically appear on the P.A's Outlook Calender. They are both using Microsoft Office 2010 Professional...
  27. E

    Email content is cut-off without a horizontal scroll bar

    I work in technical support and my client is receiving emails with a portion of the text cut-off on the right hand side. However, there is no horizontal scroll bar and the issue persists in both the preview pane and when opening the email. He forwarded an example of this to me (we both use...
  28. C

    Outlook Inbox has disappeared ; how do i get it back?

    My computer said it needed to shut down to add important updates; it did so, but when it restarted my Outlook Inbox folder had disappeared and I can't find it. How do I get it back, please?
  29. G

    How to get notification of new mail's? (hotmail/outlook)

    I don't use skype that dosn't give me notification when i get a new mail, i use emesene, when i click on the email icon i go to my hotmail's which is merged with outlook windows 8 style. I use windows 7 64 bit My problem is i don't get notification of new email anymore (don't want a sound) the...
  30. A

    Forwarding from my student outlook account, but doesn't leave a copy in my inbox

    I wasn't sure what forum to put this in, so I apologize in advance. I have a student e-mail that works through outlook.com. I am forwarding the e-mail from my student account at outlook.com, to my personal g-mail account. And the forwarding works so that's not the issue. The problem is a...
  31. J

    Outlook 2013 cant connect to SMTP error 421 / 0x80042109 - fixed, but uh?

    I noticed I had a problem with sending mail last week, which has just been fixed by my ISP (who are not my mail provider). I can see exactly what they've done, but it doesn't make sense...! Can someone help? I first noticed the problem last week when sending mail via Outlook, where I was...
  32. ravi kumar n

    office 365 outlook configuration

    hi....... can anyone help me out in configuring ms outlook configuration for office 365 in windows 7???? pls reply me as soon as possibl......thank u
  33. R

    I don't get a print dialog box anymore when I choose print from my Outlook e-mail;

    When I choose print from the "More" option, in the print box I see a screen shot of the outlook welcome screen, not options to print. How can I fix this? THX
  34. C

    Outlook 2011 sms problem..

    Hi ! I'd like to know how to enable/disable the send/receive sms function (or plug-in) in Outlook 2011.. Thanks !
  35. E

    email signature in outlook 2013

    Hi, I've got a signature with hyperlinks and images. I can see and use it all right in entourage, thunderbird and mail but not on outlook 2013. The links are there. They work if I right click them but not if I just double click it as it should. Can anyone help with this? Thanks
  36. P

    Outlook 2013 IMAP not updating fast enough

    I have two IMAP accounts in my Outlook 2013 and neither one of them updates as fast I remember from previous versions. I will always hear my phone's email alert before Outlook shows new mail. It seems like its at least 10-15 minutes later that the email will show up. It's acting as if it were...
  37. F

    Outlook 2013 View Settings Change

    Howdy Toms! Long time troller, first time poster. Here's my issue: I have a user whose Outlook 2013 view settings keep changing on him when an email (internal or external) arrives into his inbox. The change doesn't always happen immediately -- sometimes he'll close Outlook and reopen it to...
  38. C

    Autoarchiving Outlook 2007 ?

    I've got about 30 PST folders and would like to autoarchive, BUT,rather than lumping all the emails from all the PST folders into one archive folder, is there anyway that the autoarchiving could do it to 30 separate archive PST folders
  39. B

    Emails coming in late (delayed emails)

    Hello! We experienced a problem on the Chief-Operating-Officer's desktop outlook. More than Emails came in late. Our IT Manager said: I just want to ask if these are the possible causes. Thanks and Best Regards Bob
  40. D

    Import ' .PST' file data to oulook.com

    Can I import the .PST files to outlook.com mail ???
  41. viveknayyar007

    I Want My MS Outlook 2013 Data to Be Exported To Different PC

    MS Outlook 2013 being a web based email client can also transfer or export the data from one device to another. This task of transferring can be done in the MS Outlook 2013 through the program’s export and import wizard in a quick and efficient manner. The personal information can be exported...
  42. viveknayyar007

    I Cannot View MS Outlook 2013 Data after 15 Days

    MS Outlook 2013 being a popular e-mail client, contains personal information like mails, appointments and meetings data. Outlook also ensures that the data recorded on the local machine is properly synchronized, and is in equilibrium with the web mails automatically. Outlook handles a lot of...
  43. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook No Longer Prompts Before Deleting Objects Permanently

    MS Outlook 2013 is MS Offices’ e-mail client used for management of your personal information which are mainly organized in the form of e-mails. MS outlook manages data quite efficiently by storing it on system’s local disk and maintains backups regularly. MS Outlook contains information that...
  44. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook 2013 Trash Automatically Empties On Exit

    MS Outlook is a personal information management application, which is mainly used as an e-mail client program. MS Outlook contains information which requires proper management. MS Outlook contains information, some of which are not of any concern to you, and you move this data to the trash...
  45. viveknayyar007

    I Want to Add Saturday as Working Day in MS Outlook 2013

    For the purpose of adding Saturday as working day in MS Outlook 2013, you need to follow steps that are given below: ■Initialize MS Outlook program from the Start menu. ■On the interface, select FILE from the menu tabs. ■On the Outlook’s Info page, select Options from left pane. ■On the...
  46. viveknayyar007

    Calendar in MS Outlook 2013 Does Not Remind Me about Scheduled Tasks

    In order to prevent yourself from skipping something important from your scheduled task, you need to get updated and reminded regularly. To re-enable the reminders visible for scheduled task available in actual time, some steps needs to be followed that are described below: ■Initialize the MS...
  47. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook 2013 Send/Receive Cycle Is Not Very Frequent

    As per the default MS Outlook 2013 configuration, the program automatically sends and receives the pending emails instantaneously as soon as the computer is connected to the active Internet connection, and the MS Outlook 2013 program is able to communicate with the external network (the...
  48. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook 2013 Requires Manual Send/Receive Initialization

    After installing MS Outlook 2013 on your computer, by default the program is configured to automatically send or receive the pending emails as soon as the computer detects an active Internet connection. With the help of this default configuration, the requirement of manual intervention to send...
  49. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook 2013 Opens In ‘Deleted Items’ Folder When Initialized

    By default MS Outlook 2013 is configured to open in the Inbox folder of its interface when it is initialized by the user. In your case, if your instance of MS Outlook 2013 starts in the Deleted Items folder, the default configuration of the program has been modified either by any incompatible...
  50. B

    Outlook 2007 Duplicating Emails

    My office is in the process of upgrading clients from Windows XP to Windows 7, and all of our clients who have a sympatico.ca or bell.net email address have been receiving duplicate emails over and over again after we import their old messages. The messages must remain on the server for at...
  51. A

    Outlook w/o IP?

    My laptop has Win XP, Office 2011. Last week, I transferred through Dusseldorf Airport. I started Outlook and, then, my browser. My browser, instead of my default start page (Google), showed a page for the airport's pay IP connection. As I had little time, I decided not to pay... As I was...
  52. B

    RMS ( Right Management) for MS Office 2013

    To Connect to RMS using Office 2013 Download RMS Client 2.1 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=38396 Go to Internet Options -> Security -> Local Intranet -> Sites -> Advanced and add “rms server address” Open Outlook -> New Email -> FILE -> Set Permissions ->...
  53. Y

    How to get Outlook Webmail out of Light mode after Internet Explorer 11 update

    Many of you have started to download Internet Explorer 11 or had it automatically updated, only to be greeted with a page like this saying your browser is not supported: You’ll need to put your browser into Compatibility mode in order to regain access to your old web pages. Click on the gear...
  54. viveknayyar007

    Original Message Is No Longer Included While Replying in MS Outlook 2013

    As per the default configuration in almost every email client application or a web based program, every time you try to reply to any received email, the original message is automatically included in your reply. The message is available below the reply message, and has a few symbolic marks at the...
  55. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook 2013 No Longer Plays Notifications When New Mail Arrives

    By default MS Outlook 2013 is configured to play the default notification sound every time it receives a new email in the inbox. If you are facing the issue as described in the title, something or someone has modified the default settings, if you are not the one who has done so. If you are...
  56. viveknayyar007

    MS Outlook 2013 No Longer Notifies When I Send Email without Attachment

    Since quite a long time, every email client (web-based or non-web-based) intelligently scans the entire text that the emails contain. If the text of the email contains any phrase such as ‘PFA’ or ‘please find attached’, it notifies the email sender about the missing attachment if the sender...
  57. viveknayyar007

    Can I Add My Signature in MS Outlook 2013?

    Yes!! You surely can. Just like any other web-based email client, even MS Outlook 2013 also allows you to add your signature, provided you have attached and mapped your email ID with it. However, unlike the web-based clients, you are required to include the signature manually at the end of...
  58. M

    Outlook Issue - nothing in Inbox

    I use Outlook 2013 and Mozilla Thunderbird as my e-mail clients. Everything works fine in Thunderbird but in Outlook I don't receive any new e-mails. I already checked all the settings, tried to remove and re-create profile in Outlook - but still, when I try to send e-mail to my account, I can...
  59. F

    how to transfer outlook contacts to Nokia 113

    I have all my outlook contacts via Windows 8 and want to transfer to my Nokia 113 .Tried all existing blogs for answer but to no avail! Anyone with an answer please.........
  60. dgriffs

    Anyone familiar with outlook?

    I just switched over to outlook for email program from thunderbird because it has iCloud integration. The messages in outlook are listed with author first in bold with the subject below. Is there any way to change it so that the subject line is bolded and the author of the email is below? Not...