Solved! How to synchronize Outlook 2013 on two different computers without a third-party plugin?


Apr 16, 2017
I think this has probably already been answered, but if so, either I cannot find it, or I don't really understand any replies.

I have Outlook 2013 installed on two different computers, but they do not remain in sync with one another. So far, anything I have found on the subject says that you have to have a Microsoft Exchange Server account or you have to use a third-party plugin at additional cost.

So, my question is kinda twofold (in order of preference):

  • ■ Is it possible, using just Outlook, to keep emails in sync on the two computers (i.e., with no third-party plugins)? If so, how, exactly?
    ■ If that is not possible, how does one get on an Exchange Server? (Am on one for work, but of course, the company supplies that.) And any idea how much it would cost?
For what it's worth, I also access my email from my cell phone, and it seems to have no problem keeping in sync with Outlook.

What am I missing here?