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  1. H

    Solved! Plugin to subscribe to my newsletter using their social media account

    Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that would enable people in my wordpress website to subscribe to my newsletter using their social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, etc) and that I’ll be able to set it up so when people sign up with the social media accounts their contact info will automatically...
  2. L

    Sony 5.1 2 speakers only working.sub and another 3 not working.1st and 2nd slot plugin all speakers working .

    3,4,5 slot not working speakers.sub aloso not working.pls help me
  3. T

    Improve sound volume

    I have a samsung model un48j5201af and am not electronically savvy to say the least would appreciate any help with add on plugin speakers to increase volume just don't know what to look for much thanks
  4. R

    Cordova Plugin for Fire TV Catalog Integration

    By integrating the Cordova Plugin to the Fire TV Catalog, users can make voice and global text searches in the app and results will show in the Fire TV. This is an HTML5 app capability and through Apache Cordova (over which this plugin is based), it can be integrated to the Fire TV Catalog. Read...
  5. M

    i use charging plugin all time when i use my laptop still when the battery is full does it affect my laptop or laptop battery?

    i use charging plugin all time when i use my laptop still when the battery is full does it affect my laptop or laptop battery?
  6. S

    HP Pavilion Dv3 No Power

    I dropped my HP pavilion DV3 Latptop from a feet high landed on my battery packside. The Battery is dead already. But when i Plugin the power cord, the charging indication blinks on and off and when i press power button it starts for a moment and with just volume and power lights on the keypad...
  7. G

    Bad mic to a decent mic with software magic?

    I found a VST plugin that I am able to use with OBS to remove my PC fan noise completely. But I want to be able to stream my mic trough that plugin to vitrual cable so I can use the effects from that plugin in all applications. This is basically asking How to make ANY bad mic to BEARABLE mic...
  8. A

    How to use Java in Code Blocks

    How do I use java in code blocks/ how do it get it to highlight the code like it does automatically in c++. Is there some kind of plugin/ thing I have to change to make it highlight java syntax instead?
  9. S

    Broken charger plugin on asustablet

    My dog ran by and roped plug from tablet now it wont accept charger how to repair or get tablet apart
  10. A

    Earphone wires fix

    I want to learn how to reattach earphone wires shown in the picture . PS: the plugin wires and the two speakers wires are from different but similar earphone . I tried to do it but always only one side works, although both of them work perfectly. The problem was the plugin, I threw away the mic...
  11. K

    Charger might've broken

    Alright, so I was charging my laptop, and the charger fell out of the wall plugin thing. I figured out that the little 3rd bottom thing fell out of it. Does this affect the charging rate or anything? Or is it just something extra added to it.
  12. E

    My headphones have headphone/mic plugins but my laptop only has one jack

    I have recently bought a Sades Headset that comes with headphone plugin, a microphone plugin, and a thing to plug into your computer like a flash drive. I only have one jack on this laptop. I cant pick up any sort of audio even if the headphone cord is plugged in the the microphone is not. I...
  13. J

    What do i do if my old sanyo tv doesnt have a place for a red cable?

    I have an old sanyo tv and it has a yellow and a white plugin but no red plugin and I want to put an adapter on to it but all adaptors have a red cablr... How would I fix this?
  14. D

    How to stop HP plugin speakers from popping?

    I have the speakers plugged into my XBOne because I'm using a PC monitor which doesn't emit audio. The speakers have been working fine since I got the right adapter, but they've started popping recently which is really annoying. I've tried moving the plugin about, unplugging then replugging them...
  15. hoover1979

    Photoshop Cs5.5 Need help finding a wood texture generation plugin.

    Hi. I am working on an UltraHD texture pack for engine ports of the original Doom. (Gzdoom, doomsday, gzdoom, etc). I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 (64bit) I am avoiding Creative Cloud as I don't want to pay monthly fees for the rest of my life to use the program. I got my physical copy of...
  16. J

    usb speaker plugin

    How can I get alienware to recognize a simple usb plugin to my speakers?
  17. C

    Solved! How to synchronize Outlook 2013 on two different computers without a third-party plugin?

    I think this has probably already been answered, but if so, either I cannot find it, or I don't really understand any replies. I have Outlook 2013 installed on two different computers, but they do not remain in sync with one another. So far, anything I have found on the subject says that you...
  18. edward78

    Solved! A stereo that will play .mp3 cds & a thumbdrive plugin??? would be good, but no mp3 cd payback...
  19. C

    i don't have chrome downloaded but it's asking me to do an adblock for a website

    It appears you are using an Ad-blocker plugin
  20. A

    charger plugin to swtich on my laptop

    i am not able to swtich on my laptop (dell inspiron) without plugin my charger although baterry works fine once the system gets started ?
  21. D

    DISH Joey, etc or ROKU?

    2 SMART TVs and 1 older, rear projection, 42+ main Sony WEGA tv (no HDMI plugin)- Dish Network... upgrade DISH to Joey, etc. OR ROKU? I'm 69 and disabled.
  22. Lutfij

    How To Install Widevine Plugin On Google Chrome

    IF you like watching most of your consumable visual content on your desktop or have cut the chord t your television then Wdievine is one plugin you can live with having in your arsenal. Widevine is a plugin meant for viewing premium content on your web browser and is built on a DRM(Digital...
  23. Wile E Coyote

    Plugin container.exe firefox New Fix.

    To day i have figured out a way to disable firefox's plugin container.exe. Here is the deal The old way still works. But some where in firefox 4.0 they have added an option to flash player called protection mode.I found it on a link some where in Adobe site. Here is is the deal if you...
  24. Z

    0% available(plugin, charging)

    the system describe the battery need to be replaced because of 0% available(plugin, charging)
  25. K

    display turns off and on

    my hp-r007tx model ....display turns off and on when i plugin and plugout power source tell me a solution
  26. N

    Lenovo G500s does not Work without being Plugged In

    I am using lenovo g500s without plugin my laptop does not work. Now I am forced to sue my laptop like a pc. If i remove my plugin it shuts off in the next second.
  27. esmith24

    Intex speakers making noise

    Intex speakers are making scratching noise when I plugin the charger. When I remove the charger noise goes away.
  28. B

    How to disable plugin container 2016

    Anyone know how to disable plug in container permanetely on firefox newest version? its slowing down my pc
  29. H

    Getting an online game to work which had a no longer supported plugin

    There is an online game here and I'm struggling to get it to work and I've tried different plugins: Is there any way to get it play, maybe by getting the embed code and opening up in a new page or something like that?
  30. K

    Shockwave Flash isn't responding. Stop Plugin

    hi... following error coming in google chrome, I am unable to fix this problem. can you please provide us solution for this problem. due to this problem in google chrome I am unable to browse any websites, unable to download videos. Also error message coming following page unresponsive wait or...
  31. A

    Plugin-container.exe is appearing for no reason

    Plugin-container.exe is appearing for no reason. I never installed firefox on my PC and it still shows in my Task Manager. It sucks my CPU up to 60% or 80%. I dont know what to do.
  32. R

    help me please

    when i plugin my charger and play game or use internet then my laptop shut down. so please help me
  33. T

    Plugin Container Bugging CPU Usage

    Hi All, Iv read a bit about Firefox and plugin container using 90% of CPU. But I am not using Firefox, I use Chrome (latest version) on Windows 7 Home Basic. Still I find this plugincontainer.exe using 75-90% of CPU. Tried following: (1) Stopping it using task manager (2) Ending Process Tree...
  34. L

    hi my friend 'threw' his 3830T Acer aspire and now it has no sound at all even if you plugin head phones or external speakers.

    looking for answers re: acer aspire 3830T no sound not reckognisng any hardware
  35. H

    New fix disabling plugin container.exe for Firefox 28 or newer

    Question reference Wile E Coyote writes "You will have to add the 4 remaining items below" I don't see a way to add these items
  36. P

    Youtube Now Playing Playlist

    Good day Some time ago I saw that Youtube had some sort of play-next playlist. Don't know if it was from youtube or some custom made plugin. I am talking about something like: Bar on bottom of the Youtube web page. You can search videos without stopping the music and then just drag the videos...
  37. N

    avast gone mental

    well the title basicly explains it when ever i click on the toms hardware plugin for chrome avast pops up like 10 messages saying threat detected and when i open a question on toms it doesnt let me go to the page unless i wait a few seconds its really getting on my nervs even refreshing the site...
  38. N

    Youtube HD slowmotion

    Hello guys, im havin a really wierd issue in my youtube, not sure if this the right section to ask tho. Anyways, anythin i search on youtube or even on the What to watch tab, is in slow motion, but only in HD, the funny thing is that when i switch to my subcriptions the videos play fine... The...
  39. L

    Asus X53E not charging. Charger plugin get heated.

    So one day my Asus X53E laptop stopped charging. It can only charge when i stick the charger hard in the plugin also the I can smell a burning smell. Could anyone help me please?
  40. pepslight

    confused plugin active system

    Hello all I wish in advance a great day and a big thanks for taking your time to read me, I bought 1 active speakers M-Audio av40 ---> and after using for some hours I wasn't naturally happy with the bass and so I bought a German...
  41. viveknayyar007

    Add the ‘Shared on LinkedIn’ Plugin to Your Site

    If you have a website or blog, having readers share your content on social networks is a great way to spread your content to a wide audience. LinkedIn allows you to do so by adding a ‘Shared on LinkedIn’ plug-in to your site or blog. When you add the plug-in, and the plug-in is clicked, the...
  42. R

    how to fix acer aspire 4920 laptop plugin not charging and wont work if battery remove

    Good evening to all I'm a bit lost here Don't know what to do My problem is my laptop wont charge but it says plug-in, not charging. I've tried to remove the battery and plugin it directly but it wont boot the OS it continually reset boot only showing bios and logo then it reset again...
  43. G

    Problem's with plug in download

    I'm trying to add a plugin called Magic Actions for YouTube to Chrome but everytime I click the button to download it a popup comes up saying "network error"
  44. T

    Shockwave Flash plugin not responding

    Sometimes when I try to watch a stream on twitch or a video on youtube in google chrome a message pops up saying "A plug-in (Shockwave Flash) isn't responding" and it gives me an option to stop the plug-in but that does nothing. I have a short term fix where I restart my laptop and then it's...
  45. M

    Hello :) I'm havin sound problems on my televison.

    Hello my names Nathaniel ! I have a television , with which I'm Havin sound problems , I tried plugin In the cable (no sound) , I tried the DVD player (no sound) , I even tried Resetting the tv (still no sound) .... What should I do to fix my televison It is a toshiba flat screen model #...
  46. Wile E Coyote

    New fix disabling plugin container.exe for Firefox 28 or newer

    Ok here is the deal disabling plugin container.exe the old way semi still works.There is a catch to it now even if you do this below. Disabling plugin-container.exe in Firefox 1.Open Firefox and type about:config and click I’ll be careful , I promise 2.Now search for ipc in Filter box...
  47. K

    PC 350 mic stopped working for some reason

    Hiya. I've had my Sennheiser 350s for about 3 years now and never had any problems with it. A few pieces fell off in those years, but those were just for the looks, so I didn't bother with them. The headset worked on like it should. But yesterday my mic started giving me trouble. First my...
  48. WyomingKnott

    Can I see IRC Channel history from before I connected?

    I'm using the ChatZilla plugin to Firefox to connect to an IRC channel at work. I only see messages from the time I connect forward. Is that an ironclad rule of IRC, or can I see the last hour of messages somehow? You can tell that I don't use IRC much!
  49. M

    how to only allow access to the web browser and nothing else?

    I was wondering if its possible to to set up a computer where a user can only use the web browser and nothing else? they won't have access to any other part of the computer and they won't be able to see any other part of the computer. I was wondering if its possible to setup a computer...
  50. M

    AE Twixtor plugin help! I need help! I've been looking at youtube vids and stuff! But it wont be smooth! If you know how to fix this please help! :/ I've done excactly as some youtubers have done and it's smooth for them
  51. R

    Youtube plugin idea (and question)

    So like most people, youtube is especially slow on my home connection and I seem to have a much worse experience specifically due to buffering. I will be watching a video and even it the entire video has been streamed to me already, if I replay it or rewind it, youtube will delete all my...
  52. G

    Tips and Tricks for Using GIMP

    Check out a few basics, tutorials, and useful plugins when working with GIMP, the excellent open-source image manipulator! Tips and Tricks for Using GIMP : Read more
  53. G

    Security & Privacy Apps & Plugins

    The PRISM scandal over the past few days has heightened awareness over online privacy and security. Check out a few privacy minded apps and extensions below! Security & Privacy Apps & Plugins : Read more
  54. J

    Easiest way to create your very own browser plugins

    Easiest way to create your very own browser plugins. Visit: and follow some easy steps complete the procedure and you will have your very own plugin in no time. To do it you do not require to have any technical knowledge.
  55. exfileme

    Firefox Now Blocking All Plug-Ins Except Latest Flash

    Now you get to choose if a plugin will play on a specific website. Firefox Now Blocking All Plug-Ins Except Latest Flash : Read more
  56. R

    My laptop is not starting without charger

    my laptop did not starts without charger plugin?is battery low?
  57. D

    Why is firefox slow and laggy?

    I just installed firefox 15 beta. I have 5 opened tabs and it is using 220MB of ram (no flash apps running) and the plugin container is using 40MB of ram (I only have one plugin installed). And sometimes it becomes unresponsive for a few seconds when switching to another tab. I want to try...
  58. K

    Opera plugin wrapper

    Comes with Opera 12...what is it? and why does it need HTTP, HTTPS, 1935 TCP outgoing access? Is the 64 bit version available?
  59. dacca

    Need alienware plugin for windows media player

    Hey everyone, I have just bought an alienware m17 for the mrs and she is obsessed with the idea of the lightshow you can get using the windows media player plugin. Unfortunately as I have a windows 7 ultimate upgrade on it, the plugin is missing. Could someone please link me to it?
  60. rivkah

    Free alternative for PSD files?

    Well, I've been following a lot of tutorials and such recently, but they always supply .PSD files with text on them.. Is there any free program that allows me to edit or even just convert .PSDs while preserving the text layers? I've tried the GIMP plugin since I've used GIMP for a good bit of...