Photoshop Cs5.5 Need help finding a wood texture generation plugin.


Jan 8, 2015
Hi. I am working on an UltraHD texture pack for engine ports of the original Doom. (Gzdoom, doomsday, gzdoom, etc). I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 (64bit) I am avoiding Creative Cloud as I don't want to pay monthly fees for the rest of my life to use the program. I got my physical copy of Photoshop CS5.5 on Ebay a couple of years ago and it works fine. I also purchased Filter Forge 6 Pro, and downloaded their entire library by purchasing the filter forge library so I have all the filters on my system, rather than searching their server everytime I needed a new filter. FF6 is an amazing plugin and has assisted greatly with creating these textures, but I have one dillema.

The wood filters don't work with Doom's asthetic. I am looking for a plugin that can allow me to custom generate a worn, rustic wood that can then be converted for use with the Doom textures. Filter Forge's wood filters always look like plastic. they are too neat and flat. Filter Forge is Great for stone, and metal filters and effects like light flares, but I am struggling to find a good wood filter generator. So I came here.

Is there someone else that uses photoshop, with plugins that can assist me with finding other plugins that can help me achieve my end goal. For a texture I create multiple filters and combine them, and then do manual work on the textures until they are a seamlessly tiling texture that fit's Doom. However without the ability to do proper wood, I can't finish my project. I am self-teaching as I go, so I don't consider myself an expert yet, by any means. I am linking my deviantart repository, so that people here can see what I do, and can hopefully help anyone assist me with other plugins.

Plugins can be free or paid. Even If I can't afford to buy a paid plugin straight away, I will in the future so I won't be a cheapskate and ask only for free plugins.

I have been working on this project, as a solo project for almost a year. Even though have been slowed down by injury and illness. This is a tremendous learning experience and I am determined to finish it. Doom, Doom II, and both installments of Final Doom are marked to be completely retextured in 2K (2048p). When/If I get the pack completed I will upload it as a public domain mod on ModDB

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, so I can get/buy all the tools I need to complete this mammoth project.