(Canada) Need help finding an A/V receiver---upgrading to 4k tv


Apr 16, 2013
Hi there,

The users of Tom's Hardware have always steered me in the right direction so here I am again asking for your help!

I'm upgrading to the Sony x900e, and I'm also getting a 1080ti ftw3 to connect to it...as much as I love my current receive it's super old (Bravia engine 1 old) and I'd like to upgrade to a Receiver that can handle 4k HDR as well. Ideally I'd like to find a Receiver that's around 300-500, I don't mind going a bit more like 700-800 if it's really worth it. I don't care for Bluetooth or WiFi heck don't even care for radio as everything will be done through my computer and or ps4.

Current speaker setup is 5.1 copper wire based except bass is coax. I'm more than happy to go with a 7.1 and add two more speakers!

I'm hearing right now is a good idea to 'future-proof' my purchase and get a unit that supports DTS-X?

Ask: New AV receiver that supports 4k HDR,
Budget: up to $800 (if it's really worth it at that price, preferred range around 300-500 reg price)
currently have 4 devices that will connect (including tv),
currently have 5.1 setup, copper wire speakers, coax bass
DTS-X support would be nice (worth it?)
happy to go with 7.1 setup!

Thanks for your help in advance!
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