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    Window 10 Blue Screen when not playing game

    Hello tom's hardware community , I have a weird problem of my laptop which is Y410P Lenovo which my laptop keep going BSOD " DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE" during on desktop without open any program. Its happen when only when I'm not playing game. It will going to BSOD even if i open Chrome or...
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    Solved! Oppo a3s case compatiblity

    Hey guys, So I’m getting a new oppo a3s and I was wondering if a iPhone case can fit it Thanks.
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    Solved! I'm trying something new with hardware

    Hi, I'm always interested in learning more about how desktop and server hardware work. I want to pull POST codes from defective computers for the first time and I need a little help. Little known fact: I figure if I have to use computers I might as well be the one that fixes them. That way my...
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    Solved! can't figure out what type of usb-c this is

    was looking at the side of my laptop the over day and couldn't figure out what kind of usb plug this is. googled it and came up empty on search.
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    Need Toshiba recovery disk

    how do i get a free recovery disk for my toshiba c655d. my hard drive crashed is fixed now but need recovery disk.
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    Problems with multiple chrome processes

    I have problem with google chrome processes beacouse when i open google chrome it says there is 10 more processes of google running and if i shut down one of them google closes.Is that a common thing or i have some problem with google?
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    OBS Recording Help

    So, I recently built my computer a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to record some gameplay on OBS to upload to a YouTube channel. Whenever I record however, my FPS slightly dips but I still get around 60-120 fps. Then, when I look at my recording, the quality is extremely grainy and there is...
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    iPad 1 iOS 5.1.1

    I can't download application Weather Channel App for iPad 4.3.1 for iPad?
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    Not getting notifications

    I am getting some notifications on Facebook, but not all of them. My settings are all correct. What is the problem?
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    Solved! Is my Cinebench R15 Score Low / Why

    I recently checked my cinebench score on Cinebench R15 and I want to know if my score is low for my gear? I'm not a tech guy and this was my first build and I might sounds super stupid ubt bare with me. I have an Intel Core i5-7600K CPU (4 Cores, 4 Threads @ 3.80 GHz) Windows 10 64 bit (it...
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    Solved! Laptop for Revit,AutoCad, etc.

    Daughter needs a touch screen laptop. 16-32 gb ram, 6-8 gb dedicated graphic card, 15 inc. Windows,
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    Solved! Unable to download drivers on Asus website

    i have a ROG Strix Hero 2 laptop. When i go to Asus website to download driver (support > select model > drivers and utilities > OS) it won't display anything. Only the drivers would show up but not the drivers. i tried putting older products (motherboard, laptops) but nothing is showing up in...
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    Help Forgot password

    I forgot my password to my Dell Vostro desktop, because i haven't used it in awhile, how can i get in it?
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    Solved! Connect a panasonic dmr-es40v dubbing dvd recorder vhs recorder to a Samsung HDMI smart TV

    How do I connect a panasonic dmr-es40v dubbing dvd recorder vhs recorder to a 48" Samsung HDMI smart TV as the Panasonic DMR-ES40V Dubbing DVD Recorder connector is RCA and the my Samsung Smart TV is HDMI. I have a RCA to HDMI Converter and HDMI cable, I now need to know the proper way to...
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    Acer aspire one with black screen

    My Acer aspire one series N214 Model No ZG5 power on but nothing display on the screen and on external monitor please help
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    what i do recover password form pst file

    How to crack password for PST file. My important data saved in PST file. But I forgotten password for MS Outlook PST file. Currently i am not understand. What may i. Sometime ago I export all data save in PST file format to MS Outlook email then I create a password for future data. So that no...
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    Solved! terris led tv 2441

    My tv turn's on tv lights up (black light) nothing comes on and immediatly shuts down.Whats the problem? What can i do to fix it ?thank you.
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    Need setup help with bluetooth/wireless headset, Apple TV, cable box, tv

    I have an LG that has no audio out jack. I have bluetooth/wireless headset that will only work if plugging the RCA connections into my cable box. I also have an Apple TV, but the bluetooth of course, can’t connect to it. I tried the optical video connection from the bluetooth direct to the tv...
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    PHOTOGRAPHY editing psd files

    I’m new here , please Be nice with me . I’m editing big psb files around 10GB each , I need a decent machine to work . I use mostly photoshop and Lightroom. Combined with several external plugins. Also need to do some occasional video editing. Than you !
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    Windows store download keeps increasing!

    So I am currently facing an issue (which has happened multiple times before on any given computer) in which the game I am trying to download keeps increasing its size on the windows store. I want to know if I can fix this without restarting the download. The game which I want to install is Ark...
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    Solved! Upgrade HP dv1000 to SSD: mismatch in drive connectors

    I bought a SSD for this sturdy old laptop. It has a SATA controller but the connectors are different from all the other SATA connectors I've encountered. I've upgraded three machines to SSDs so... The HP drive has down-facing connectors whereas the other drives have out-facing connectors. What's...
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    Virtual Reality Technology

    How far are we from virtual reality or augmented reality becoming a mainstream platform? The reason I ask this is because technology is always taking a leap ahead. Every new day we see something new popup. Will the way things are turning up let one piece of tech settle down.
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    Special Keys of the Keyboard

    My issue is that my laptop Satellite L55Dt-C5209S, after a restore, didn't recognize the special keys of volume, bright, play, rewind and forward in F1-F12 that function before very well. Only the volume keys function with Fn. Help me...
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    Solved! My sanyo flat screen is n no color what so ever in my tv

    My sanyo flat screen is now hooked up to an Xbox 360 only but I have no color what so ever in it... Why? And how do I change it back??
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    Rendering help,dedicated and integrated gpus in tandem,Q.S.V. and NVENC,video editing help

    Scouring former threads,I cant find an answer.Will enabling integrated and dedicated gpus work with video rendering?My system is this:Aorus Gaming 7 mobo,32 gb DDR4 2600 of Kingston ram(value ram,no X.M.P.),I-78700k( 4.9),GeForce 1060 O.C. dual fan edition,120 gb m.2 ssd(o.s. and sony...
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    Recording on to Panasonic DMR-EX88 dvd recorder from New Panasonic 4K tv that doesn't have scart connections.only HDMI

    Hello everybody, I am new on here and wondered how I could Record on to Panasonic DMR-EX88 dvd recorder from New Panasonic 4K tv that doesn't have scart connections.only HDMI. I have just changed my TV and the old tv had scart coccections so when I connected DVD to TV via scart Through AV1, as...
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    Where to find more in-depth explanations of secuirty flaws

    I always find security flaws and malware very interesting, but I struggle to find in-depth explanations on how a system is being exploited by an attacker. For example, Tom's Hardware's article on the new Spectre flaw published today doesn't tell you more than there is some exploit to a...
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    i5-3340M is it worth upgrading? Confused!

    Hello everybody, I have a Dell Latitude E6430, which I use it mainly as a "portable" gaming device with an eGPU. It has an i5-3340M on board (2.70 GHz - 3.4Ghz turbo) and 8GB DDR3 RAM. I have the possibility to cheaply upgrade it to i7-3740QM with around 55 dollars. Is it worth it? Does CPU...
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    Help And Feedback On First Build

    I bought a laptop about six months ago for $1140, and paid $300 for a warranty that said if it broke beyond repair, I would get my money back in store credit. Sadly, it broke. I now have $1140 in Best Buy Canada store credit, and am planning to build a PC instead of buying a pre-built because I...
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    AMD vs Intel

    Hi, I trying to make a choice between these two HP Pavilion 15 laptops: A: AMD A12 quad core, 12gb ram and 4gb radeoo graphics B: 7th generation core i5 with 8gb ram (not sure about the graphics) I mean to use the laptop for Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, Photoshop and maybe some...
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    10 vm with 10 diffrent vlans

    Hi Friends , How to make the communication 10 virtual machines created from 10 different VLANS . Is there any possibility
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    How to make my laptop Faster & should i Upgrade to Windows 10 ?

    I’m using Hp Envy m6-1125dx notebook comes with: HP ENVY m6-1125dx Notebook PC CPU: Intel Core i5 3230M @ 2.60GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.10GHz Memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 DIMM) 1600MHz Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4000 with up to 1664MB total graphics memory Operating System: Windows...
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    Black dots and an Ant in my Sony Bravia X7500E?

    Hey guys! i just made my account today and, it's wonderful to finally be part of the Tom's Hardware Community! I have a question / discussion about my Sony Bravia X7500E 49" that i bought around 3 months ago in April. (If you haven't heard of this TV before, i'm not surprised because this TV is...
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    Laptop LCD screen replacement

    Hello as i opened my laptop to find s/n of my broken lcd, my screwdriver did a short circuit in the pin connector (iaptop was powered on) and laptop shut down immediately. After this, laptop switched on normally and is working properly with the external monitor like used to but after the short...
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    Solved! Acer E15 reset

    I found teensy little reset hole on the bottom, but now what? Stick a straight pin in it? Then what? Seems simple, but just checking first?
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    Can I Upgrade my Dell Inspiron 11 3153?

    Hey, I have a i3 6100u and i'm planning to upgrade to i7 7500u, I already check their specification and their almost identical to each other with same socket: FCBGA1356, are there any more requirements for compatibility except the bios cus I already updated mine
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    Laptop for College Student

    Hi Tom's Hardware community, A friend of mine reached out to me asking about a laptop for her daughter for school. I'm not up-to-date on the hardware for laptops but looking for something that is good enough for school and maybe some minecraft (thats the only game she really plays). We are...
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    Asus GL502VML keyboard stopped working after windows 10 reinstall

    Hi, my laptop keyboard stopped working after windows 10 reinstall. can I get some suggestions on what to do to fix it? Laptop: Asus GL502VL OS: Windows 10 home 64bit so the main issue is that the laptop keyboard does not work, and while looking through the divers I saw that it was the...
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    Solved! HP ZBook 15 G3

    Does a Samsung m.2 960 EVO NVME work in HP ZBook 15 G3 ?
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    Using HDMI 1 and 2

    My cable box is connected to HDMI 1 and I would like to connect my Firestick to the second HDMI. Can this be done in a way that I dont have to open the menu on my tv to change the HDMI to be used each time? Thanks
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    What Tv...? Noob with no TV knowledge

    Hello Tom's Hardware! I have not purchased a TV for about 7 years (I never watch TV) so I know nothing about them. I am looking to spend around $2000-$2,200 and currently looking at the following TVs. The TV would not be mounted and I may be interested in a cheap Soundbar for $100-200 if you...
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    Solved! Streaming options in county of Iceland

    My friend lives in Iceland. He has Apple TV. He would like to stream NBA games (e.g. ESPN/TBS/ABC) and PGA golf (e.g. Golf Channel). Does he have any options?
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    Hp 6570b not booting up ,fane running and cap lock and num lock blinking

    My Hp 6570b laptop is not powering up,When l press the power on button cap and num lock keys blinks 3times and stop and proceed again ,then the fane started running.No display is shown on the screen I tried to use an external monitor bt nothing shown up I also tried to remove the ram cards and...
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    ios 11.3 apps stop working

    after i update the ios 11.3 few apps stop working including apps store.. is this normal ? or how do i fix this ?
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    External LCD Screen w MacBook Pro?

    I have a MacBook Pro with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. Can I use an external screen in conjunction with this unit?
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    Solved! Temperature question on laptops

    Well, i have the Asus FX553VE gaming laptop, and the CPU is i7-7700HQ. whenever i play a game i sometimes get 87-91C on my CPU temp. is this okay? i have a new cooling pad, and the CPU sometimes cools down fast because of it. sooo, is 87-91C CPU temp safe?
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    Streaming Kansas City channels in Dallas

    Hoping someone can help because I'm at my wits end. I'm technical enough to get by and even that might be a stretch. I purchased a Roku Ultra on Cyber Monday and shortly thereafter started streaming Hulu Live. My internet provider at the time was AT&T. Two weeks ago I switched to Spectrum...
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    Solved! Hi Help Needed!

    Hi..newby to this forum.. I posted request: I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop.Yes I'm keyboard went out a week ago. Used external keyboard and mouse. They stopped working so I surfed web and tried unplugging battery. Now even after charge overnight..I have nothing! No power lights or...
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    Accidentally I've deleted some of my important photos and videos permanently from google photos. Can i recover them without pc

    Hi friends, I've apply lots of apps to recover my stuff but all in vein I've also tried to root my cell phone but failed Can I get my data back without computer
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    Ethernet port seems broken

    (Sorry for my bad English by the way) So I've been having this Alienware 17 gaming laptop for 2 years and I had no trouble with Ethernet connection until now. I think the reason is with the Ethernet port because the Ethernet connection works when I push really hard on the Ethernet cable.
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    Alternative to Corel Draw

    Can someone please tell me a free software that is similar to Corel Draw? This is for Windows. I need to upload a map, draw lines/shapes, then shade them in lightly.
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    Need some help

    I have a pioneer elite sc-55 receiver, not sure what type of connection for fm antenna connectior to use. I have standard coax screw on end. Please could some one help me out?Thanks for your time. I am not sure what type of connectior this sc-55 has.
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    Need info about amplifier

    Hi is it possible to pass sound from desktop to speaker through amplifier, i mean i want good sound quality so i put 1 wire from desktop to amplifier and 1 wire from amplifier to speakers/headphone so it is possible when i play songs so it will directly play in speakers in good sound quality. If...
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    Headset microphone white noise

    I bought the ASUS Cerebrus headset a couple days ago, and I noticed that there's white noise in the background when I use the microphone. I don't even need to be speaking, it appears as soon as I click push-to-talk or start recording audio (with the Windows tool). But here's the thing: the...
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    Laptop Purchase Help

    Hello, I am new to Tom's Hardware. I came here to ask for some help. I would like to buy a new laptop, here are my requirements: 1. RAM: 8GB 2. CPU: 2 Core, 3.0 GHz (Or Better) 3. DVD/CD Drive (That Can Burn DVD/CD) 4. Full Size Keyboard 5. HHD: 300GB+ 6.Screen: Over 10" (And Good For Watching...
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    Solved! Dell Latitude E6530

    When I press the power button on my Latitude E6530 laptop it makes a clicking noise and shut off before it powers up.
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    letters 'L' and 'R' are showing up as 'W'

    Currently having an issue with my laptop where the letters 'L' and 'R' are showing up as 'W' instead, on every page. Tried Googling it but I can't find a fix
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    Buying a New Laptop: High performance, Dual drive (Form filled)

    Hi, I'm looking for a new laptop. My current laptop is a 2010 Toshiba Satellite A660 i7 upgraded with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD It's becoming slow, overheats easily and has troubles with booting and hibernation. I work mainly with documents, spreadsheets, statistics software, and browser-based...
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    Solved! Coffee Spill on Asus Laptop

    Hey fellow peoples of tom's hardware. Hope your day is going well. So it's been about a day and a half since I spilled coffee on my laptop, it spilled over my left half of my keyboard and some on screen. I cleaned it up closed it, went to class and saw more coffee had leaked onto the screen /...
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    Pls. Guide us

    Hello I'm using my Laptop Toshiba but it something wrong when I'm log to my laptop cause it's ask me to say password but I don't know what is the password of HDD/SSD can you please guide us?