Window 10 Blue Screen when not playing game

Danial isaac

Aug 3, 2014
Hello tom's hardware community ,

I have a weird problem of my laptop which is Y410P Lenovo which my laptop keep going BSOD " DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE" during on desktop without open any program. Its happen when only when I'm not playing game. It will going to BSOD even if i open Chrome or other program but not going to BSOD with gaming. Sometime when I'm doing my work using the laptop, i need to open the game first than only i able to do my work on word without being bsod. Before the bsod happen, my laptop fan goes speed up suddenly and during that time my laptop going to freeze and bsod. I thought it was overheating problem , but what make me weird is, it is not going to bsod when playing game with high temp.

I already tried:

-Formating window
-Reinstall GPU Driver
-Reinstall all type of driver
but still dont work.

I hope you guys can give some advice or solution or anything that might help me solve this problem .. thanks alot .. :)