Windows store download keeps increasing!

Aug 22, 2018
So I am currently facing an issue (which has happened multiple times before on any given computer) in which the game I am trying to download keeps increasing its size on the windows store. I want to know if I can fix this without restarting the download. The game which I want to install is Ark: survival evolved on the windows 10 App Store. (Yes ik and I do have the steam version but I want to play with my buds). I have tried doing wsreset.exe, date and times correct, cleared temporary files, restarted download and computer (duh who doesn’t these days) so idk.
Just a pain...

Edit: Do I just keep the download going and see what happens? It was a 70.6gb game (well that’s what it said....) and now it’s at 88.70....

Just realised that all the game files are there when looking in WindowsApps folder so what’s going on??
Larger downloads will probably include game updates since last one - newer versions of almost all applications & games have a larger footprint than previous version - - not at all unusual.