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Jun 4, 2018
Hey guys! i just made my account today and, it's wonderful to finally be part of the Tom's Hardware Community!

I have a question / discussion about my Sony Bravia X7500E 49" that i bought around 3 months ago in April. (If you haven't heard of this TV before, i'm not surprised because this TV is somehow Asia / South East Asia Exclusive.)

So, i bought this TV from a store in Jakarta, Indonesia on April and it was great! it's my first time buying a LED TV with this resolution (I was using a 720p LG TV before)

but after a month or so of use without any problems at all, suddenly these "black dots" suddenly appeared inside the screen on different parts of the screen. Multiple locations like the top left, mid right, bottom left, and top right of the TV. To a point where if you see it from a different angle, these black dots looked 3D as in different dots are positioned differently, not like on a flat screen where the dots are aligned. These aren't.

One funny thing is one of these dots looks like an ant!

(Pictures are linked below on the post)

Does anybody know what's going on? i've been searching the whole internet for answers and i cannot find a specific case like mine.

I even contacted Sony Indonesia about this and they've sent a technician to check the dots but he only took pictures and until now there is not update whatsoever.

Thank you!


Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4


At least yours is dead
It's obviously a defect in the TV.
You will have to keep contacting them until they resolve the problem with a repair or replacement TV.
Did you try contacting the seller? Sometimes they will help if the problem occurs within a set period of time. When it does they can return the set to Sony and replace it for you.
Sep 10, 2018
I had same problem with Sony 8200e 49". I used a suction cup to gently pull the screen at dark spots and with few taps from back side all the particles/ant fell down. You can try same
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