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  1. Welve

    Solved! Do 4K TVs actually have native 120hz refresh rates? And if so, what's the point?

    Hey All, I have read so much about refresh rate from so many sources and I am so confused. What I know: 4K has two native refresh rates 60 hz/120 hz TVs are commonly branded as 120, 240 etc, usually have half of their advertised refresh rates TVs have HDMI 2.0a as the standard connection Max...
  2. I

    Solved! Can you play a 4K Blu-ray on a normal Blu-ray player?

    I just want to know if I insert a 4K Blu-ray movie into a normal Blu-ray player, will it play? I know it won't be in 4K, but will it at least still work? Specifically trying to use a PS3 (because of the built-in Blu-ray player) to play a 4K Blu-ray movie.
  3. B

    Solved! Why buy an expensive 4K Blu-Ray Player?

    I have a Samsung UN65KS8000FXZA It's 65 inches, 4K, HDR 10, smart TV (has Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Netflix) I was about to write a whole story but I'll quickly sum up my question... -Why buy an expensive 4K player? -Does it produce better image quality? (I stream 4k HDR on Netflix on my TV, and...
  4. M

    Solved! 4K TV with Non 4K AVR?

    Alright, having some problems and looking for suggestions/advice/solution from fellow members here. I am planning for a 4k TV 55 inch (Sony x90f 55 inch) for my current HT setup but my AVR doesn't support 4k. I heard/read over here that we can use 2 HDMI interfaces i.e. 1 from GPU to TV for...
  5. Johnny Shalos

    Sell LG 27UK650 monitor to buy LG TV 43UJ634V

    I'm thinking to sell my 27inch 4K monitor to buy 43inch 4K TV because i believe i will have a better experience with video games (play on PC and PS4) and movies with a larger display. What are you opinions is a good idea or not? Here are the both specs of my monitor and the TV that I am...
  6. N

    Can the MX150 (4gb Vram) run 4k ?

    Movies, Netflix Streaming, Youtube Videos, streamed HDMI to my 4K TV - can it do all these things and can it do it well ? I need to know, cause I can't really afford a laptop with a 1050 4gb (that also meets my long list of requirements) and I really like the power consumption on the MX150, but...
  7. F

    4K video editing in Premiere - Faulty RAM or not enough RAM?

    I've been pulling my hair out of my head the past few days trying to get Adobe premiere to run smoothly on my new build: AMD 2700x ASUS Prime X470-Pro motherboard 1x GSKILL 16GB 3200 Model F4-3200C14D-16GTZRX EVGA GTX 1060 6gb SC EVGA 650W GQ Previously I would have random reboots with my PC...
  8. P

    best non smart tv 4k.

    Hears the thing. I use my tv as a monitor and i actually drive full native 4k. I normally use a 65in panel and couch game. However in the last 5 years ive gone through more tvs then ive owned the rest of my life prior. Keep having boards fry, and firmware problems from the smart features...
  9. D

    Black dots and an Ant in my Sony Bravia X7500E?

    Hey guys! i just made my account today and, it's wonderful to finally be part of the Tom's Hardware Community! I have a question / discussion about my Sony Bravia X7500E 49" that i bought around 3 months ago in April. (If you haven't heard of this TV before, i'm not surprised because this TV is...
  10. B

    4k Video Editing Laptop

    Looking to buy a new laptop as mine is not up to the task of editing 4k video. 1. What is your budget? -$1500 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15" - 16" 3. What screen resolution do you want? 3840x2160 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop...
  11. J

    RCA tv plays in 4k, but when turned off and turned back on it changes back to 1080p

    When I turn TV on RCA model RLED4960-UHD I can change to 4k mode on my Bell 4k Cable box. But when TV is turned off and than back on when I go to watch TV again it auto changes to 1080p again. I have to manually change to 4k resolution each time tv turns on. It keeps switching back to 1080p...
  12. T

    Solved! Need a bi-directional HDMI switch that support 4K/HDR/60hz

    I am having a ton of trouble in finding a switch that would allow me to have one input/source and manually switch between two 4K displays. I need it to at least support 4K HDR / YUV422 @60hz, so I can use my PS4 Pro at its full potential. Here is the type of switch I am looking for...
  13. D

    Solved! Optimize 4K, h265 playback on really low end tablet

    I may be asking the impossible, but I am trying to play a 10bit h265 4k .mkv video on my laptop (using k-lite with MPC-HC) and I am getting terrible performance. This laptop is very low-end, Intel m3 6y30 processor with the associated integrated graphics chip. As long as I can get it to play...
  14. L

    How can I distribute 1080P and 4K at display.

    I have 4K Blu-Ray player, I want to distribute to my two TV,it is 4k and another is 1080P. When I play 4k video, the 1080P have no signal. Any suggestion?
  15. F

    ARC vs optical vs 3.5mm

    Hi there, I have a Sony x900e, and my receiver is an STR DH550. I don't want to run HDMI video through my receiver. I'm using ARC currently, but my TV only has enhanced 4k in ports 2 and 3, and ARC is port 3...So, for my xbox, i'm unable to get the 'best' picture as I have to use HDMI port 1...
  16. Nervly

    Philips 43PUS6162 vs LG 43UJ630V [4K SmartTV]

    Good evening, everyone! I'll be buying a 43" 4K SmartTV within the next week and as such, I've been doing some research to make sure I get the best product within my budget, which is 500€ ($596). From all the televisions available to me, the two that stood out the most were the...
  17. G

    Best Cheap 4K TVs (Under $500), Ranked from Best to Worst

    We tested several best-selling 4K TVs from Amazon, Insignia, Samsung, Vizio and more to help you get a great deal. Best Cheap 4K TVs (Under $500), Ranked from Best to Worst : Read more
  18. R

    Which tv should I buy?

    I would like to buy a Tv of max 3000-3500€ max price, I am interested in a 65 inch Tv with 4K and HDR and with low input lag to play games and also watch films. What model and brand would you recommend me and also flat screen or curved? Greetings
  19. C

    Solved! PHILLIPS 4K LED image issue

    While my gf was playing pc games on our Phillips 4k TV, then the screen randomly went dim and bright color became distorted. Also now it is retaining previous images on the screen. any permanent fix or clue as to whats going on? Thanks
  20. B

    Which of these two TV's would you buy?

    LG 70UH6350 or Samsung UN65KS800DFXZA I feel like Samsung is a better brand but the LG tv is larger. They both have the same resolution and refresh rate but im not sure about response time and input lag if I were to play any games on them which are my main concerns. I cant seem to decide on...
  21. A

    Dell XPS 15 9560 for video editing?

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask, how would the Dell XPS 15 9560 perform for 4K video editing on a professional level? I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Speedgrade, and Photoshop on a daily bases. The configuration I am looking at is the fully maxed out version: i7-7700HQ...
  22. R

    Video Playback Preference

    I am looking to get back into making some YouTube videos and was wonder... What is every ones viewing preference? 1080p @ 60FPS Orrrrr 4K @ 30FPS? Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!
  23. D

    TV buying advice

    Is buying a 2015 Sony worth it? It's an XBR55X900C and it's on newegg for a decent price. I know 900's are the higher end of Sony's but it's nearly 3 years old now. Have the newer models progressed to the point where'd I'd be disappointed by an older model? 4k tv btw.
  24. seancaptain

    Best 4K/Ultra HD TVs 2015

    4K televisions (also known as Ultra HD TVs) are expensive, but much cheaper than they were last year. Here are the best 4k TVs available now. Best 4K/Ultra HD TVs 2015 : Read more
  25. V

    Dell misleads customers? HDMI 2.0 and GeForce GTX 960M, but 4K at 60 Hz is not supported?

    Hi guys. I'd like to hear your opinion if I'm just being thick or Dell support is trying to bullshit me. I've got the "Inspiron 15 7566 Gaming" laptop recently. On the product page it says: Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5 Ports: 1 HDMI 2.0 Wikipedia says that HDMI 2.0 supports...
  26. TheHazzaaHD

    MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar or Razer Blade Stealth?

    Hello, So I've been looking at a new Laptop for University, and I'm stuck on which of these two to purchase. I study Computer Science so will be doing programming and other assignments on here, I will likely install Linux if I get the Razer Blade Stealth, but if I get the MacBook I would stick...
  27. J

    Cheap laptop with HDMI 2.0?

    Hi all, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. PROBLEM: I'm after a laptop - reasonably priced (£300-£700ish) that holds a HDMI 2.0 port for watching movies, connected to my 4k OLED TV. The difficulty is finding one with HDMI 2.0 that isn't an overpriced £1,000+ 'gaming'...
  28. G

    4K@60FPS On YouTube stutters on a capable PC.

    I just got a new RX 460 which is used a lot for 4K HTPCs but for some reason I still have terrible stuttering issues when trying to run 4K videos. Normal 4K videos on youtube work 'mostly' fine, im saying mostly because while they're smooth, they are not as smooth as 1080p videos, and 4K@60fps...
  29. M

    UHDTV Vs. HDTV For Multiple Use

    I am looking to purchase a pretty decent gaming PC and for sure want a 4K tv to display it on. I have been unsatisified with my 1080p HD tv for quite some time now so decided to take advantage of a pretty decently rated 55" Samsung with a $200 savings. I planned on then spending around $500 on a...
  30. R

    Could anyone tell me the hz of this TV?

    Hello Everyone, So all I can find relevant to this TV is motion rate 1000. Could anyone help me find what hz this TV is I have looked everywhere. www.argos.co.uk/product/5389465
  31. A

    [HELP] Dell XPS 13 QHD i5 6th vs FHD i5 7th

    Hi, I want to buy the 13 inch Dell XPS 13. But I can't choose between the 4K version or the FHD version. Is it a very big difference between the i5 6th and the i5 7th? I use mostly Photoshop and Premiere and a bit of browsing, Netflix, no games. I'm coming from a MBP 2015. The Dell XPS 13 i5 6th...
  32. JohnProto

    OPPO's UDP-203 4K/UHD Coming soon but is it Multi-Zone 4K Bluray/region free?

    I have the Panasonic 902b 65 inch 4k TV and when I bought it I learnt that the matching 4k Panasonic DMP-UB900 Player was not region free so i was gutted about that. But now Ive found out that OPPO are releasing a 4k player that will match that panasonic. Im wondering if anyone has any info...
  33. C

    Should I return this TV for another?

    About a week ago I had purchased my first 4K TV. It's a Samsung KU7000 and I wanted it because it has HDR which I want to use for my PS4 which recently got HDR support through firmware update 4.0. Only downside is that this feature is only available with HDMI port 1 and the other 2 don't have...
  34. S

    Home Theatre PC Build

    Hi All, I am looking to build a HTPC (Home Theatre PC). I want it only for watching movies, netflix, hulu etc and to incorporate a Blue-Ray reader and writer. Absolutely no gaming, just internet streaming and watching movies. So essentially I need someone to help me spec it. I want it to be...
  35. FarNerdy

    Is there a good reason to purchase a 4K display vs FHD w.G-Sync display for gaming and video editing?

    Hi all, I am trying to decide between a few options for laptops right now. I have some options (customizable) between a few different MSI laptops and Sager laptops. I know I want an i7-6700 series (Skylake) processor, leaning more towards the i7-6700HQ or i7-6700K at the moment. Both Sager and...
  36. Can You Help Me Please

    Where Can I Find A Video Converter That Will Allow Me To Use MagicYUV Codec

    Currently I am using Aiseesoft 4K Converter. The stats are that I have 107 hours to convert my 1080p video to 4K. This MagicYUV codec is supposed to be lossless and fast. What converter can I use so that I can use it?
  37. J

    I want a Laptop for Digital painting! HELP, 2D, Photoshop

    I would like to get a laptop for painting in photoshop, movies, and learn how to 3D sculpting! Please help me out! Have looked on macbook pro, should I wait for their 15'' upgrade? It shall be a 15'' and i think it should have 16gigs ram, but could use less?
  38. A

    4k editing laptop asus gl502

    I7 6700hq 12gb ddr4 Gtx 970m Playback is fine. But when i click split it takes a few secs to be able to click and split again. Also when i try to slow a clip down it really has issues and screen flashes and glitches before finally loading. Brand new laptop i was hoping to edit 4k doesnt seem...
  39. D

    Around 65" UHD TV on a budget?

    With a door on one side of the wall, and a cabinet on the other side, we have about 1.5M of space in the centre to hang a TV. The minimum viewing distance is ~2.7M, maximum ~4M. Our budget is £1200, though I could put a bit more to it if it really would make a difference. I have checked a...
  40. J

    Which of these 4K TV's is the best for gaming and streaming?

    Hi, I am currently upgrading my multimedia setup. I plan to get a PS4, a Nvidia Shield and a new TV. I currently have a 720P rubbish old TV set but I've seen 4K and 1080P isn't gonna cut it! I will be paying for 4K Netflix streaming as well as watching 4K blu-ray's. I've been looking around...
  41. F

    DJI Phantom Workflow 4K vs 1080p, Best Quality Possible Under 400MB?

    This post is really quite general, so I apologize in advance for any mis-categorizing. Anyways, I am making drone real estate videos with the DJI Phantom 2, but the final render needs to be small to deliver via Dropbox. (400MB maximum) Although I'm not skilled with formats and codecs, I want to...
  42. G

    Best 15" laptop for developer that will drive external 4k monitor @ 60 Hz

    Would appreciate any recommendations on best 15" size laptop (not necessarily gaming) to buy sub$1500 (around$1000 would be better but I realize this is probably asking too much). It must have enough horsepower to be able to drive a external 4k monitor at 60Hz - like the AMH-A409U below.I am a...
  43. twgamerbuilder

    Vizio 4K Smart TV Not Working With Sound Bar Or Surround System

    Hello, my vizio m-series 4k smart tv is not working when hooked up to the sound bar. It says to just simply plug in an hdmi from the soundbar to the tv's ARC port. When powered on, the soundbar's lights go up and down, which I assume is a sync mode, and doesnt output sound. The sound still goes...
  44. F

    accessories for black magic micro

    I recently bought a black magic micro studio 4k. I think I'm pretty satisfied with it's 4k but it wont still convince me that it's better than my c100. I already have a monitor and recorder. the problem is I will be needing a viewfinder. are there any available viewfinder for Black magic micro?
  45. F

    cheaper camera for upgrading to 4k (I dont have any other choice)

    hello, my client wants me to shoot a 4k video. since I justified the benefits of 1080p. these are my cameras -Canon C100 -5d MkII -700d -EOS M3 -760d Are there any cheap choices for 1k only since I don't shoot in low light? my ISO is always @400 and this is kinda travel video so I don't care...
  46. J

    SATELLITE P25W-C2300-4K: Touchpad "sticks", freezes, refuses to respond

    While I'm just trying to scroll or move my pointer using the trackpad, my cursor will freeze, disappear, or do some operating it wasn't suppossed to "right-click, zoom, etc) It's not being disabled at all, because when it freezes, The pad is still recognized as operational and not disabled...
  47. A

    Alienware 15 r2 4k screen specs?

    I was wondering what the specs of the alienware 15 4k screen was(like adobe rgb). Does anyone at least actually know what panel is being used(like the model #)? Note: This panel is NOT the same as alienware r1 as the r1 4k screen is glossy, but the new r2 4k screen is matte.
  48. M

    how to connect my previous red and white cable sound bar to my lg 55uf6450

    went threw all the settings and im still stumped on why it wont play the sound
  49. seancaptain

    Best 4K/Ultra HD TVs 2015 (Archive)

    4K televisions (also known as Ultra HD TVs) are expensive, but much cheaper than they were last year. Here are the best 4k TVs available now. Best 4K/Ultra HD TVs 2015 : Read more
  50. G

    Samsung UN50JU6500 4K TV Review: Ultra HD on a Budget

    The Samsung Series 6 UN50JU6500 delivers a sharp 4K picture and good contrast in a 50-inch set for an affordable price. Samsung UN50JU6500 4K TV Review: Ultra HD on a Budget : Read more
  51. S

    New (to me) house - Starting with a clean slate. Need advice on how to hookup peripherals to new 4k TV theater!!

    Hi guys! I've been doing lots of reading that past couple months on this. This is my first house and I plan on living in it for quite awhile. I've been looking into what I want and need help with an overall picture on how to do it. First - My Overall Goal - I want to watch TV and surf online...
  52. S

    Which of these three gaming laptops should I buy and why?!

    •Dell ANW15-7493SLV 15.6" Alienware Notebook Computer [Perks] -4k Resolution -Touch screen (though I'm not sure I can see myself using it. Maybe for photoshop but it would be weird not having the 360 degree tilt) -More mobility (Barely) •Dell ANW17-2136SLV 17.3" Alienware Notebook Computer...
  53. Sleepyhead Media

    1200p/1440p/1600p @60FPS *CAMCORDER*

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a Camcorder that is either 1200p/1440p or 1600p @60FPS. 4K is wildly expensive for me, but I don't want a 1080p Camcorder.. I would like to downscale from one of those resolutions to 1080p so I have better image quality at 1080p. I don't want RAW footage at...
  54. J

    UHD portable laptop with some beefy specs?

    I'm looking at getting a nice 13.3-15.6 inch laptop, but the 13.3-14 inch is my desired range at the moment. budget is under $2000, prefereably as low as $1500 or so if possible. 960m graphics or higher. I tried the Gigabyte P35 last month. It had 3k and a 970m 6gb, and it ruled for gaming...
  55. J

    Is this laptop good enough for 4k video editing?

    Hi I just bought this laptop and now I'm just waiting for it to be shipped, I just want to know if it is good enough I'm planning to use Adobe premiere pro Here is the link...
  56. seancaptain

    Best 4K/Ultra HD TVs 2015 (Archive)

    4K televisions (also known as Ultra HD TVs) are expensive, but much cheaper than they were last year. Here are the best 4k TVs available now. Best 4K/Ultra HD TVs 2015 : Read more
  57. U

    Need laptop buying advice

    Ok, so I have two questions, 1. Is the website XOTIC PC reliable? Am I wasting my time? 2. If the website is good, I need advice on deciding specs for my custom Sanger. What I'm thinking right now: -Intel i7-4910MQ Quad Core (2.9GHz OC to 3.9 GHz) -Geforce GTX 980 w/ 8 GB of Vram (or should...
  58. E

    I cannot select 1080p or 4K on youtube videos Lenovo Y50 UHD laptop

    Hi, I have just bought a Lenovo Y50 UHD laptop with nvidia GTX 4GB graphics card. I am currently getting to know the laptop and Windows 8 (where I prefer 7) and I am finding that I do not get the video selection option for normal HD in youtube. The maximum it gives me is 720p and nothing else...
  59. A

    Thinking about a Sager.

    I have been doing research for my next upgrade, and I have found very few that fit the criteria I want...but I did happen across a Sager, the NP8651 to be specific, and while It seems amazing and fits all but a few specs, it is an off-brand and I'm not sure if I trust it. The biggest advantages...
  60. seancaptain

    LG's UF9550 Nanocrystal TVs Look about as Good as OLEDs

    If you can't afford its OLEDs, LG's nanocrsytal/quantum dot TVs are a good second choice, with the same polished webOS 2.0 smart TV upgrade. LG's UF9550 Nanocrystal TVs Look about as Good as OLEDs : Read more