Should I return this TV for another?


Feb 11, 2013
About a week ago I had purchased my first 4K TV. It's a Samsung KU7000 and I wanted it because it has HDR which I want to use for my PS4 which recently got HDR support through firmware update 4.0. Only downside is that this feature is only available with HDMI port 1 and the other 2 don't have it.

On accident I saw this TV here and from what I gathered up, it has HDR support in all ports and I even saw it has local dimming which makes for deeper darker blacks.

So now I'm conflicted. Should I return the Samsung for this TV or keep what I have?
This is totally up to you. If you can exchange it for no cost loss, then do it. If you will lose money, if you don't have any other devices you will use HDR with, then the single port support that that won't matter.