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    Sony Days of Play Sale: $20 Spider-Man, $349 PS4 Pro and More

    Save up to 60% on all things PlayStation. Sony Days of Play Sale: $20 Spider-Man, $349 PS4 Pro and More : Read more
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    The Best Strategy Games for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

    With so many strategy games on the market, here are our recommendations for what will keep you busy for hours on end. The Best Strategy Games for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch : Read more
  3. I

    Solved! What is the best gaming headset for me? (Ps4)

    Hello people, I need a gaming headset for my ps4. I especially play fps, so I really prefer true 7.1 surround audio. I also prefer good audio, a good mic and good comfort. I can game for hours. It’s not necessary for me, but it would be fun if I could listen too music with the headset. I noticed...
  4. K

    Solved! Left Right Audio Balance for PS4

    My hearing is worse on one ear, and I can't find an option to balance sound on PS4 like on Windows. Does anyone know any headset, amplifier(?), speakers or anything where I can change the left and right volume balance? Any help is appreciated.
  5. M

    Solved! DAC audio in causing hum in computer speakers.

    Hi!, I have a DAC run from my ps4 to my pc so that I can capture the audio to stream with. The PROZOR Digital to Analog Converter 192kHz DAC, to be precise. My computer speakers have a hum in them as a result of using this audio set up. Both my speakers and my DAC are plugged in using aux...
  6. H

    Solved! Optical Audio Passthrough from Ps4 to AV Receiver

    Hello! Planning to buy a PS4 Pro but I have a very important concern for me. I want to connect the PS to the AV by the optical audio out, not hdmi and wanted to know if there is the passthrough option. I will be playing a lot of movies from an external hdd (mkv) with different audio formats (DD...
  7. C

    Solved! Ping 300 plus on PS4 and need help!

    My son plays PS4 but is constantly having problems with his ping being 250-300 and I’m stumped! Only 3 devices connected to WiFi and it is happening at least couple times an hour. Have sky’s top package but they can’t help.speed is 65 so as far as they are concerned not their problem....but...
  8. M

    PS4 Headset for answering calls while gaming.

    I'm on the lookout for a headset for the PS4 to replace my broken Turtle Beach PX4. The PX4 were connected to the controller so not completely wireless which I'm okay with. At the same time I was able to pair my phone to the headphones via bluetooth which enabled me to answer calls while...
  9. J

    Solved! surround sound problem

    hi i bought a HDMI to VGA Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Port and i have plugged this into my chrome book via the vga cable and it works fine but i have another issuse i have tried getting surround sound on my ps4 and its not playing the sound but as soon as i turn to normal tv the surround sound is...
  10. Lukasamba

    Turning a laptop into console-like gaming

    Hello guys, i have gaming laptop, which can run newest games 1080p@High no problem, i just really like console gaming, i mean, i like those thing like ps4 has, psn store, that menu, turning on and going straight to gaming without any worries, i really like gaming with gamepad, even i am playing...
  11. V

    Solved! HDMI source connected to displayport monitor HP25X

    I have tried to connect PS4 or ABox to a displayport of my newly bought HP25X monitor (144Hz) with an HDMI Cable + HDMI/DP adapter but without success. Any idea why it does not work ? what should I do to make it work ? Thanks
  12. J

    Solved! Hdr choice greyed out in projector settings

    I have the latest Optoma 4K projector I'm running an ultra 4K fire stick and a PS4 Pro through a 4K Onkyo receiver pass through and I cannot get HDR choice in my projector settings it only shows in 1080p
  13. S

    Solved! Teac DVD player breaks Sony Bravia Device Sync

    Hi all! I have a Sony Bravia with a Sony sound bar, a PlayStation 4 and an Apple MacBook Pro all plugged into it via HDMI. The TV can connect to and control the sound bar and PS4 using the device list (change volume, operate the PS4 etc.) However when I plug in a Teac DV-4000 (DVD player) via...
  14. X

    Solved! Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO On Ps4

    Hello All, Straight into it I'm not gonna act like a pro or rookie when it comes to audio I don't know that much. Sorry if it's a repeat question but looking at other questions is confusing especially when it gets well off from the original. So I'm looking into getting a set of Beyerdynamic DT...
  15. C

    Solved! How to connect PS4 Pro to normal monitor with VGA.

    watch this video you will now how to connect ps4 pro to monitor with vga. without any adapter.. all you need is you pc or laptop.. * Mode edit, changed link. Posts that promote driving traffic/ads to sites are not allowed...
  16. K

    Solved! Projector Setup Assistance

    no longer needed ......
  17. M

    External sound card for HD598SR (for PC/PS4)

    Hey, need some help here since the whole thing with sound cards, amps and dacs always drives me crazy. Short story. I'm planning to buy the Senn HD598SR, but I'm also looking for something to drive them properly. From what I've seen they're easy to drive, so I don't need to spend a fortune. I...
  18. R

    How to Watch Netflix on a PlayStation 4

    American entertainment giant, Netflix is one of the world’s leaders in online movie and TV show streaming service. With a library of over a thousand movies and TV shows to choose from, Netflix provides its users with an exceptional entertainment experience. Netflix has had a deep effective...
  19. K

    Stereo Sound Problem in Windows 10

    I have problem with my laptop sound. In This video I test my HyperX cloud 2 on 3 devices (laptop, PS4, phone) I figure out In my phone and PS4 stereo sound quality is good I can know where the sound come from right or left but In my laptop it...
  20. P

    I have the same problem but with a ps4.

    I’ve tried multiple inputs, different chords and reset both. I’m on vacation and this isn’t my tv but I brought my PlayStation and the tv just says no signal.
  21. T

    Need Dolby 7.1 On PS4 Slim

    So the PS4 slim has no optical out and I need a way to get Dolby 7.1 on it. I’ve been looking for an adapter and I need anything at this point. Please help!
  22. B

    Solved! how to connect a black web video converter to a sansui tv

    I have a sansui tv , an a black web video converter so the ps4 can work. but its not connecting an I've searched up so many sites and videos , but nothing seems to be working for it. what should I do that will help?
  23. L

    Solved! Ps4 family manager change

    How can I change the Family Manager on the PS4? My son is the family manager at the moment and I want to change it to my name so I can restrict the time he plays on it.
  24. N

    Solved! Sound Not Working

    I’m running a optical from ps4 to soundbar and hdmi from ps4 to Projecter, there is sound coming from soundbar when speaker test and projector itself but no sound out of ps4 to sound bar
  25. D

    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital o

    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital optical audio cable
  26. C

    Solved! LG Home theater setup with PS4 and SKY Receiver

    Hello guys, i hope this is the right place and you can help me out: I want to connect my ps4 and my sky receiver (for tv, movies, ...) to a home LG 5.1 home theater sytstem. I tried almost everything with hdmi or/and toslink cables but i couldnt figure it out how to set it up. These are the...
  27. I

    Solved! Mini Jack to mixer??

    I currently have 3 inputs (xbox, ps4 & pc) but only one sets of speaker. It's the logitech Z-5300. My speaker only have 3 mini jack as the output. it plug perfectly on my pc without problem but i can't plug my 2 other consoles.. is there any small mixer or any other easy way I could plug all...
  28. J

    Solved! my priority is gaming, but I have zero experience with ps4 or Xbox gaming, which gives better gaming experience laptop or ps4.

    I am not good at using joystick also, especially for fifa. But still while considering the price I am just confused. Is laptop asus tuf fx 504 only HDD(no ssd ) is any good? I see some negative reviews , please give a suggestion. Thank you
  29. L

    Solved! Is there any advantage to connect cable box to soundbar?

    I have a setup with 4k Samsung tv, Sony soundbar, blu ray player, PS4. I'm upgrading the blu ray player to a 4k player and will also redo the existing connections so that I can take advantage of lossless audio. TV has 4 HDMI ports (1 ARC). Soundbar has 3 HDMI In and one HDMI out. However...
  30. R

    Surround Sound Not Working

    My set up is: PS4, to HDMI splitter (which also has a Nintendo Switch that is not on), to a Vizio 5.1 channel sound system, to my Vizio TV. The 2 rear speakers don't work. The rear speakers are wired to the subwoofer, which is wirelessly connected to the sound bar. Is the HDMI splitter the...
  31. M

    PS4/PC Simultaneous Input/Output

    How can I get my headset to receive audio from my ps4 and pc and output my mic to them at the same time ( I wanna be able to play games on my pc but be in a ps party chat to talk to my friends with one headset)
  32. K

    Solved! How to put Netflix that comes with cable on ps4

    How to put Netflix that comes with cable on ps4
  33. H

    Solved! Can you split 1 USB signal to two devices ?

    hello everyone I am not sure if this is a stupid question or not. But i have a usb home 2.1 system. I am looking to buy a Ps4 in the near future and i was wondering if there is a way i can use my system on both my PC and my PS4 without having to plug in and out cables every time i want to...
  34. F

    Solved! HDMI ARC Doesn't Work On Soundbar With PS4 Plugged To The TV

    I have a Yamaha Yas-207 Soundbar plugged into my Samsung TV via HDMI ARC. Everything works fine when I have only the cable box and the soundbar plugged with HDMI cables into my TV. However, when I plug my Playstation 4 to the TV with an HDMI cable, the HDMI ARC stops working with my soundbar. I...
  35. G

    Fallout 76 Price Drops to $35 for Cyber Monday

    Amazon and Jet have the best Fallout 76 Cyber Monday deals. Fallout 76 Price Drops to $35 for Cyber Monday : Read more
  36. R

    Audio Setup Issues for PC/PS4/TV Combo

    Hi all, Looking for some advice to help me sort out my setup at home. Just bought a new 4K TV so I have my PS4 pro and my PC connected to the two 4K 60Hz HDR enabled HDMI ports that my TV has, one of which is the ARC port. The other two HDMI ports don't support the enhanced HDMI format that I...
  37. E

    asus rog 7.1 usb headset audio doesn't works on ps4

    Hello, I have a asus rog 7.1 usb headset
  38. M

    How to make soundbar work with PS4 slim

    I have PS4 Slim and im thinking of buying soundbar. The problem is that PS4 slim or my tv doenst have optical audio port. My tv doenst have ARC either. So can i connect my PS4 to soundbar with hdmi and then attach another hdmi cable from soundbar to tv?
  39. A

    Solved! Is HDR for console gaming worth it?

    Hello all. So I have an Xbox One X and a PS4 Pro and I’m trying to determine which tv would be best to play it on. I know this comes down to player preference but I also want to get the most out of my consoles and TVs. So currently I have the following TVs: 55” Sony: XBR55X700D 43” Samsung...
  40. M

    Why does the FPS drop when playing standard PS4 through 4k tv?

    Hello guys, I recently bought a 70 inch 4k LG TV (70UK69) and when I connected my ps4 (not pro, 2013 model) to play blackops4, I immediately realized a difference as the image felt sluggish and it felt like it was not 60 FPS. What is the reason of this problem and how can I solve it? Do I have...
  41. G

    Best Puzzle Games on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Mobile

    From the block-breaking action of Tetris to the brain-bending exploration of Portal, here are the best puzzle games to play now. Best Puzzle Games on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Mobile : Read more
  42. H

    Solved! PS4 connection to cable box

    Can I play my PS4 with a old tv ? And what input does it use ?
  43. G

    Solved! Combining PC and PS4 audio

    As the titles says i wan't to combine my PS4 and pc audio together. I have searched alot but cannot find a specific anwser for me. I know why would you want to combine them you ask, i just don't wanna switch evertying around every time. . I either use apple earbuds to listen or my astro A40...
  44. M

    Solved! Best way to connect ps4/pc to my amp using a projector

    hi, I just received a new amp, this is my first time setting one up and frankly I don't know much abt them. I have connected my projector (BenQ W1070), my pc and my ps4 to the amp (Yamaha RXV383) with hdmi cables. Now what cables do I need to use to get the best sound out of my...
  45. G

    The 13 Best Rockstar Games of All Time, Ranked

    From Grand Theft Auto to Red Dead Redemption and everything in between, here are the best Rockstar games of all time. The 13 Best Rockstar Games of All Time, Ranked : Read more
  46. N

    Solved! Need help with audio from PS4 & PC

    Hi I have been trying to figure this out for the longest time now and just need some straight answers I can't seem to get if at all possible. Okay so I am going to be building a new PC in the next few months to accommodate for a dual monitor set-up but I also want to use a (PS4 Slim)with the...
  47. T

    steelseries arctis 3 pc connector......want to use on ps4 tho!

    arctis 3 (original) trying to connect to ps4, my arctis 3 headset has the pc (dual 3.5mm) connector, but I want to use it on ps4 controller, can I use a splitter of some kind? and if so is there a specific type of splitter to use for this headset/ps4 connection? or does any dusl to single 3.5mm...
  48. L

    Solved! PS4 Sound setup

    Hi guys, Just wondering if this set up is correct, basicly i want 5.1 surround My PS4 Is connected to my TV via HDMI My TV is connected to my sound system via OPTICAL What settings should my ps4 be set to so i get 5.1 sound? if i look at my surround system its set up stereo X2, but my centre...
  49. M

    Should I get a mixer or an interface? Please help.

    Hi, I'm trying to get a device where I can plug in my mic, PS4, and PC audio and have it all come out through my headphones or speakers. I want to do this so I won't have to block out my PC audio if I play a PS4 game. I was thinking of getting a mixer, but I thought about all the cables...
  50. P

    Can you reuse 3.5 to USB adapters which came with Logitech headphones?

    For years, my kids have been using a Logitech G430 headset for gaming on the PS4, or for gaming on the PC. The headset came with a USB adapter they plug the 3.5 connectors into if they are on the PC. I have a 10-port USB3 hub which sits on the desk in front of the monitor. If they are on the...
  51. A

    Solved! What is the best way to play fortnite on the go

    I was wondering what is the best way to play fortnite on the go I already of a ps4.i go to my friends house a lot and I want to play with him so should I get a laptop an iPad or a Nintendo switch I need it all to be under 500 dollars and about 600 if I go for the laptop
  52. K

    3-Way audio setup

    Hello! I have a 2017 macbook, that will be hooked up to a monitor with 3.5 mm minijack output (its a hub), i have a PS4 that just has USB, and i have a Windows computer. I'd like all of these to be connected to 1 headphone,1 pair of speakers and 1 microphone I know I need a mixer, but not...
  53. S

    My husband and I love fortnite..we have 2 epic and 2 psn accounts..a ps3 and a ps4..2 55 inch tv..can we play with each other

    Ik fortnite is not split screen.. but with 2 tvs..2 accounts..2 smart phones.. one ps4 and a ps4 isn't the a way to play together?
  54. S

    Solved! Stream laptop good?

    Hi, Im willing to stream soon and I am looking for a good laptop for this but also to carry to school ( university) and do my school tasks with it I got in mind the new Lenovo Legion Y530 I7 8th gen and 1050 graphics or the asus FX504 i7 8th gen 1050 TI graphics or the acer nitro 5 I7 8th gen...
  55. Z

    What is the best gaming headset for ps4 with 7.1 sound surround

    What is the best gaming headset to buy for CONSOLE (PS4) WITH TRUE 7.1 surround sound NOT DIGITAL ? Can someone please tell me !!
  56. Z

    concerns with T.V. choice for ps4 pro 4k gaming.

    Hello everyone, so I am considering buying this T.V. to play my ps4 pro in 4k mode on. I am worried however that I will have noticeable lag as it is 60hz tv. can anyone tell me...
  57. A

    Blue Yeti/Turtle Beach/PS4 combo possible?

    Is there any way to connect my Blue Yeti along with my wireless Turtle Beach Stealth 600’s to my PS4? I’d like to use the Yeti as my mic instead of the mic in the Turtle Beach wireless headset if at all possible.
  58. C

    HDMI to 3.5mm audio splitter (HDMI OUT to 3.5mm IN)

    I am looking for an HDMI audio splitter. Basically I want to extract the audio from my HDMI cable so I can connect this to my audio speakers, which use 3.5mm jacks. I was hoping to connect my PS4 to my speakers this way, because the speaker cables are way too short to connect all the way to my...
  59. D

    Need help with a Channel Scan

    Sharp TV asking for channel scan My tv is asking me to do a channel scan but I dont have cable. I stream everything off my PS4. How do I fix this? Thanks! :)