Turning a laptop into console-like gaming


Oct 26, 2015
Hello guys, i have gaming laptop, which can run newest games 1080p@High no problem, i just really like console gaming, i mean, i like those thing like ps4 has, psn store, that menu, turning on and going straight to gaming without any worries, i really like gaming with gamepad, even i am playing some shooters with it, but i just can't buy now a ps4. So i have tried a steam big picture mode, it's not bad, but it really has some cons i hate, i have heard about Steam OS, but the performance of gaming is worse than Windows. So maybe there are some tools or all games launchers ? Maybe somehow it is possible to make, so when i turn on my laptop, i will get some menu or launcher where i see what games i am installed/bought and i can go straight into a gaming ? Share your ideas please.


Sep 4, 2007
If you don't like steam big picture mode steam OS is gonna drive you nutz. Can't say I know much of other launchers as most gamer's aren't eager to add more processing overhead to their machines.
Jan 16, 2019
I see what you are saying, it would be cool if we could all play what we want on any device but that will most likely never be the case. If there is a PS4 exclusive game that you really want to play than sadly you'll have to go out and buy a PS4 to play it. That's just how it is. But as atomicWAR said, you really won't like Steam OS. Though, I wouldn't suggest getting the Steam OS as some games are limited to it, it would cut back on other games that aren't playable on it. But, like I said, I seriously doubt that Sony would share any of their exclusives to be playable on PC, it would diminish their need to taunt customers in buying the PS4 console. Some people buy the Xbox consoles, from what I've noticed among my friends, because it is the cheapest console to play games compared to buying a high end gaming tower or laptop or a PS4 regular/pro.