HDMI to 3.5mm audio splitter (HDMI OUT to 3.5mm IN)


Feb 20, 2017
I am looking for an HDMI audio splitter. Basically I want to extract the audio from my HDMI cable so I can connect this to my audio speakers, which use 3.5mm jacks. I was hoping to connect my PS4 to my speakers this way, because the speaker cables are way too short to connect all the way to my controller and I don't wanna play with headset all the time.

The closest I found was this, but it is only for the Nintendo Wii, so the video output port doesn't fit HDMI ports.

All the other converters with 3.5mm jacks I can find are HDMI to VGA adapters, but all I need is the exactly same thing with only HDMI in and out, so no VGA ports. If they can make those kinds of converters, I can't imagine it would be hard to create one with only HDMI ports.

I saw some big audio extractors online , but I wanna keep it as small as possible as it has to sit behind my desk close to the wall.

I hope someone can help me! I live in the Netherlands so shipping should be international.