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    Solved! DAC converter doesn’t connect to tv (it does on ps3/ps4 though -help)

    I bought this converter and another two actually. I Tried to connect Them with my jbl es 20 speakers which are connected to the amplifier. The tv is a Samsung ue65ks8080. And changed the settings audio...
  2. M

    Solved! can I split my cable signal into video and audio through a 1 in 2 out HDMI converter?

    Looking for help, I have a new projector and a sound bar that I want to use together, but the projector has no audio out, and I don' want to buy a receiver and speakers at this time. can I split the source by using a 1 in 2 out HDMI converter?
  3. S

    Dvd tuner converter

    Pioneer stereo dvd hook to another pioneer with tuner and dvd player to hook to digital stream converter box to hook to vizio 40 inch flat screen?
  4. C

    Solved! Multisystem tv not picking up OTA channels

    I purchased a Samsung SmartTV (model UA40J5300AKXXA) in 2015 in South Africa. Now back in US, I am trying to use this tv to watch over the air channels (OTA). I purchased a Mohu arc antenna 40, which was recommended by mohu based on my US location. I connected the antenna to my tv (had to use a...
  5. L

    Solved! Stream on box tv

    How do u stream from Android to digital converter box to box tv
  6. G

    Solved! No audio out on my tv. I want to send sound to Bluetooth headphones. What do I need to do this?

    I want to send sound from my tv to Bluetooth headphones. I see where there is a Bluetooth converter on Amazon. Unfortunately my tv has no audio out. Is there a way to connect the converter to my tv.?
  7. V

    Solved! can i use sata to pci-e converter to connect external graphics card for my laptop

    can i use sata to pci-e converter to connect external graphics card for my laptop. iam using dell inspiron 14-3467.
  8. yman1956

    Solved! Surround to Stereo THINGAMAJIG back to 5.1/Surround

    My fancy tuner/receiver will be reduced to stereo output, going to a graphic equalizer (a gift). I need a THINGAMAJIG that will take stereo outputs and divide the sound back to 5.1 / surround again. The subwoofer shall remain connected to the receiver. WHAT IS THE TYPE OF, & NAME OF THE...
  9. G

    dvd player to smart tv

    Have connected dvd to smart tv with a hdmi to scart converter have sound but no picture?
  10. B

    Solved! Connecting TV's digital output to PC's digital input using a converter.

    My TV is an LGOLED55B6V. I'm trying to connect the TV's digital audio output to my PC soundcard's digital input, which is an SPDIF RCA socket. To this end I bought a converter, which has its own power supply. The converter accepts input via a Toslink cable, same as the TV's output. It...
  11. B

    Solved! how to connect a black web video converter to a sansui tv

    I have a sansui tv , an a black web video converter so the ps4 can work. but its not connecting an I've searched up so many sites and videos , but nothing seems to be working for it. what should I do that will help?
  12. Z

    Recast coax to hdmi adapter

    I need an HDMI to coax converter or adapter for my Amazon Recast.
  13. J

    Solved! Optical to rca converter

    I used the optical to rca coverter but theres a static sound i heard from my speaker but doesnt cone out real sound coming from my samsung tv
  14. K

    Solved! Can i give the output of my laptop to rca tv through a hdmi to av 3 cable without converter? Please i need answers.

    I need to get the output of my laptop to av 3 tv
  15. D

    Solved! Rca converter box to a samsung flat screen tv. HD

    How to hook up a rca box
  16. EPiC-PoTaTo-chiP

    Convert ISO to MKV

    Hi! I've downloaded the first 3 episodes of Planet Earth 2 in 4k. The files are .rar files at first, so i have to unpack them, but when i do this, it packs all of the files (about 60 files) into 1 large .iso file. After these steps, I can't convert the .iso file to mkv. I'm sure I'm doing...
  17. L

    I have a super old tv

    Hello I have a Tv (super old tv) that just works with analog cable, and I was thinking using a digital converter box for the tv and plug a HDMI fire stick and connect AV Converter in the tv converter box. But I don't know if it will work and I need some help. If is confusing I'm leaving some...
  18. R

    Solved! Magnavox tv remoteless

    O3 magnavox, remoteless. Trying to hook up converter box. No hdmi on tv. Have a universal remote and antenna not hooked up. Need Very simple instructions please
  19. R

    Solved! Do I need a converter box

    I bought a 70 in Visio d series. We are using a digital antenna. Will I need a converter box.
  20. 1

    Solved! Connecting TV to Soundbar

    I have a TV with coax digital out (no HDMI arc) and a sound bar with HDMI ARC in. Is there a converter from digital coax to HDMI? Right now I have it connected with a converter from digital coax to optical, but A) the connection is sensitive and if bumped cuts out. So I thought HDMI would be...
  21. P

    how to run a passive subwoofer using another amp with pre-out on receiver?

    can i connect my receiver sub pre-out using a coaxial converter to amps rca input to drive my passive subwoofer?
  22. D

    Solved! Sony Receiver STR DN840 - Will it work in Australia?

    Hi all, I have a Sony STR DN840 receiver (the US model) which has AC 120V 60 Hz. Australia has 220 V 50Hz. I will buy a step down converter to get the voltage down to 120, but will the change from 60Hz to 50Hz impact the operation? Thank you! David
  23. L

    Solved! I manually turned off my 4 year old 40 inch tv now I have no cable

    I manually turned off tv because my converter wasn't working. I cannot find the tv converter for it
  24. J

    Solved! How can I connect a cable to a DVD with out a converter box

    I have a cable service but no converter box.. how can I hook up the cable thru a DVD player
  25. K

    Solved! Can’t get my dish tv to work on my new Vizio smart tv e series

    I’m trying to hook up my dish to my Vizio e series smart tv. Dish has a coaxial cable & there’s no port for it on the tv, so I bought a converter box. The converter box menu has me stuck—I can’t figure out how to get my dish up & running. I’ve scanned channels & nothing happens. Help!
  26. R

    Solved! Smart TV with no coax port. And I need to plug one in..

    I have an LG Smart TV with no coax port. The problem is I need to hook up a "house" feed at work that is a coax cable. Is there any way of converting the coax to HDMI so that I can plug it in and get this feed? Or is this 40" "TV" doomed to just be an over sized computer monitor? Thanks for your...
  27. T

    Solved! VGA to HDMI Converter not working (Panasonic LB78V to Lenovo Y40-70)

    Hello. So a friend of mine bought a projector (Panasonic LB78V) for us to use to project stuff for our church services. This brand of projector is pretty old-school and does not come with a HDMI port (does have VGA). Our laptop of use, Lenovo Y40-70, however, does have HDMI port but not VGA. SO...
  28. C

    How do I use a speaker to line converter? Loud hissing.

    Okay so I'm using a speaker to line converter, this one: for a cd player...
  29. M

    Solved! Using a digital to analog converter to use headphones on TV

    My Samsung TV doesn't have a headphone jack, so I'm trying to find a way to hook up headphones (sound carries a lot in our house!). After looking into some things, I recently bought a "Digital to Analog Converter, 2 SPDIF, 2 Coaxial Audio Switcher." I attached it to the TV via the Digital Audio...
  30. T

    Solved! Can I run my sat tv sig through a digital converter box?

    Dealing with a older tv, can I run my sat tv sig through a digital converter box?
  31. W

    Make a converter box

    I have an old analog tv but can't afford a converter how can I make my own
  32. S

    under the counter television

    I have an older under the counder television with no hdmi and only a video cable outlet, Im trying to hook up the firestick. I bought the mini converter with the hdmi and the avc outlet but I still cannot get the connection for the firestick. It was at one time hooked up to a cable box do I need...
  33. M

    how do I hook up my tv box to a video converter .

    how do I hook up my tv box to a video converter HDMI YPbpr
  34. V

    What can I do for my converter box abt7766c work without remote control

    What can I do for my converter box sbt7766c work without control remote?
  35. A

    Active hdmi converter not working with tv box.

    Hello Experts I need help with resolving an display issue. I have recently bought a old UST projector which has vga post only and wanted to connect my tv box and Google crome cast. I have active hdmi converter working fine with Google crome cast and laptop, but not working at all with ip tv...
  36. G

    Best RCA Audio Adapter cable

    I have a second computer monitor with a yellow composite video connector, I want to hook up a game console to it, however I need an adapter to get the RA (White and Red, or possibly just one) to an aux or something. Whats the best way to hook that up to a pair of speakers / headset? There are a...
  37. A

    Increase cooling pad fan speed using boost converter

    I want to improve the cooling pad fan speed connected to my laptop usb port. Can I do it by using a voltage boost converter like this?
  38. C

    HDMI to 3.5mm audio splitter (HDMI OUT to 3.5mm IN)

    I am looking for an HDMI audio splitter. Basically I want to extract the audio from my HDMI cable so I can connect this to my audio speakers, which use 3.5mm jacks. I was hoping to connect my PS4 to my speakers this way, because the speaker cables are way too short to connect all the way to my...
  39. R

    Sky box with scart-HDMI converter-->poor picture quality

    I have an old Sky box (Amstrad DRX550) with Scart only and a new Samsung TV (UE40NU7120K) with only HDMI connections. I have therefore used a Scart-HDMI converter to connect the 2 but the picture quality on the TV is poor. How do I get around this? Do I have to change the specific picture...
  40. A

    VGA to HDMI converter no signal after 5 minutes

    I have connected My STC FTA Set top box to my AOC monitor via VGA to HDMI converter it's works good for five minutes after it start display no signal. I have test with another monitor with same converter and STB problem is still same. Test my set top box to LCD TV via direct HDMI cable working...
  41. B

    Need converter advice

    Have a non- ARC HDMI Samsung tv with two HDMI ports, and no coax, optical, or headphone ports. Want to listen to tv through new Samsung Home Entertainment Center that has HDMI, optical in port, and Aux RCA in. Reading maybe an HDMI converter would wirk but dont know which exact ones would work...
  42. A

    Why won't my songs play after converting them to WMA?

    I recently converted some MP3 files to WMA. These files will play in one vehicle from my USB, but another vehicle will only play one-third of them. I know it's not the converter because some will play and others won't. All the other songs on my USB are also WMA and they play correctly.
  43. A

    how to connect vcr dtv converter to projecting monito th

    How to connect vcr and msgnavix dtv converter to analog projection monitor tv [Moderator note; Requested that OP provide Make and Model information.]
  44. L

    How do I get my analog pc to play on my digital speakers?

    I need a converter to allow my analog Acer computer to play audio through my digital Boston speakers.
  45. B

    I am using hdmi converter to connect my dell laptop. It does not show any hdmi optionin sound system

    When I connect my laptop to projector via hdmi converter. The sound comes throgh laptop only and not through speakers connected with the projector.
  46. T

    Solved! UHF/VHF converted for ROKU

    Hello, I am trying to hook up adapters to an old TV that only has the old UHF VHF screw. I tried a UHF/VHF to coax cable converter to an RF modulator, then the red,white, yellow cord from the RF modulator to an HDMI converter, then plugged my ROKU into that. The ROKU is on and has a solid white...
  47. J

    RCA cable to hdmi splitter

    The hdmi ports on my tv were destroyed by a lightning strike. Can I use a rca to hdmi converter to hook up my receiver for surround sound? Also, can I plug a hdmi spitter into the converter to have two hdmi ports instead of just one? I need to use the receiver and a fire stick at the same time.
  48. L

    What kind of converter cable would I need if I have an older TOSHIBA tv (not HD) and wish to stream with a younger roku?

    I have an older model TOSHIBA tv that is NOT HD that I am wanting to use with my older roku streaming stick. Which HDMI converter cable would I need?
  49. M

    tv converter issue

    the tv in the den is a digital and picks up 28 channels. Mine is a digital without a tuner so I have an rca converter but only get 20 channels. Both using the same house mount antenna. Is it because of the converter that I am receiving less channels than the tv without a converter?
  50. R

    I have a Dynex Model Dx-LCD 32 tv

    Does it need to use A digital converter box?
  51. S

    I have an old Panasonic tv and bought a A/V converter but it doesn’t play sound and it’s black and white

    So we connected that converter to our Xbox one and it doesn’t play sound and it’s in black and white, I read some where maybe we should change the setting to composite but it only gives me component and rbg as an option, rbg just turns it green and no sound, what should I do?
  52. A

    Converter Box HDMI

    Do they make a converter box that have what I need ? I need a converter box that has in and out RCA connector and also I need it to have a in and out HDMI connector to use for my Apple tv device....Is their such a thing ?
  53. B

    Hdmi output question

    I bought a converter box with a hdmi output so i could play a coolbaby it's a mini version of Nintendo and im wondering if there is a way i can play it on the converter box because it only plays with a hdmi output and i only have an old version tv
  54. T

    Can I use a switch or converter for this?!

    I have an old X540 Logitech system and just got a PS4. I am by no means an audiophile but after using these for so long to play games and watch movies it just isnt the same using TV speakers for my PS4. I have an ASUS Z270E that comes with a decent on board sound card along with a PS4...
  55. B

    Would a usb to hdmi converter work on my LG plasma TV?

    Would a usb to hdmi converter work on my LG plasma TV? hdmi port has come loose and i cannot have it fixed
  56. D

    Monitor turns off when VGA adaptor plugged in

    My Lenovo ThinkPad only has a VGA output but the projector I'm using needs HDMI, so I bought a converter. Every time I plug in the VGA converter my monitor turns off. I don't see anything on the projector either. Please help!
  57. W

    tv converter box attaching an antenna for over air whenoaial port broke off

    What type of converter box should I get to hook up my TV since the coaxial Port broke off I know I can use the red white and yellow cord is there a place where the on the converter box is there a place where I can screw in the antenna and then would I be able to connect it to my TV to get...
  58. O

    Connecting headphones to TV without an audio jack socket

    Hi, We have a Samsung MU7400 TV and we need to connect headphones to it. The headphones use a standard audio jack. The TV does not seem to have this socket. The connection on the TV are listed as * 2 USB (0.5A and 1A) * Digital Audio Out (Optical) * 3 HDMI (1 ARC and 2 regular(?)) * Component...
  59. N

    Firestick connection to HDMI 1.1

    How can I connect a Firestick to my older AV receiver that has only an HDMI 1.1 port? Are there any converters from the current HDMI standard to HDMI 1.1?
  60. A

    optical audio out on samsung tv

    changing audio input ftom bitstream to pcm worked to get the optical digital output to work through my converter to my sound system. but it only worked for cable tv programs not internet like netflix. any ideas.