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    can i convert the hdmi port on my laptop into an usb port with a converter?

    My laptop only has 1 usb port and a hdmi port. If i buy a usb (female) to hdmi (male) converter, would i be able to use the hdmi port as and extra usb port? (i would like be able to use my wireless mouse and my usb port at the same time)
  2. G

    Audio Conversion question (Using Switch Sound File Converter)

    I do not know if this is the correct section, but I have an audio related question. I am planning to transition from Android to Apple when I replace my Samsung Galaxy S5 to either an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. I have music stored in FLAC on my computer. I am planning to make .m4a copies of those...
  3. D

    VHS to DVD converter not working

    I purchased a Toshiba DVR620KU VHS to DVD converter. It plays both VHS and DVD so that part is working. However, when following the directions for dubbing, the VHS doesn't play or else the dubbing doesn't work. Any ideas? Toshiba doesn't take calls any longer.
  4. F

    HDMI to VGA Converter

    Hi. I would like to ask how to fix HDMI port of my laptop. I have used it many times in different projector in our school, but yesterday it didn't work I thought my converter was broken so I tried to my co-teacher's laptop it worked. So I don't know if the port is broken or there's something...
  5. P

    TVs with integrated cable box

    I'm starting to look for a new TV and wanted to know if there are any brands that have an integrated cable converter.
  6. T

    Digital to analog audio conversion: how will I connect the devices?

    I have a Samsung 4k Smart Tv and an old Technics SA-EX700 Dolby Surround AV-Receiver and I want to be able to get the sound from the TV to play on the sound system connected to the AV control. Since the audio output of the TV is digital (Toslink connection) and the input from of the ampliphier...
  7. U

    Setting up headphones for gaming (What do I need to simulate surround sound)?

    Im looking to simulate surround sound for gaming purposes. My laptop uses an ESS Sabre Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), though the exact model is difficult to discern, and a Texas Instruments Burr-Brown headphone amp (yes I have a gaming laptop, dont shame me). I know very little about how...
  8. K

    How do i connect my old GE tv and blue ray up with a converter box

    How do i connect my GE tv and blue ray up using a converter box ...plz help
  9. K

    Split cable signal without boxes

    Have cable with one TiVo box(HDMI) would like to split signal to man cave downstairs have 6 tvs can I do this without having to rent little black converter boxes from cable company help it's almost football season
  10. B

    PS4 to TV to Z506

    Hi, I'm new to this forum as have some questions that need your help... I did search the forum and have some basic knowledge, but don't quite understand it... Item included: 1) Hisense 40" TV ( 2) Logitec Z506 Speaker...
  11. D

    Help with Roku

    I have an analog, flat screen Sony Bravia TV hooked up to an antenna plus a digital converter box. I just dropped cable and signed on w/ Directv Now and received a free Roku Premier to stream DTN. Had forgotten that this television was analog since uverse cable box took care of the conversion...
  12. velocityg4

    Best x265 HEVC Video Converter with CUDA Support

    I'm trying to find the best video converter for transcoding video to x265. Requirements - x265 MKV output of course - GPU Hardware Acceleration NVIDIA/CUDA - Constant Quality/Variable Bit Rate settings. (I don't want to waste space with a set Bit rate) - Maintain original aspect ratio -...
  13. L

    , how to connect VCR VHS combo

    Can I hook up my DVD combination VHS recorder to my old TV to use as a converter box
  14. M

    a digital convertor box and Roku streaming stick

    I have a Iview 3100stb digital converter box and the roku streaming stick 3600r and am trying to figure out how to connect them. Right now I have the streaming stick plugged into the HDMI port on the back of the box and the usb cord is plugged into the stick and into the wall and its not...
  15. P

    PS4 hook-up through spectrum hd box

    Can I hook my PS4 up through my head cable box so it will work on my older tv without a converter
  16. A

    AV to HDMI Converter No signal?

    Hiya Folks, I have this issue with an AV to HDMI converter/upscaler, made by enKo products. The issue revolves around the device being plugged in to the TV via HDMI, hooked up to various devices that use AV, such as the older Nintendo consoles, but stating 'No Signal'. The converter should give...
  17. M

    Solved! Need help with ceiling mounted speakers

    My house has stereo speakers mounted in the ceilings of rooms throughout the house, these were installed by the builder and I'm not the original owner. Each room that has speakers has a wall mounted volume control knob in it. In the living room is a wall plate near the entertainment center that...
  18. R

    I have a 6 channel(RCA) output, is there a converter that will change this output digital coax of toslink

    I have a Sony Surround Sound Processor that is 6 channel RCA output, I need to connect it to a Bose Lifestyle surround, I need to adapt the 6 channel RCA to a coaxial or toslink output.. any suggestions
  19. Stumpy122

    Will a 6,3mm -> 3,5mm audio jack converter affect sound quality?

    Hi guys! So I was wondering if a 6,3mm to 3,5mm audio jack converter would have an impact on sound quality? (or maybe delay the sound) The headphones I will be buying are the Sennheiser HD 558 which has a cable with a 6,3mm audio plug, but i'll be using it on a pc that doesn't have a 6,3mm...
  20. M

    LG TV HDMI chip failed; Can I use a converter?

    Last week, the HDMI inputs on my LG TV stopped receiving a signal all-at-once. After reviewing some forums on the subject matter, I am fairly confident the chip on the motherboard failed. I called some local repair shops who suggest that the repair would be ~$200. Are there any other options...
  21. N

    USB headset to 3.5mm AUX?

    I'll keep this short. I've seen the posts saying it's impossible and whatnot, but I don't believe that's entirely true. I am trying to find a method to convert an analog signal from a 3.5mm port to a digital signal for a pair of USB headphones. Logically, I would assume I need an ADC...
  22. S

    Phillips Optical to Speaker

    Have a Phillips 4KHD TV, has one optical output. Also have a mini surround system with a Bose Woofer Box with 4 terminals, two for input, two for output that "feed two separate Tweeters. Would like to connect the Phillips Optical Output port with a cable and converter and connect the two output...
  23. C

    Solved! Digital audio converter to analogue

    I have been trying to play sound from my samsumg smart TV series 7 to my outside external speakers via my marantz amplifier but without any success. I purchased a digital audio converter to analogue as my ampli is an old version. I first connected the optical cable to my TV in the digital audio...
  24. J

    Optical Digital from TV to RCA on the amp

    Before I go to the trouble of figuring out if the converter is bad (by buying a different converter/DAC), does anyone know if the TV will control volume through the amp? I suspect not, but would like to be sure.
  25. K

    Solved! Vizio plasma tv

    How to get free tv station without a converter box
  26. H

    No sound from 5.1 - PC

    Sounds just suddenly stopped, without any reason from my 5.1 sound system. There was a small delay of some 10 seconds every time i put my channel on amp to Digital In-mode, otherwise no problem. Also when i go to Sounds on pc an press "Test", it shows "green marks" on the column (with no actual...
  27. Reggod

    Good video converter?

    I'm looking to convert a 2.42 GB file down to max of 500 mb for upload to Vimeo. Either that or splitting it up into several segments for upload, 500 mb each. Can someone advise me on how to do this without a loss in quality? I'm not sure which software to use. There seem to be so many options...
  28. S

    laptop with multiple monitors

    hey I have a new laptop and i would like to run 2 or maybe 3 monitors on it at the same time. my laptop has one hdmi port and 3 USB slots and one of them is USB 3.0. but the monitors all have VGA and DVI connections. there are so many ways to make a connection. i thought of an active hdmi to...
  29. L

    RCA to HDMI converter - Has Picture but No Sound

    I have a Magnavox smart t.v. The satellite is connected to the t.v. with a coax cable and that works properly with the t.v. input mode on "TV". Here is the problem: I have older components which all have RCA connectors, but the back of the t.v. has the green/blue connections. I bought a...
  30. B

    To connect a blu ray with a converter box and antenna

    1996 tv,blu ray, converter box, and antenna
  31. S

    Will a display port to hdmi 2.0 converter give 5.1 surround through a receiver?

    As above, want to connect my PC to my AV receiver using DP to HDMI 2.0 converter for 5.1 surround. Needs to also do 4k/60. Will this work?
  32. U

    Stay AWAY from eRightSoft's Super video converter FULL of Malware

    It use to be a really good freeware video converter but unless you have Malwarebytes Premium running or purchase the clean installer I would stay away from this Malware/PUP.
  33. L

    Have a panasonic plasma monitor with one cdmi port, an older receiver/tuner and a simple converter box how can I connect a fir

    Have a TH-50PDHD8uk panasonic plasma monitor with one cdmi port, an older STA-3850 receiver/tuner and a simple KCPI converter box how can I connect a fire stick? Thanks
  34. S

    I have an older Samsung rear projection flat screen TV I have a converter box hooked up with rca jacks I just bought a compo

    I have an older Samsung rear projection TV. I have a digital converter box hooked up to it with the red white and yellow RCA wires, the converter box also has an HDMI hook up. So I bought a HDMI to component cord, to replace the RCA cords. And now I can't get anything, what am I doing wrong
  35. C

    TNP Digital to Analog Audio Converter Box Adapter

    Ok I bought TNP Digital to Analog Audio Converter Box Adapter and a digital coaxial cable. It's a very straight forward hook up. I ran the coaxial cable from the TV to the converter box coaxial input. The box has a red and white RCA output and a head phone jack. I am trying to get my TV to...
  36. J

    What component to HDMI converter do I buy

    I have an old Rotel RDV-1040 / old Onkyo receiver TXDS575x / New samsung 9000 TV. What component to HDHI convert do I buy. I looked on Amazon and many to choose from. Thank you for your Help. joel
  37. S

    HDMI to optical video/S video/RCA video with audio converter.

    I'm running a bit outdated home theater that only has optical video/S video/RCA video inputs. I'm looking for a converter box that will allow me to stream HDMI to my home theater receiver that will provide both audio and video. Any know of such a beast?
  38. K

    EAKI HDMI AUDIO-VIDEO Converter Connected To PS4 Slim

    Hello Toms Universe, Need some advise on what to do or how to fix. I got this device from - I connected to my ps4 slim. I can get surround sound. I bought this cable from amazon as well...
  39. MixTipGG

    Trying to find an Analog to Digital converter

    Hello, I am trying to find an Analog to Digital converter. I can only find the opposite (Analog out/Digital in, when I need the opposite.) My TV is a RCA LED55G65RQ: (Microcenter link) I need this but opposite: (Newegg link) I am new to home audio...
  40. B

    I have bought a toslink converter to coaxial but I'm getting no sound from my sound bar ?

    How to convert coaxial to optical I've got the box but no sound
  41. J

    now that time warner cable has become spectrum and I never recieved the converter boxes for our upstairs tvs i have to ourchas

    digital converter boxes
  42. N

    OK recently I tried using youtubr mp3 converter . and it's been cool but ever since last night I can't watch youtube, or take

    youtube wont play after I tried using youtube mp3 converter . and idk what to do. also Instagram videos wont play either
  43. S

    Hdmi to coax converter

    Hi, is there a way I can link my security system via hdmi and combine it to my ota coaxial cable.. and have it converted to a digital rf channel.. like channel 3???? So I can view it catv on all my tvs. Is there anything that does this?
  44. P

    Converter Box not getting any channels from apartment

    I just bought a new 4k tv, but unfortunately it does not have a tv tuner built in. Our apartment has coax connections for our TV service. As such, I bought a digital converter box (iview 3500stbii) to take the coax and output hdmi. The problem I'm having is that the converter box is not finding...
  45. J

    i have the converter but still have no ps4 picture

    I cant get my ps4 to play on my old phillips
  46. H

    Hi have a older computer with a VGA input an brought a new HDTV to use as it's monitor. What converter adapter can i use to co

    Looking for a VGA converter adapter for my old Dell desktop computer to use for my HDTV ( hdmi input) as a monitor.
  47. L

    RCA to MP3 converter not working for using external speakers with tv

    I have a 32" Samsung smart tv with RCA outputs for speakers and I have ca-3090 speaker that I wanted to use for my tv speakers. I bought an RCA to MP3 converter so I could plug the speakers into the tv. However, when I go into settings and change the speaker output to Audio Out, no sound comes...
  48. B

    android tv box

    hello i have a older jvc tv with just a s-video out putt i used a hdmui converter and the screen just rolls now ccsan someone help me
  49. R

    got a RCA converter box STB7766C but the remote won't control the TV. Converter functions ok.

    got a RCA converter box STB7766C but the remote won't control the TV volume, mute, on/off, or input. Converter functions ok to find channels.
  50. T

    Toshiba TV to Yamaha Receiver. Send Help.

    I have Toshiba 52HL167 TV and a Yamaha R-S202 receiver, and the two are not working together. I have a digital audio converter connected to an optical wire and the converter, and RCA plugs going from the converter to the "in" RCA ports on the Toshiba. Another RCA cable connects from the "out"...
  51. the_xeon

    External mic for sony a3000

    I recently bought a used Sony a3000 dslr but found that it dosent have an audio port but a micro usb port, so if i get a micro usb to audio in converter could i plug the mic into the micro usb to audio converter?
  52. L

    I have an acer aspire cloudbook 11 and i have an hdmi cable plugged in, the hdmi is plugged in to an hdmi-dvi converter, and t

    I have an acer aspire cloudbook 11 and i have an hdmi cable plugged in, the hdmi is plugged in to an hdmi-dvi converter, and that is plugged into a dvi-vga converter, when i plug that into my screen my laptop doesnt detect the moniter, please help.
  53. Q

    Tv not getting signal

    What do I need do when tv (Sony KP-43HT20) is not getting signal from converter (KCPI DT504)? Both tv n converter cut off/out after seconds! Been without tv for last few days.
  54. E

    30 Pin Laptop To 40 Pin Screen Converter

    Hello everyone, I have a PCSpecialist CosmosXT Laptop with a 1920x1080 IPS 30 Pin Screen. Recently a relative cracked my screen so I am in the market for a replacement and I have 2 options: I buy the same screen that I am using now. I buy a higher resolution screen for around the same price...
  55. R

    Trying to hook up aRoku Express to an RCA ATSC converter box hooked up to an old analog Magnavox 18 inch TV.

    Made all the connections, but did not know what settings were needs on the TV to make Roku home page appear.
  56. L

    How to connect headphones to Macbook Pro audio port?

    Bought headphones with standard 3.5mm TRS 3-pole jack. It doesn't work in my (older) Macbook Pro. Is there an adapter to convert TRS to TRRS plugs?
  57. M

    What kind of DVR do I need for Cable TV with Digital Converter, Old TV?

    Hi! I just discovered this forum and it looks amazing. I've read a couple of "old TV" threads but am still confused. My cable TV company (small town, local independent company) is "going digital" and I need their Digital Converter box installed. I will lose significant DVD recording...
  58. G

    can you connect a digital converter box to a digital t v to use the audio out on the back of the converter box

    I have A Samsung 32eh4003f tv with no audio out i have cable they charge me 3.99 month to use their adapter can i use a digital box with audio out puts inplace or inconjuction with their adapter without messing up my t v ?
  59. L

    Digital Converter Box Question: Will it work the other way around? (old cable box to new hdmi only tv)

    My father has a cable box that only connects to a tv through a coaxial cable, he got a new tv that only has hdmi ports. I know that a digital converter box can go from a new cable box with hdmi to and older tv that only has a coaxial input, my question is can it work the other way around? An old...