can i convert the hdmi port on my laptop into an usb port with a converter?


Sep 21, 2017
My laptop only has 1 usb port and a hdmi port. If i buy a usb (female) to hdmi (male) converter, would i be able to use the hdmi port as and extra usb port? (i would like be able to use my wireless mouse and my usb port at the same time)
also, the answer was NO.

An HDMI output is just a one-way transfer of video + audio coming from the graphics card.

*If you have USB3 make sure it's a USB3 hub.

THIS is a nice hub.. it will work with USB2, but if you have a different computer with USB3 inputs it will work as well, so might as well get a USB3 hub:

(don't plug any power hungry devices into this though as the USB2 connection can still only handle so much power... I believe it's got two chips, one for USB2 and one for USB3 and defaults to one or the other depending on the connection you plug into)