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    Solved! I got a Phillips t.v my tv doesn't required a converter box but my antenna is not picking up any channels

    I've tried the antenna on another t.v and it does the the same
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    Rca converter box

    Can i use my phone to control my rca converter box.
  3. C

    Solved! How do I get channels using my vizio smart tv with a converter box

    How do I get the converter box to work on a smart vizio tv.
  4. B

    Connect projector to bose solo via HDMI converter

    Hi Ive got a bose solo speaker, first generation i think, an epson projector and an HDMI to HDMI plus audio. Ive connected my now tv box to the HDMI in side of the converter then the epson to the HDMI out. Using either L & R audio cables i plug into the solo speaker turn it all on and i get...
  5. D

    Solved! Laptop to Sony TV, VGA to HDMI converter, getting no signal on TV, Laptop doesnt see TV

    I have a dell laptop that was connected to a sony bravia TV by VGA cable and worked fine. I upgraded the TV to a sony bravia xbr43x800e that only has HDMI. Ive bought 2 different vga to hdmi converters and tried both and I get no signal to the TV. I tried the HDMI cable on something else and it...
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    Watch Digital on an Analog TV?

    Is it possible to watch Digital channels on an Analog TV without using a digital converter box? I have an old CRT TV that does not support Digital and I am just curious if I can watch Digital on it without a converter. I have a converter but it is on another TV
  7. S

    TV - Digital Out - Professional Studio Monitors - HOW to connect

    Hey there. I setup my Bosses office last month. He is into Sound?Audio a lot, and shares the passion for GENELEC Studio monitors, so he ordered them and told me to do the setup to the TV. I know that the Optical Audio Output from the TV is not variable, which brings problems for me. Thats why I...
  8. C

    Converter Box for a Smart TV

    I have a Vizio E-series 55". It doesn't have the coaxial outlet at all. It only has HDMI outlets. I have an antenna purchased separately from the TV set. The antenna only has a coaxial outlet. I was told to purchase a coaxial HDMI converter.... What is it? What kind do I get? Will that work to...
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    Comcast converter box

    My aging mother cannot deal with the complicated Comcast handheld TV remote that comes with the converter box on her bedroom TV. On the other hand, she has two TV's in other rooms with much simpler Comcast remotes, and a small box of some sort on the coax line behind each TV. I'm assuming the...
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    Using Satellite tv and Digital converter box at the same time

    I have a samsung smart tv and I have direct tv service. The direct tv box is connected to my tv with A/V cables. However I also have a converter box with a satellite to watch some channels that are in different languages. My problem is I can't connect the A/V cables from the converter box to the...
  11. A

    HDMI to Component (YPbPr) Box, No Signal

    I am trying to use a converter box to convert my HDMI to Component (YPbPr) signal for my Xbox 360. However, all I get is a No Signal message on my TV. This also happens when I plug my TV into the converter box. The HDMI cable only seems to work when plugged directly into the TV. The device is...
  12. N

    Bought an Optical to 3 x 3.5mm Audio Converter and can't get it to work

    Hello, so, i have a problem and need some help please. My TV only has optical audio out and i bought a 5.1 sound system with 3 x 3.5mm... Already that's a smart choice -.-' Then, i bought a optical audio converter with optical in and 3 x 3.5mm out so i could connect the tv to the sound...
  13. M

    Connecting PS4 to a non HDMI panasonic plasma tv th-50 pv 30 using HDMI to Scart converter

    I Connect PS4 to my panasonic plasma tv th-50 pv 30 using this scala converter I only have sound. No images. What can I do? Thanks Miguel
  14. F

    Hdmi to scart converter not working

    I have an old infocus projector and want to play movies through chromecast I bought a hdmi to scart converter but it isnt working
  15. N

    batch conversion using any audio converter?

    How does one setup batch conversion?
  16. W

    AKAI DVD to Philips TV

    I got a converter hdmi to scart for my region free AKAI DVD player to a Phillips hdmi tv. (Only has hdmi connection) I put in everything & went into source hdmi 1 (from where I put the hdmi lead onto the tv from the converter) & it says no signal. The scart & hdmi are in right the converter, so...
  17. W

    Toshibi DVD player to the latest smart Phillips TV

    I bought a converter hdmi to scart, for my toshibi DVD player to my newest smart philips tv. I put in everything correct to the converter, went to hdmi 1 source & it says no signal. Why is this?
  18. P

    How to connect Panasonic Viera 58DX802B to a NAD amplifier with only analogue (RCA, red, white) input?

    Any suggestions please? Has anyone had success in connecting TV HDMI audio output via a converter to analogue (RCA) amplifier input?
  19. R

    RCA (analog) signal over HDMI in wall cable

    I have an HDMI cable already in the wall, but only need to run an RCA signal for a subwoofer. How to I adapt the cable to connect RCA to RCA?
  20. G

    Cable box audio out analog vs. TV Optical audio out with converter to analog. Which connection to an analog pre -amp is sonica

    Which provides better sound quality to an analog pre -amplifier with RCA plugs. ??? Connect from cable box ,or use theTV's optical audio out with a converter to analog ????
  21. E

    Converter box setup

    I have a RCA TV and I m trying to setup Motorola converter box to it with the yellow, white and red cord
  22. D

    Digital to Analog Converter not working on LG65C7P OLED TV

    I just purchased an LG65C7P OLED TV. I'm attempting to connect it to an analog Onkyo TX-8511 receiver. After reading threads here I purchased this DAC: Connected DAC to TV audio out via...
  23. T

    Audio Format Converter Software That Can Convert An Entire Playsist

    I have found some audio file format converter programs that convert individual lossless files to MP3 files, but does anyone know of a program that can convert an entire playlist?
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    Use one remote with my Samsung flat screen TV and my digital converter box which remote do I use

    I haven't Samsung HDMI flat screen TV and an RCA digital converter box I don't know what remote I have to use to change my channels volume and Power
  25. M

    Analog TV from internet through Roku (Is converter needed?)

  26. S

    hdmi to rca converter box to play tv audio through older receiver

    trouble connecting new panasonic tv to older sony receiver with hdmi to rca converter box to play tv audio through external just not getting this. i got a hdmi to rca video converter box because the sony gx67es reciever doesnt have hdmi or the digital audio ports only im...
  27. L

    Record cable TV UPDATE

    I have TWC with a DVR in the bedroom and a very small digital converter box in the living room - coax in and out and HDMI out. I get one channel in living room that I do not get on my DVR and I would like to record a show. Worst case, I see manually changing the channel on the small converter...
  28. 0

    HDMI arc converter

    Does a HDMI arc converter work I have a Sylvania tv that do not support HDMI arc but my Denon receiver does
  29. B

    Firestick to hdmi

    I have everything hooked up right I think . Firestick to hdmi converter to dvd recorder. When dvd recorder is turned on all I get is a grey screen no Kodi or Amazon
  30. B

    Connecting LG 50LF6000 to Sony str-dh130 reciever

    Recently bought a dac digital to analog converter but still no luck
  31. B

    What is the difference?

    What is the difference between a Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth converter? I'm quite a newbie to the subject of bluetooth.
  32. D

    Wondershare Video Pro

    I'm using Wondershare Video Converter Pro... I'm using it to convert .vob into MP4, Some of my vob convert and a few will not, they are not corrupt as I can still play them. I've reached out to their tech support with little to no help...I even sent the file I was trying to convert only to have...
  33. B

    Solved! Bought a converter and sound bar still not working with TV

    Hi all, I am having the hardest time getting this sound bar to hook up with this TV. I have a LG 65LB5200 that ONLY has an Coaxial Digital Audio Out for use of sound systems. My roommate has what I believe is Samsung 2.1 HW-KM36 Channel 130W Soundbar System. It does not have Digital Coaxial...
  34. V

    2006 Samsung TV no hdmi output what converter to I use to have both video & audio from a wireless blu ray?

    I just purchased a Samsung Blu Ray Wireless player to try and get Netflix, etc on my kid’s 2006 Samsung TV. It does not have an HDMI port it only has DVI, PC, Audio, and Component ports in the back. The Blu Ray only has an HDMI and audio port. I have no clue what I’m doing, but I started with a...
  35. N

    Using Portta HDMI/Component converter to RCA TV

    Hello, I am trying to use a video converter to plug my Raspberry Pi into an old RCA tv, however the outputs on the converter are component (Red, Green, Blue / Red, White). Is there any way to convert the HDMI from the Pi to the TV (which is only RCA Red Yellow White)?
  36. E

    Solved! 30 pin EDP to LVDS Converter

    Hello everyone, I have an Asus ROG GL551JX (I think) 15.6" laptop with a 1080p LCD screen. It is a TN panel with a low contrast ratio, narrow viewing angle, and small color gamut. Not only is the panel of poor quality, but the 1080p resolution is too dense for the screen size and the desktop is...
  37. T

    Outputting A Coaxial Signal On a Crt?

    I have a Toshiba CRT and am looking to output it to an RCA converter. I have everything set up except I have no idea if the Coaxial (Type F Jack) can output video. Is there any way I can tell?
  38. J

    Trying to get audio to Old Sony Strd515 receiver from not so new Sharp tv.

    I’ve been trying to connect my Sharp LC-19DV24U to my old Sony STRD515 receiver. The receiver has no digital input/output. I bought a digital to analog audio converter and a coaxial cable because the tv only has a coaxial output. I connected it all and no sound! I tried all the different...
  39. A

    Solved! Using DAC and/or AMP on portables Bang&Olufsen H9 and Beolit15 ? Is it worth the effort ??

    Hello all, well these two are usually linked to a mac or iphone, via BT however, both do have a 3.5 m line-in jack. I could've lived with their little downsides (H9 lacks volume/ Beolit lacks esprit) until, I found your thread here and also this Audirvana software came across my eyes...
  40. Thines_1

    Looking for a better alternative for this converter

    Hey! I have this VCD/AV converter to transmit video from my STB to my TV downstairs (Picture of the converter below), but it only delivers SD quality. I know its using a AV input, is there any alternatives using HDMI to deliver HD quality because i could find anything similar to it. It also has...
  41. M

    Connect Bose Lifestyle 5 to Samsung smart tv

    I have an old analog Bose system that I can't figure how to connect to my Samsung Smart TV UN32J5205. I think I have to get a digital to analog converter?? I'm wondering if I need to get another converter as well. My stereo receiver has the red white and yellow ports. My TV has the red white...
  42. S

    Can I use a USB A male to 3.5mm 4 pole Converter cable to connect echo dot to my stereo usb input designated for iPod?

    My home stereo has a USB input labeled input iPod. I want to connect an echo dot to this but that requires a 3.5 mm cable out of the Dot with a USB end to insert into the stereo. Will this cable work USB A male to 3.5mm 4 pole Converter cable?
  43. S

    Dish Network RF coax to HDMI converter?

    I have an RV that has a Dish network receiver with HDMI and coax outputs. The RV is pre-wired with coax that sends the signal from the Dish receiver via coax to the TV's. I would like to have HD to one of the smart TV's however it would be a huge task to remove the ceiling to gain access to the...
  44. K

    47ls4500 optical audio problem

    I finally decided to connect my 47LS4500 to my stereo using an optical digital converter to conventional RCA jacks. I've tried everything on my TV and nothing works. I have verified that the cable and converter are good since I tried it on my sanyo TV to a different stereo. No problem. I...
  45. S

    i recently bought a tft monitor screen, a free to air box which i connect to my screen using the Hdmi to Vga converter, but th

    HDMI to VGA on a tft monitor screen
  46. A

    What if antenna input is broke can use HDMI for a converter

    I have a TV that antenna is broke wondering if I can use it HDMI cord for a converter box
  47. S

    usb to hdmi converter not working

    my usb to hdmi converter says not running in 3.0 and wont display on my tv
  48. S

    Solved! Connecting soundbar to tv

    How do I connect my iLive soundbar model ITB284B B to my Emerson 50 inch tv model LF501EM5F? What of converter do I need?
  49. M

    VGA to HDMI Converter

    Hi, I have an old Samsung TV which accepts both VGA and also HDMI. I have an android tv box with an HDMI port. I want to use the VGA port on the tv instead of the HDMI because of another issue. I bought a VGA to HDMI converter Now i noticed that this...
  50. A

    Solved! Composite to HDMI Converter Doesn't Work On Monitor

    I think this is the right section, i tried. And before anyone says to search for answers before posting, I looked EVERYWHERE for a solution. Okay, guys. I recently bought a YPbPr to HDMI converter from Amazon to play my PS2 on my new monitor. I have the PS2 set to YPbPr and it worked great when...
  51. D

    Using a laptop (without HDMI-in) to view HDMI content (like a TV)

    I have an HDMI device that I want to watch on my laptop (which has no HDMI-in port). Is there a way to use some HDMI/USB converter? I've found converters that will allow me to capture the video, but it's unclear if they will allow me to watch it in real-time. I basically want to use the laptop...
  52. S

    Need help connecting my soundbar.

    I impulsively purchased a Samsung HW-km36/za soundbar that comes with a toslink cable. My Vizio e series TV does not have a toslink connection on it. I purchased a digital to analog audio converter. I connected the optical cable to the soundbar and the other end to digital to analog audio...
  53. G

    How to Convert DVDs and Blu-Rays into Digital Files

    Want to get rid of your discs? Here's how to convert DVDs and Blu-rays into digital files that you can watch on any device. How to Convert DVDs and Blu-Rays into Digital Files : Read more
  54. nwgamelover

    Solved! Headphones for TV, will these work?

    I know now thanks to Toms Guide, what I need to hook headphone to my Sanyo TV. But now I am wondering about a pair I found rated very highly here ( http:// ), if these will work with my TV. The video on these is showing the headphones with a laptop, so not being smart about these things, I...
  55. T

    what converter box to use

    i got a pioneer receiver model number vsx-d409 and a vizio tv. I need to know what converter box model number and company that carries it to have surround sound . The tv has hdmi audio out put and I want to use the receiver for surround sound , So what converter box and cables do I need to have...
  56. G

    everyone gets this channel but me

    I live in an apartment building with a roof antenna and I use a digital converter. Suddenly it's saying a certain channel is Invalid; however, everyone else in the building still gets it. Did I delete or something, and how can I get it back?
  57. R

    Do I need converter box to get antenna in on Santo tv

    What is that I do not understand
  58. L

    Just Being Clear

    So if I'm understanding right if the coax on the back of the tv is broken all you would need to do is buy a converter/dvr box and connect the hdmi cable to the tv and box and you will be able to see local tv???
  59. H

    Do i have to use a converter box with clear tv on a samsung smart tv

    Can't get any channels on my samsung smart tv with clear tv do I have to use a converter box too
  60. M

    Coaxil broke on vivio tv I have digital TV converter and recorder plus amplified antenna how do I connect them to show local

    Antenna is coaxil converter has HDMI and coaxil