Solved! Bought a converter and sound bar still not working with TV


Feb 4, 2018
Hi all,

I am having the hardest time getting this sound bar to hook up with this TV. I have a LG 65LB5200 that ONLY has an Coaxial Digital Audio Out for use of sound systems. My roommate has what I believe is Samsung 2.1 HW-KM36 Channel 130W Soundbar System. It does not have Digital Coaxial and she has always used the Optical port for it. So, I decided to buy a Digital Coaxial to Optical converter ( because I read that should work fine, and it still isn't working. All I can do in the audio settings of my TV is turn off the speakers which I've done and that doesn't help. Soundbar is set to D. In.

Would greatly appreciate some help. I've looked all over the internet and nothing is helping me with my converter issue.
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