Question Connecting a sound bar to tv with optical and spdif connections

May 7, 2022
Hello, im not sure what cables I need to connect my sony soundbar to a TV or if it is possible.
The soundbar has a connection saying TV input optical.
Besides hdmi, usb and av the TV just has a circle connection labeled SPDIF.
Is it possible to connect them through these ports?
I see there is cables called full size toslink to mini toslink that looks like it would fit but not sure if its for these connections.
I also see there are converters.
The tv does not have bluetooth so cable is only option.

Thanks for any help!

Jeffrey Mayer

Nov 10, 2014
I have an early MY SONY sound bar....I chucked the red/white plugs and used an Optical connector.. Fits into the red backlight port on the back of the TV. The optical port is clearly marked on the Sony... the optical port has a protective door ..and fits in only one way via slot...must fully seat the connector until your hear a click. That should do it w/ a straight hook-up. It you have a DV,D, X-Box via HDMI...just make sure what HDMI port each is plugged into when changing TV input
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