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    Question Connecting 3.5mm output (projector) to digital input (soundbar). Please Help!

    Hi. I am trying to connect my ViewSonic PX701-4K projector to a recently purchased soundbar (Samsung HWA550), and I am really struggling! There is only a 3.5mm audio output on the projector, and the soundbar has 4 inputs. Hdmi, hdmi arc, optical audio, and USB. There is also Bluetooth but the...
  2. lexmart

    Solved! Troubleshooting Converting VHS to Digital

    I'm having issues converting VHS tapes to digital. I'm using VIDBOX software for Mac on a MacBook Pro. The VHS player is within my TV, a Panasonic PV-C1330W. Its a 13" Diag. Mono TV / 2-Head Mono VCR Combination. It only has (2) RCA ports, Video In and Audio In. The converter from VIDBOX...
  3. R

    Solved! No digital audio out on Samsung smart TV UN65KS8500FXZA

    I want to connect a sonos playbase to the Samsung tv that does not have a digital audio output. This TV has a one connect box that has a HDMI-ARC connection, but there is no HDMI on the speaker. Right now the speaker is connected through the Directv optical output, which works but when I set...
  4. R

    Solved! Looking for digital channels

    How can i get digital channels on my tvitd a 61udx10b i wanna know if it can get a digital signal
  5. J

    Solved! digital cable won't stick in the Vizo sound bar

    digital/optical cable won't stick into the Vizo sound bar, looks like plastic that holds the cable in the sound bar is missing a side, is there a way to fix without using RCA cables
  6. A

    Help getting Dolby Digital to work from my PC

    Hey, I have a DVD that supports Dolby Digital. When I use the DVD with my standalone DVD player and connect it to my Onkyo TX-NR509 receiver the Dolby Digital logo lights up in red. I also have a DVD player in my Windows 7 PC which is connected via HDMI to my receiver. When I put the DVD in...
  7. B

    Getting Soundbar to Work With TV

    I have a Proscan PLDED4016A-G HDTV(not a smart TV) and a Visio 2.0 Soundbar. All I can see is a digital coaxial cable audio out on the TV and the soundbar has a Toslink and AUX 3.5mm analog audio input. I purchased a digital coax input to optical(toslink)output converter box to go between the...
  8. L

    Solved! Stream on box tv

    How do u stream from Android to digital converter box to box tv
  9. D

    Don't have remote

    Don't have remote I have a Toshiba 50 l1360 you television and I don't have the remote I need to scan it for a TV antenna digital input how do I do it
  10. M

    Solved! Installing Digital Antenna

    Hi all, first post here. I'm looking for online resources to learn about cable wiring in my house. I want to move to a digital antenna and cut my cable TV bill. I have a cable connection box in my garage, but I'm not sure what those cables do in there. I'd like to learn about that connection box...
  11. J

    Solved! Audio cable choice

    Hi! I have my PC hooked up to the TV via HDMI cable, so I basically use it as a large monitor to watch Netflix and stuff. I'm currently looking to buy a soundbar for the TV. What type of cable makes the most sense in this scenario? The options are: AUX in Digital coaxial in Digital optical in...
  12. R

    Connecting a speaker to smart tv.

    I have a samsung smart tv and I want to plug the digital optical out to an old stereo speaker with a 2 wire connection. How do I do that?
  13. T

    Solved! How to scan a Sylvania model #LC320SLX for any free channels without cable and without a remote

    I have a Sylvania Model# LC320SLX and I am trying to find out how I can we can for any over the air free digital channels without having any cable and without have a remote
  14. D

    Solved! New non bluetooth samsung UN43NU6950. I need to make this bluetooth compatible. Digital audio output. Needs to be reasonabl

    Turning New Samsung UN43NU6950 bluetooth Compatible.
  15. T

    Who processes the sound when SmartTV app is connected to a soundbar via HDMI-ARC?

    I use my TV's built-in apps to watch Amazon videos, Netflix, Spotify, etc. If I connect a soundbar to it over HDMI-ARC and the soundbar supports DTS Virtual X but the TV doesn't, will I still get the full benefit of DTS Virtual X? I'm curious to understand how the sound processing works in...
  16. B

    Solved! Connecting TV's digital output to PC's digital input using a converter.

    My TV is an LGOLED55B6V. I'm trying to connect the TV's digital audio output to my PC soundcard's digital input, which is an SPDIF RCA socket. To this end I bought a converter, which has its own power supply. The converter accepts input via a Toslink cable, same as the TV's output. It...
  17. C

    Solved! hooking up surround sound to dvd player

    I have an old model surround sound, a sony STR-DE345. And my dvd player is a GE1101P. I can get audio through the surround speakers, but no bass. I just have the white and red audio cables connected from the dvd player to the surround unit. I've messed around with all the settings I know...
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    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital o

    I have a Kenwood Stereo system, but it doesn’t have an HDMI port on it. I hooked up my stereo to the PS4 using the digital optical audio cable
  19. M

    Solved! Yamaha RX-V467 digital receiver to connect sound from Toshiba TV that uses WLAN for built in VUDU app?

    I have a Yamaha RX-V467 digital receiver that's connected to my Toshiba TV. The Toshiba TV uses a WLAN adapter for wireless to stream its built in vudu app. But the sound will then come from the TV itself. The receiver only seems to have inputs 1-4 and not a "WLAN" input. Any help? :)
  20. K

    Solved! LG. OLED55E6P TV will not tune in digital channels

    I have this TV and recently our cable company changed from analog to digital signal. It worked great before, but now, we do the auto scan and it will not tune in digital channels. We called LG customer service and they were less than helpful. They referred us to factory authorized service...
  21. B

    Solved! Can i connect external speakers without a receiver to my Toshiba Model 47ZV650U TV? It has a USB & Digital Audio Out ports.

    Can i connect external speakers without a receiver to my Toshiba Model 47ZV650U TV? It has a USB & Digital Audio Out ports.
  22. S

    Solved! With a digital dvd video combi do I have to use hdmi?

    Is there any other connection I can use? I used to have a digital Panasonic that didn’t have hdmi but I can’t remember the model
  23. C

    hooking up an indoor antenna

    i have a digital tuner tv with hdmi ports and an antenna with a coax cable and usb and no hdmi can i hook it up and have it work
  24. C

    Solved! Select "ok" without remote on older vizio tv

    I have an older vizio tv and no remote. Says to select "ok" to scan digital channels. No "ok" button on tv. Besides buying a remote, is there a way to make it scan?
  25. F

    Solved! How can I connect a Firestick 4K to a Sony KDL-40Z4500 and obtain Dolby digital from a Sony STR-DA2400ES

    How do I connect a Firestick 4K to my Sony Bravia KDL-40Z4500 and receive Dolby sound through my Sony STR-DA2400ES AV
  26. P

    Solved! New Compact Camera

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a new digital compact camera to replace my old Lumix TZ7. I am looking for something similar but much better in low light ( TZ7 is bad in low light) and also has good macro. I have been looking at various cameras but am just getting bogged down with all the...
  27. A

    Solved! Looking to mix two audio sources into a single digital audio output

    So I already have multi-channel audio mixer because I wanted to listen to my friends on Skype/Discord while also listening to game audio, all on my headphones. However, I have a new set of headphones that have a digital audio input and I was curious if there is any way to either: A.) Convert...
  28. R

    Solved! LG - UP970 dvd player connect to laptop issue

    I have a digital disc (old school) that I want to add to my digital library. I have a laptop with an hdmi port. I was trying to connect my blu ray player to my laptop via the hdmi to upload digital disc onto my itunes account. my laptop does not have a dvd drive in it. Does anyone know if...
  29. J

    Solved! Amplifying digital signal

    The interior of my house is wired with coax. How can I get the digital signal from a digital channel selector box ( HDMI output) to a digital tv in another room.
  30. M

    Solved! Soundbar Volume Display

    Are there any reasonably priced/quality soundbars ($300 or less) that show you the volume on the soundbar itself (e.g. multiple lights corresponding to how loud it is, a digital display).
  31. G

    Solved! Splitting a digital jack

    I have an Acer Aspire E15 laptop with a combo jack and an internal microphone. When I plug in a 3.5 mm microphone, I get the popup asking what device was plugged in. I select the microphone option, and everything is working correctly. However, if during the recording the mic comes unplugged, the...
  32. S

    5.1 system with "5.1" input, 6 pin to "optical digital audio out" on tv

    Hi, I have an "Auna Areal Nobility" , a 5.1 system which has no coaxial (as far as I can tell) or hdmi. Instead it has Bluetooth (but Tv doesn't) and a "5.1 input" with 6 pins : "S-R,S-L,SUB,CEN,F-L and F-5". My tv, LG right now (soon to be a Samsung UE50NU7020) only has Optical Digital Audio...
  33. L

    I have a super old tv

    Hello I have a Tv (super old tv) that just works with analog cable, and I was thinking using a digital converter box for the tv and plug a HDMI fire stick and connect AV Converter in the tv converter box. But I don't know if it will work and I need some help. If is confusing I'm leaving some...
  34. K

    Solved! Building a DVR that will record both OTA and Digital Streams

    I am trying to build a DVR, but I don't understand what hardware I would need to record both OTA and digital streams. I've decided to ditch cable, but the guides I've read don't explain well to a novice and I am unsure what to purchase. Ideally, I would be able to record off services like...
  35. J

    Converting SHARP camcorder footage to digital (RCA cable not picking up video)

    Hey all, I have an old SHARP VL-E650U 8mm Analog Camcorder with a bunch of old family footage on it and I want to convert the footage from the tapes to digital. I bought a 3.5mm to RCA cable, and then bought a Video Grabber tool (
  36. C

    Digital to RCA

    I have an older television and I have the insignia digital audio to rca. I do not have the PCM option in my audio setting which I researched on google and many forums that would resolve the buzzing sound. Is there anything else I should try to resolve the buzzing sound. Thanks
  37. C

    Subwoofer wont work on movies

    I currently own a STRDH590 SONY Receiver. The only input I have is a digital optical cable from the back of the tv. All of my content is streamed. Ive adjusted the db in settings all the way from +10 to -10 there is no crossover and still nothing. The only way Ive got it to work is if I connect...
  38. R

    Solved! Do I need a converter box

    I bought a 70 in Visio d series. We are using a digital antenna. Will I need a converter box.
  39. 1

    Solved! Connecting TV to Soundbar

    I have a TV with coax digital out (no HDMI arc) and a sound bar with HDMI ARC in. Is there a converter from digital coax to HDMI? Right now I have it connected with a converter from digital coax to optical, but A) the connection is sensitive and if bumped cuts out. So I thought HDMI would be...
  40. P

    optical digital in

    sir I have a Kenwood compact disc stereo system model RXD V 929. it has only aux in and digital optical out ports. I humbly request to advise me a solution to have digital/optical in for this device. thanks with regards T.Sadasivudu
  41. B

    Solved! TV Sound format support

    Hello all, My TV specs says that it supports : Dolby™ Digital, Dolby™ Digital Plus, Dolby™ Pulse . So my question is, if I buy a sound system (5.1 or soundbar with subwoofer) that supports Dolby Atmos (as an example), is there a way to watch movies that support this sound technology, using my...
  42. D

    Solved! Problem with behringer ddx3216

    Hello I'm Richard and I have a problem with the digital mixer Behringer DDX3216, it does not start normally almost never at the first power on, I have to turn on and off 3 0 4 times because the display appears (SMPTE not responding). after various tests it starts and works perfectly, what could...
  43. P

    Solved! CH-213B Digital BT Speaker

    I own one of the above but dont have the manufacvturer's name etc. It claims to stream music wirelessly from speakers to any A2DP compatinble stereo BT device; make mobile getting thru handsfree key on Speaker; with high cap Lithium battery etc. However, I am unable to charge and use it. Please...
  44. B

    Solved! Gigabyte MoBo digital audio out?

    I have a in my computer and i'm trying to hook up to my Onkyo HT-R550 receiver to get some good sound going, but i'm striking out coming up with a digital audio out from that motherboard short of buying an external switcher. I...
  45. R

    Solved! I have hooked up my outdoor digital antenna to my Olivia digital TV and I have set it on DTV settings but now I cannot use my

    I have tried everything to hook up outdoor antenna to Olivia ACST TV. Don't get channels NO Remote. HELP
  46. A

    Solved! How To Connect An XGIMI H1 Projector to Vizio 5.1 Soundbar for Digital Sound

    I need to connect an XGIMI H1 projector to my soundbar for digital sound. This projector has 2 HDMI outputs and a 3.5 auxiliary output and yes that works for analog sound to my vizio 5.1 soundbar. But I was wondering if I can connect this for digital sound to my soundbar. Would using both...
  47. M

    Solved! How to connect digital optical audio out to amplifier rca

    Samsung smart t.v optical audio out to connect to my x pro amplifier pls tell me what should i do tenx for the reply...
  48. P

    Solved! i have a PC with SPDIF sound card and a music system with digital/optical out and aux in and there any way to connect t

    I have a PC with sound card with SPDIF out and a kenwood 5.1 music system aux in and aux out and also digital/optical out. now iam using connecting cable from PC(one pin) to AUX in of music system(two pins). I would like to know if there is any enhancement in quality of the sound if I connect PC...
  49. Graybush

    The Digital Artist Gift Guide 2018

    Searching for a unique and special gift for the digital artist in your life? We've put together a set of five must-have gifts that any creative person would enjoy. Whether the individual is an illustrator, graphic designer or musician, there is something for everyone in our digital artist...
  50. P

    Solved! I have a flatscreen tv it is not digital or hd will this antenna work

    27 inch Toshiba brand got it from HH greg 5 years ago
  51. D

    Solved! Need streamer with digital audio output - other than HDMI

    Can I buy a streamer that has a digital audio output other than HDMI? (Because if the audio signal passes through my television it's been reduced to crap.) I can deal with USB, Coax, or Optical - anything other than HDMI. To utilize ROKU (the least expensive device in the chain), or most...
  52. M

    Solved! Using a digital to analog converter to use headphones on TV

    My Samsung TV doesn't have a headphone jack, so I'm trying to find a way to hook up headphones (sound carries a lot in our house!). After looking into some things, I recently bought a "Digital to Analog Converter, 2 SPDIF, 2 Coaxial Audio Switcher." I attached it to the TV via the Digital Audio...
  53. T

    Solved! Can I run my sat tv sig through a digital converter box?

    Dealing with a older tv, can I run my sat tv sig through a digital converter box?
  54. S

    Solved! HD USING COMPONENT CABLES. Can I use DIgital Out Coax for Video?

    I have a pre 2011 Sony DVD player that has Composite, Component and Digital Coaxial out ports. It was manufactured and bought before the AACS Adopter Agreement of 2010 that made manufacturers downconvert component output to 480p. How do I ensure I am getting HD instead of 480? I know that the...
  55. G

    Solved! Smart Screen Television.. Discoloration due to pressed fingers.

    I was adjusting my digital antenna to my Smart tv and my finger pressed at the top corner of television. It now has a block of discoloration of colors right in the corner where my finger pressed the rest of the screen and view is fine, can this be fixed?
  56. T

    Solved! How to connect a RCA audio plug input to digital output

    I have a amp with rca output and I need to connect it to my bluetooth unit. So I need a cable or box to go from rca output to digital input.
  57. T

    I have an Tv/DTV issue

    I have an older HDTV Vizio. I bought a RCA digital antenna for the tv. So, when first hooked it up, I put the input to tv. I scanned for channels but all came in fuzzy. Like nothing was hooked up. I tried on DTV and I can't scan at all. When I use the menu to get to the tv portion, it...
  58. M

    Solved! Logitech Z906 and Asus Prime Pro x470 do i need a soundcard for dolby digital?

    Hi i been trying to figure this out my self but i am planning to buy a logitech z906 5.1 dolby digital surround sound and i want to know what is the best way to connect my pc to the z906 and get dolby digital enabled. I read that best way is via toslink cable but i never found anything on...
  59. B

    Installing digital antenna for toshiba

    I'm trying to setup a digital antenna on a toshiba 40L5200U1. My only available choice under the setup installation screen is time zone. How do I unlock the other choices?