Solved! Looking to mix two audio sources into a single digital audio output


Nov 17, 2015
So I already have multi-channel audio mixer because I wanted to listen to my friends on Skype/Discord while also listening to game audio, all on my headphones.

However, I have a new set of headphones that have a digital audio input and I was curious if there is any way to either:

A.) Convert the output I already have into the digital audio format so that I can plug it into my headphones.


B.) Mix both audio sources in a new mixer that has a digital audio output, if need be

Please let me know if this is possible or if there is something I am not fundamentally understanding about how digital audio works.

Thanks for the help!
What do you mean by "headphones with digital input"? Is this "digital" Optical (highly unlikely), or USB-A?
For USB-A - there's no feasible "converter" to make analog audio into USB-encoded.