Solved! Using a digital to analog converter to use headphones on TV

Oct 20, 2018
My Samsung TV doesn't have a headphone jack, so I'm trying to find a way to hook up headphones (sound carries a lot in our house!). After looking into some things, I recently bought a "Digital to Analog Converter, 2 SPDIF, 2 Coaxial Audio Switcher." I attached it to the TV via the Digital Audio Out (Optical), switched my TV sound to that output, selected the correct input on the converter, and plugged in my headphones to the jack on the converter. No sound.

Most DACs won't accept a bitstream 5.1 input so you may need to set the audio output to PCM stereo. You may also have to turn the TV speakers off to get the output working.
Another issue may be that the converter has a fixed line level output that won't usually drive headphones above a whisper if at all. Your could connect a headphone amp to the DAC. The TV remote won't affect the headphone volume so I would suggest you get a bluetooth transmitter with digital audio input and use bluetooth headphones. No DAC needed.
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