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  1. S

    smart tv not picking up all the digital channels when other tvs do

    We have now a 2nd new tv, a smart tv and it will not identify all the digital channels off a new nice antenna. We have 2 older tvs that receive over 100 digital channels but both the smart tvs only get 51 and missing especially ion channel. Guess I will have to take this back and ask for a...
  2. costidraghia

    Yamaha RX-A870 AV receiver

    Hello, In the beginning, please excuse my broken english, I'm not a native speaker. Because I want to combine the useful with the pleasure, I would like to buy a Yamaha RX-A870. At the same time I felt in love with analog sound so I would like to know how would I record a stereo sound from this...
  3. S

    I want to connect two digital audio out to one digital audio in

    I have one set top box and one philips blue ray player both of them having digital audio out. I want to connect both to the Philips 5.1 speaker which has only analogue audio in. How to connect
  4. nwgamelover

    "Digital Audio Out" only. Need compatible Headphone "fix"?

    I have a Sanyo 32 in Flatscreen but no headphone jack. I will attach a photo of the back showing that I have a "digital audio out" coaxial input (I think that is what it is called). Can someone help me find the "parts" I need to purchase in order to hook up headphones? I don't mind if they...
  5. Graybush

    Gift Guide for the Digital Artist

    Searching for a unique and special gift for the digital artist in your life? We've put together a set of five must-have gifts that any creative person would enjoy. Whether the individual is an illustrator, graphic designer or musician, there is something for everyone in our digital artist...
  6. jadeskyee

    How to connect monitor to digital adapter box

    I have a digital adapter cable box from Verizon, it does not have an hdmi port. I have an older computer monitor with only a vga and audio port,is it possible to connect the monitor to the adapter? This probably is not possible, I'm just hoping to get some use out of the monitor, thanks any...
  7. C

    Digital Audio on the AirTV player

    I cannot find actual specs on this player anywhere. What type of digital audio connection does the player have? I assume to separate the audio from the video signal that you must use a digital audio cable plugged directly into the AirTV player along with your HDMI cable. My stupid projector does...
  8. L

    Connections on my tv audio out

    I have my tv but theres no digital audio out, it has only red and white audio out. My prblem is how can i connect my speaker and my headset., those are 3.5 jack.
  9. S

    Elemant led tv .. hdmi..Hdcp compatibility

    I have a 50" FHD digital led tv (elemant) bought 2 years ago. Does the hdmi port support hdcp?
  10. G

    everyone gets this channel but me

    I live in an apartment building with a roof antenna and I use a digital converter. Suddenly it's saying a certain channel is Invalid; however, everyone else in the building still gets it. Did I delete or something, and how can I get it back?